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  2. Hand built slab bench

    Red pine slab bench up forsale seal is like glass finish. Pm me or text 18076274930. Wil trade for guns or cash. 350
  3. Lac des Mille Lacs Ice Conditions 2017/18

    Ahh so you learn how to fish on tv ... lmao that good ! YouTube can teach a lot Hope you caught the fish!! 🤘😂
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  5. 104 More Days To Go

    And the countdown starts!!!! Roger
  6. Lac des Mille Lacs Ice Conditions 2017/18

    Fish bum, my fishing never slows down. In the words of Al Lindner, “ mobility is the key to ice fishing”. No lessons needed. I’ve put my time in. Maybe stud muffin will take u up on some lessons. Gotta go, both my lines are down.
  7. Bays end in the am

    It's private but they allow snowmachines as long as people keep it clean
  8. Bays end in the am

    is sare road private property? do they allow public access on it?
  9. Easy access ice fishing ?

    Couple lakes up armstrong, Smiley Lake is decent. Tailout, maybe you have some suggestions if you are browsing?
  10. Easy access ice fishing ?

    Sitch lake is easy access for specks, or lac for walleye
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  12. Bays end in the am

    If anyone wants to join be at sare road for 830 9 ish
    • Andre paris
    • crazyctr

    Hey was thinking of taking my family or for a weekend of perch fishing. What is the best time to go and who has a nice shack for three people. 

    1. crazyctr


      march is the best fishing

      i have 2 person and 4 person huts available but booking up fast 

  13. Give your buddy an earworm!!!

    Play this as you're driving out to go fishing and watch him/her try to get this out of their head!!!!! Roger
  14. Easy access ice fishing ?

    Pass lake. Hazelwood. Silver harbour for herring if the ice is safe.
  15. Black Bay Ice Conditions, 2017/18

    black bay is now sleds only to much snow for trucks and atv`s now
  16. Black Bay Ice Conditions, 2017/18

    yes i am still giving rides sorry been real busy havent had time to keep up on the forum
  17. Easy access ice fishing ?

    Walleye or perch we like to fish for usually, also like specs for eating . But as long as we don't go home skunked it doesn't matter lol
  18. Easy access ice fishing ?

    What specie do you want to fish for? Roger
  19. Easy access ice fishing ?

    Hey everyone ! I have my regular spots I go ice fishing in the wintertime but this weekend my wife is looking at getting out with me as well to try it out to see if she likes it. Most of the spots I go are an hour or so snowmobile ride in but seeing if anyone has any recommendations for easy access lakes I wouldn't have to go so far to get to it .. any suggestions appreciated !
  20. So I went for perch in black bay.

    Was also there today, caught some around 20-24 ft of water, a few good size perch but more small ones, and 1 pike. Didn;t notice any of the small ones dying though.
  21. Fishing in the middle of nowhere

    No, he didn't. This happened in his imagination. Guys a professional troll.
  22. Cold day but good fishing

    Weather was cold but the bite wasn’t 🙂
  23. Last week
  24. Fishing in the middle of nowhere

    Did you say anything to them? Roger
  25. Fishing a small hump today with 6 of my buddies. Just enough room for two holes each and 5 more to bounce around on. We see to sleds driving towards us and thought it was Cos. But no. 2 guys that set up and fished right up on us. Unbelievable.
  26. Lac des Mille Lacs Ice Conditions 2017/18

    Contact shacks landing they have a few there for sale
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