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  2. Timber wolf hunting

    I've got a couple big timber wolves around my deer stand. I've seen them once and family seen them chasing a for one evening in a nearby field. Bought a tag and maybe I will get a chance. It's been an odd year so far. I've had a bear at my stand up until recently and know wolves. The deer still seem to be coming by but it definitely leaves an uneasy feeling when your sitting on the ground in a homemade blind knowing there's wolves around. And when I say big wolves I mean big. I've never seen them that big before. They make the deer look small
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  4. Yesterday
  5. Fly Rod Advice

    I broke the tip on my fly rod last week, so I am in the Market for a new one. Just looking for any recommendations on a multi purpose rod 5 or 6 weight, one I can use for fishing steel head around town in the spring, and when I go up North for work one I can use on the Albany and Ogoki Rivers. I was looking at an Airflo Super Stick or a Taylor Phenom.
  6. Deer hunting 2017

    Here's a couple of hints maybe you already know but in case you don't. I have 2 cameras I use mostly a Cabelas and a Moultrie I found 1 of them didn't work so good with Durecel aa I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I went to Energizer ultimate lithium and both work great last all season and then some. I know they're pricey that's why when in Duluth I stop at Sams you get 12 for 19.99. Format your sd cards with your trail cam , don't use your reg. camera this could cause a problem. Check and see if your camera takes sd or sd hc or both make sure you use the right one.
  7. Deer hunting 2017

    Went and checked my trail cam last Saturday only to find it died 12 hours after replacing the batteries 2 weeks earlier. Damn! Seems odd, they are Amazon Basics Alkaline batteries but shouldn't have died that quick. I bought some Lithium batteries and replaced them and am going back out tomorrow to check again. If the batteries are eaten again, I am warrantying the camera. It's a Moultrie A20. Went and found some grouse so the trip wasn't for naught.
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  9. Draw Time!!!

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  10. Timber wolf hunting

    Went for a goose hunt and heard a dozen or so just in the bush line howling away we gotta shoot the wolves and coyote anyone have any experience
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  12. Deer hunting 2017

    I bought a cheap trail cam the other day and I am surprised with how many pictures it took of deer in the 3 days it’s been on I got over 1500 pictures. No big bucks on camera just a few small bucks and lots of does.
  13. Nice Picture!

    Agreed, and it is now my desktop background image.
  14. Nice Picture!

  15. Nice Picture!

    I saw this and I think it's one of the coolest fishing pictures I have seen! Roger
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  17. Last week
  18. Pellet pistol

    Them webley ones have downed allot of birds and rabbits for me. If you can find an old one even better!
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  20. Pellet pistol

    Thanks! Webley looks decent, still on the look for something a little more powerful but might end up picking one up. Far too often I find birds as I'm walking out with the big gun, and a fresh chicken snack is always a nice consolation prize. Lol nnev and pro!
  21. Draw Time!!!

    I'm in to win this stuff. Thanks
  22. Ruger 10/22 receiver

    I am looking for a used ruger 10/22 receiver or the whole rifle for a custom project I want to build.
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  24. Draw Time!!!

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  25. Draw Time!!!

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  26. Deer hunting 2017

    Great pics....nice bull!
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  28. Deer hunting 2017

    Wow I had to cover my eyes!
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