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  3. Sand bags

    Home depot has some with their masonry and concrete mix.
  4. Sako Rifles

    Awesome ! Good review and sweet looking gun ! I am kinda old school and love my blued barrel with a wood stock. Just bought a leupold vx-6 2-12 by 42mm this spring so now looking to find a nice gun to put it on !!
  5. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    I usually do it the 2nd way except on the bbq. I brush bbq sauce on several times as its cooking.
  6. Sand bags

    I think I saw them at Intercity Industrial last year, haven't been by there for 3 months to know for sure.
  7. Sako Rifles

    I have had a Sako Model 85 Black Bear in .308 for about a year now and have had no issues, though I have only put about a box of ammo through it. It is short (40") and light (little less than 8lbs with the light weight Leupold 2.5 fixed power scope). Good for carrying. Can't speak too much on extraction/feed issues because I have not fired it much, but nothing so far. The action is very smooth as mentioned above, and the trigger is much better than my Browning (it is also adjustable). If I was a better shot I could speak with more authority on accuracy, but... I also like the good quality all-metal mag and the ease of disassembly. Two bolts removes the stock for thorough cleaning. The rifle comes in larger calibres as well, but I like the short action. The black stock is functional and comfortable but not all that good looking. I am very happy with it. I will try and attach a pic. Daryl
  8. Sand bags

    Im looking for some sand bags for weight in the back of my truck. Where can I find some around town? Thanks!
  9. Sako Rifles

    Ok. Good info. Thanks !! Will definitly keep that in mind !
  10. Anyone still fishing?

    Finally hung up the rods last week got tired of the guides and fingers freezing. Was a really good fall/early winter swinging feathers on the shore.
  11. Bait for specks.

    I usually use small minnows on a set line. If just a minnow isn't working I tie on a small gold Williams wobbler (no hook) then tie about 8" of line to a hook below it. As the minnow swims it makes the spoon dance acting as a flasher. Jigging I use small panfish style tube jigs or buck shot rattle spoons. If that doesn't work I go home and drink.
  12. Driving on lakes

    I've already contacted my insurance company. Cheaper to walk and that's what I usually do. I was just wondering when the bad happens what happens next.
  13. Sako Rifles

    I had a Sako 75 hunter in .270 for a number of years that was awesome. Shot tight groups, great trigger, smooth action and looked good. I’ve had no experience with the 85’s but have heard of some people having extraction issues. Dropping live or spent cartridges back on top of the magazine instead of clearing the action. I’d say if your going to buy one spend a few buck on dummy rounds and try the action thoroughly before putting your money down. Hope this helps. Hurketthunter
  14. Driving on lakes

    If you want piece of mind, I wouldn't rely on anyone elses experiences or second hand advice, call your insurance agent,, its that simple.
  15. One more test run

    Looking good at this end
  16. Sako Rifles

    Picking up a new rifle in the spring. Looking at the sako 85 hunter in a 30-06 left hand. Anyone use any of the sako line besides the a7 and finnlights and have any reviews on them ? Have had a tikka whitetail hunter in 300 win mag for over 15 years and absolutely no complaints. Still shoots and performs like day one. Just time for an upgrade. Thanks for any info.
  17. back to reality.

    Well they say everything happens in 3s first the snow now sled won't start then this hit by a drunk driver , maybe i'll get the wife to book a flight back to Vegas.
  18. Driving on lakes

    I haven't driven on ice for 6 yrs. but when I did I had "All Perils" on my insurance coverage. I told my insurance provider I would be driving my truck on ice and that was the description they used on the policy. It covered if I went through. It cost me more for insurance of course but it provided parts replacement and repair of my former trucks. It did not cover the cost of getting my vehicle OUT of a lake if I broke through, but fortunately that never happened to me.
  19. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    Sounds good, I think I will try ur second option
  20. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    I have two ways I have done bacon wrapped walleye. 1st is to cut fillets in half lengthwise and put the two halves together with the head end touching the tail end of the other half fillet for even thickness. Baste with a thin layer of barbeque sauce or italian dressing and wrap with two strips of bacon. This way you get nice "logs" of walleye that make a nice meal. 2nd way is to cut fillets into 2" squares, baste with barbeque sauce and wrap with 1/3 piece of bacon. Hold the bacon in place with a toothpick. This way might be better for appetizers as you can make the pieces as large or small as you want. I like to use a mild flavoured barbeque sauce and the thinnest, cheapest bacon I can, otherwise it can overpower the walleye flavour. Both recipes go in the oven at 400 for about 10 minutes or until bacon is cooked.
  21. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    Looking for info on making up some bacon wrapped pickeral for appetizers Suggestions for B.B. or oven would be great
  22. Icemanship - How to judge ice

    I must confess I've done my share of venturing onto "fresh" ice; just a bit less now though, as the years go by. 😉
  23. Icemanship - How to judge ice

    I tend to agree. However there are anglers who push the limits throughout the season. Those who risk going for a swim when venturing out on thin ice or near open water no matter which species they are targeting. Hopefully this video will help them evaluate ice, the risk involved and return home safe and sound.
  24. Minnkota Vantage

    101 lbs thrust. 36 volts. Mint condition. Call Dany after 6pm @ 329-5747 or email for inquires.
  25. Last week
  26. Icemanship - How to judge ice

    Video is about backcountry skating, which you really can only regularly do early in the year when the ice is thin and there hasn't been snow yet. When it's good, it's probably about the closest you can get to feeling like you are flying without leaving the ground. I'm pretty sure these guys know the risk they are taking and are trying to be as safe as they can See vid:
  27. One more test run

  28. Ice Thickness

    Yes 4
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