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  2. early unbrella rig.

    I collect old tackle and stuff , a lot of the time I see stuff that resembles something we use today. here's one that maybe could be an early version of an umbrella rig.
  3. Congrats to Trevor Zimak and Glenn Leroux for winning the Atikokan Bass Classic! Roger
  4. Yesterday
  5. Arctic Tent

    Ontario Thunder Bay buy and sell sporting goods, exercise other in Thunder Bay Ad ID 1290609610 Arctic Tent $700.00 Posted a day ago Kaministiquia, ON P0T1X0(View Map) Description 5 man Arctic Tent, complete with liner and telescopic metal pole (not wood) and pegs includes wood stove (M1950 Yukon stove) and stove pipe. new stove ring, Great condition. $700 -Genuine U.S. Military Issue, USA Made -6-Sided Pyramid Tent 5 foot high door with closable flaps (with slide fastener or by loops over wood toggles), located in the center of one side -Stove-pipe opening with silicone rubber molded ring built in one side of the tent near the eave. When not in use, the stove-pipe opening has a flap -Outer snow cloth flaps -Includes optional removable insulation liner made of 5.2 ounce cotton cloth. The liner is held in place by metal toggles -No floor -Each side of the tent measures 6 feet 7 inches with a floor space of 13 feet 3 inches in diameter (113.2sq ft) -Stands 8 feet 6 inches at the peak & has an eave height 2 feet Call 807-632-5203
  6. Making fish replicas

  7. Mnr restricted roads

    There is a sign in an area I hunt every so often. It says this road is restricted to no motorized vehicles to access of lake x. I have been on that road hunting when stopped by a conservation officer. When I asked about the road sign he told me that I am fine as long as I don't drive to the lake and use the lake. If i am using the road to access cut overs for hunting there is nothing wrong with that. I guess it's just the wording of the sign and the opinion of the c.o. At the time of his presence.
  8. 1 hour shore spots

    Bringing my neice down to the McIntyre river Saturday morning. Going to try by the bridge on island drive. See if she can hook into something down there
  9. Last week
  10. Jog Draw

    Lol think u missed it
  11. Mnr restricted roads

    I picture it now. Thousands of red balloons dotting the landscape of Northwestern Ontario. But OH what fun for the target shooter!
  12. Mnr restricted roads

    The other piece is if you are wealthy enough to own your own float plane you can access whatever lake you want. If a lake is restricted access it should include other float planes as well.
  13. Jog Draw

    I'm in!!!
  14. Mnr restricted roads

    Here's a question: Suppose that you are a fishing lodge operator that has invested, say 250K into facilities at a remote lake (for which they have all the necessary permits and tenure agreements in place with the government). Say they can hypothetically, rent it out in the summer for say 2500 a week. Part of the reason for the amount that you can charge is the remoteness of the lake, and lets say maintenance of the "remoteness" is written into the tenure agreement. Now, let's say us taxpayers pay to build roads into the area to harvest the trees, one of which comes close to the lake so us locals can somewhat easily get their own boats in. The lake is no longer remote, so now they can only rent the facilities for 1500 a week. Investments were made in the fishing lodge facility in the first place under the conditions that the lake would remain remote, and now, its no longer remote. What would you want if you were that business owner? If it was me, I would want 20K every year to compensate me for the loss of the value of my facilities (assuming a 20 week tourism season).
  15. Things to say and do

    What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor? "Make me one with everything."
  16. Salmon 2017

    Some of tonight's
  17. Salmon 2017

    Aug 16 evening my daughter's was 19. 35 on derby scale
  18. Mnr restricted roads

    Just because the owners of the camps have a few bucks I don't think that they should have sole rights to a lake.
  19. Congrats to Shmanks!

  20. Trolling......all things being equal

    I'm not crying. There's just bunch of this smoke from the camp fire while I'm trying to dice this onion. Roger
  21. Trolling......all things being equal

    Sorry, tear from eye..................... This is what I want this site to be, Roger
  22. Trolling......all things being equal

    Setting your drag is something a true fisherman checks frequently. the only time I have seen a line snap from too tight a drag is from a rookie. unless there is a nick, etc in the line , I can never understand how people break lines.
  23. Kam

    Going out tomorrow? Bring the rain gear. It's gonna be a gushnucker!
  24. Trolling......all things being equal

    All great tips well said. The drag is so important especially if you take different species of fish into account. I troll theNipigon river with flat lines for salmon, and even a 5lb chinook will be keen on testing your equipment and peeling line off at an alarming rate, never mind that 20lb trophy!
  25. Elite 5x DSI

    Problem solved - New transducer arrived this morning. Set up the unit on the test bench & filled a 30 gal drum with water. Set the transducer just under the surface and powered it up. Instant 2.2 foot reading and shallow water alarm beeping. couple simple tests to check object detection and I'm satisfied it was the transducer. Maybe this will help someone else in the future. Can't wait to get it mounted back on the boat and out in the water.
  26. Mnr restricted roads

    Yes thanks for the updated info. I am sure the MNR has changed things as there is always a way of legally accessing fly in lakes. i have spoken to outfitters at trade shows and on the lakes. The first thing they do when they see me in a boat is to investigate. They are not impressed that we are in ( their) lake fishing. And the sad thing is most of the outfitters are not Canadian owned, and they can restrict Canadian access to ( their) lakes. but on the other hand I can see their point as their customers don't like flying into a lake and seeng other boats there. why pay for a flyin when there is a road beyond the trees. but these roads were built with our tax money, and now we can't use them. a touchy subject indeed.
  27. Trolling......all things being equal

    I believe Tohatsu make Mercs Nissans 30hp and less and Evinrude but that may have changed recently. Not sure. The motor runs like a top. No problem. The electric start is really nice for old shoulders.
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