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  2. Targeting Whitefish

    I was wondering if anyone could share some tips and tricks on targeting whitefish within a lake trout population, such as water depth, bait size, etc and where to find them in the water column. In the past I've just caught them randomly with no real pattern when fishing for lakers. Is it possible to hone in on these things or is it pretty much just luck of the draw?
  3. Vexilar

    DnR has on the counter.
  4. Electric ice augers

    I've been doing this with a couple drills at the shack. My dewalt 20v doesn't like to turn the 8" auger too much, but my buddies rigid 18v struggles a little less. We've tried running a couple different corded drills that either don't like the load or the generator doesn't (only a 2000 watt inverter gen). The corded drills have all been single speed though, gonna try finding a variable speed corded drill next....
  5. Vexilar

    Auto Parts Central on Amber Drive ... ask for Roberta!!! 344-6800. Great price. D1272 is the part #.
  6. Fish photographs

    Touch the walleye on its gill plates, cheeks or on the upper portion of the back and it will raise it's dorsal fin as a reflex if it is healthy and not too tired.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Moose found

    Really small calf this time of year ?!?
  9. Fish photographs

    Thanks for the good suggestions. I'm anxious to give it a try the next time I release a big walleye.
  10. Crankbait hooks treble vs single

    I think you should throw those lures ALL THE TIME Ryan! They look pretty good.
  11. Moose found

    Found a really small calf in the Dorion/Hurkett area yesterday. Had it’s lower jaw, eyes, and tongue removed. Everything else was intact. Looked like it was there for maybe a week or so. Could see where the guy turned his sled and sleigh around, Reported it to mnr but doubtful it will lead to an arrest. I’m pretty sure I’ve read a couple stories similar to this in the past months so perhaps the same people doing it
  12. Hey guys I'm starting to shop for a new camper for my family and I this year. Probably will be used, something around 25'. Will be pulling it with my Ram 1500 5.7. First time buying a travel trailer. It seems like an ultralight would bring the weight down to be more reasonable instead of maxed out, maybe we could actually travel with it instead of just local trips to the lake. Some things I have read say that ultralight are cheap junk and fall apart. I wonder how that would pan out on our rough logging roads we have here. Any opinions from those with experience?
  13. Battery Charger

    If you know the out put amps you need, go to the restore and pick one up. Or go through old chargers you might have laying around the house. Just have to put the clips on.
  14. Moraine abigomi lakes

    No trail into Abi. Lots of guys went into Morraine and Little Morraine Saturday morning. Wind picked up shortly after 9:00am and was relentless all day, even collapsing the side walls of my pop-up Eskimo shelter. CO was out checking licenses and said that fishing was slow. Some of the larger groups only had one or two fish. I was on the ice for almost 7 hours. Had one hit and landed just the one fish at just under 3lbs. Trail into and across Morraine was in excellent shape!
  15. Moraine abigomi lakes

    How did you was the trip and fishing up at abi/moraine ?
  16. Ice Fishing on Family Day

    Looks like a few tried. It was located in the pond/fountain area. I wouldn't think any pike stay there in the winter. The water under the bridge is shallow. Most likely frozen to the bottom. At least the kids got a taste of winter fishing.
  17. Last week
  18. Ice Fishing on Family Day

    Did anyone partake in the marina fishing today with there kids? If so how did it go many fish caught? adam_k
  19. Greenwater 2018

    Did u go in through hoof lake rd?
  20. Pepperettes?

    The last few yrs I've used the Comisary with good luck so i'll stick with them.
  21. Pepperettes?

    Over 500 bucks,, wow.. Thanks for the info.
  22. Chunky 31 incher

    Decided to try Superior today. I caught this one minutes after releasing the Red Fin.
  23. Super Colours on this one!

    I think this one was the most colourful Laker I ever caught!
  24. Jessie lake

    Will do ! Thanks !!
  25. Jessie lake

    Stop into the baitshop and ill print u off a simple map
  26. Fish photographs

    If u hold a fish with its belly flat in ur hand they will not flop around and will almost always keep their dorsal up
  27. Jessie lake

    For the most part the main lake area is frozen solid 2ft or so. Its when you get closer to the channel area that it can get sketchy. Was there today. Lots of small lake trout and even whitefish action but no monsters to speak of. Fished 40FOW a lot of fish came off bottom but most were suspended anywhere in the column. First fish caught was in 8ft. Weather was good until the storm!
  28. Jessie lake

    I also havent been. But i have heard that there is currents and such that create unsafe conditions. As it is part of a river i suppose. Hopefully someone has info for you. Otherwise. I suppose i would just stick to the travelled areas ...
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