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  2. Ice Thickness

    And drive slow on ice . Like 15 kmh. Till ice is 2-3 ft thick . You can crawl over ice that a faster moving lighter vehicle would break through or crack ice.
  3. Newbie. (Here and Lac)

    Nice work! Ron is a real gem at Shack's Landing
  4. back to reality.

    ye I got so much crap on the go now having to get a vehicle for my wife working on my sled it's acting up , but it will all come out in the wash. Good luck fishin.
  5. Pass lake ice conditions

    December 2 ice was fractured in the morning when we were heading to silver islet and by supper time there was lots of water on top. December 10 we passed it on the way to Silver Islet didn't look that great yet and had a little snow on it. With this cold it should start to freeze up and probably try drilling hole to see how much this coming weekend
  6. Yesterday
  7. back to reality.

    sorry to hear Arvey....I just cleaned up the guns and put the hunt gear away. Hoping to get out ice fishing soon but waiting a bit longer with the temps and wind this week. ;(
  8. Hut rentals.

    im going out to check ice conditions tomorrow weather permitting if conditions are good ill have some of my day huts out for the weekend
  9. Black Bay Ice Conditions, 2017/18

    weather was to nasty gonna try again tomorrow
  10. Newbie. (Here and Lac)

    Hello all. New to the Thunder Bay area, new to the board and fished Lac for first time yesterday. Droveout from Sawmill bay, quite a ways out. Bite was on all day. All between 11" and 19". Lost a couple bigger ones maybe low 20's. Couple small pike too. Ice was a solid 14", road and travel were perfect. Lots of huts were getting pulled out and set up. Thanks to Ron at the landing for shooting me a bit of fuel and putting me right on top of the fish. Anyone from thunder Bay that's dying to go and want to split on fuel and launching charges let me know. I plan on being there a lot. Tight lines and fish on! Be safe I'll post some pics soon. Jim
  11. Ice hut for sale

    We have a 12x10 fully insulated and wired ice hut at sawmill bay for sale! 2x4 frame new siding and tin roof, wood stove shelves fouton with a bunk over it and 3 holes to fish from. In great condition! Asking $2200 obo please text or call 807 708 7533
  12. Hut rentals.

    Sugar shack is gd to go.
  13. Squires-Bingham .22 magnum, with Simmons 3-9x32 WA/AO 22 Mag scope. Semi-heavy crowned barrel, with a magazine feed. This is a tack driver. Only considering selling because I need tuition money. I would even through in a few boxes of rounds. $400.00. Contact me through TBF... or call 285-6076
  14. Hut rentals.

    Call sugar shack. I think he may have gotten some out on the weekend
  15. Hut rentals.

    Does anyone know if they are renting huts in Lac, Whitefish or Black Bay yet? Thinking about heading out this up coming weekend but I haven't heard if their huts are out or not.
  16. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    I use the 2nd option, but I put tinfoil on the bbq and the fish/bacon sits in a little bbq sauce, and no flare-ups from the sauce. Also I use the pre-cooked bacon for better consistant cooked bacon results
  17. Sand bags

    I think the Boy Scouts sell them at Canadian Tire
  18. Last week
  19. Sand bags

    Home depot has some with their masonry and concrete mix.
  20. Sako Rifles

    Awesome ! Good review and sweet looking gun ! I am kinda old school and love my blued barrel with a wood stock. Just bought a leupold vx-6 2-12 by 42mm this spring so now looking to find a nice gun to put it on !!
  21. Bacon wrapped Pickeral snacks

    I usually do it the 2nd way except on the bbq. I brush bbq sauce on several times as its cooking.
  22. Sand bags

    I think I saw them at Intercity Industrial last year, haven't been by there for 3 months to know for sure.
  23. Sako Rifles

    I have had a Sako Model 85 Black Bear in .308 for about a year now and have had no issues, though I have only put about a box of ammo through it. It is short (40") and light (little less than 8lbs with the light weight Leupold 2.5 fixed power scope). Good for carrying. Can't speak too much on extraction/feed issues because I have not fired it much, but nothing so far. The action is very smooth as mentioned above, and the trigger is much better than my Browning (it is also adjustable). If I was a better shot I could speak with more authority on accuracy, but... I also like the good quality all-metal mag and the ease of disassembly. Two bolts removes the stock for thorough cleaning. The rifle comes in larger calibres as well, but I like the short action. The black stock is functional and comfortable but not all that good looking. I am very happy with it. I will try and attach a pic. Daryl
  24. Sand bags

    Im looking for some sand bags for weight in the back of my truck. Where can I find some around town? Thanks!
  25. Sako Rifles

    Ok. Good info. Thanks !! Will definitly keep that in mind !
  26. Anyone still fishing?

    Finally hung up the rods last week got tired of the guides and fingers freezing. Was a really good fall/early winter swinging feathers on the shore.
  27. Bait for specks.

    I usually use small minnows on a set line. If just a minnow isn't working I tie on a small gold Williams wobbler (no hook) then tie about 8" of line to a hook below it. As the minnow swims it makes the spoon dance acting as a flasher. Jigging I use small panfish style tube jigs or buck shot rattle spoons. If that doesn't work I go home and drink.
  28. Driving on lakes

    I've already contacted my insurance company. Cheaper to walk and that's what I usually do. I was just wondering when the bad happens what happens next.
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