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    This is why I like releasing these fish. 46 year old lake trout. Roger
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    I thought this was funny.
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    Last weekend ,After jumping a buck and and doe early morning and numerous doe sightings .we stalked this guy through the snow for a mile at noon .found him bedded in down in some thick bush down in a valley. First time taking a bedded deer. And first recovered bullet. Neck spine and 3 ribs later . Bullet lodged in far leg. This big bruiser didn't leave his bed. Just over 200 lb dressed. Has 8 points if you count the 2-3 inch ones on bases...buy basically a giant 4 Great stalk and hunt with my buddy Lyle.
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    just got back in from checking ice conditions out on black bay theres is 6 inches of ice out for almost 2 km then it thins out to around 3.5 to 4 inches i will be going out again on sunday or monday will post conditions again then
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    Made the first trip to lac today. Fished two spots and both were plentiful with fish. Fish were vicious today. Below is two 17.5” walleyes that smacked a darter back to back. We released a 27 inch walleye. 12” ice everywhere. One ice ridge at sand point. No snow, all ice. Trucks not recommended unless the knock down the ice ridge at sand point. We took a side by side out. 13A31639-23A1-491A-85DB-1261B5ACC7A4.MOV
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    Great weekend for my gf nd me in pass lake ,,,Gf was in the blind for 10 mins nd tagged out on nice Spiker!!!! Sat in the blind right after her watched a nice 8 point walk out;( no shot. Watched it walk away. Saturday morning back in the blind within 20 mins. Mr 8 point showed up. !!! Bam!!!!!!!! Its down;). Love that feeling taggged out;)
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    Every year, a number of natural resource violation cases go unsolved. They can be difficult to solve because they happen in remote areas where there are few eyewitnesses. Our conservation officers make over 170,000 contacts with citizens in the field each year. We rely on tips from the public, physical evidence and community support to help solve these cases. You can visit the website at: https://www.ontario.ca/page/solve-natural-resource-case#section-2 for more information. Help us solve natural resource violation cases. Call MNRF TIPSif you have any information at 1-877-847-7667. Recent unsolved cases Tip received on November 12, 2017 Occurrence number: RM17005896 Occurrence summary: Conservation officers received a tip from the public regarding two moose gut piles and an abandoned deer located in Ojibway Provincial Park. It was determined that the gut piles were related to two moose killed a short distance away on Highway 72. The moose were transported into the park where they were gutted and a whole deer was abandoned on Park property. Location summary: Ojibway Provincial Park, 27 kilometres south of Sioux Lookout on Highway 72 November 5, 2017 Occurrence number: RM16001265 Occurrence summary:The MNRF is investigating the discovery of a cow moose on November 5, 2015. The moose was shot and abandoned in Wildlife Management Unit 08 on the east side of the Weiseieno Road. The head of a bull moose was located nearby. Location summary: Weiseieno Road, Wildlife Management Unit 08 October 28-October 30, 2017 Occurrence number: RM17005664 Occurrence summary: On October 24th, 2017, MNRF conservation officers discovered several parts of a single cow moose along an access road leading to a gravel pit located on the north side of Highway 66. These parts included some whole intact, and partial quarters with the hide on, the severed head and sawn off lower legs. Location summary: Wildlife Management Unit 28, approximately 14 kilometres west of the junction where Highway 11 and Highway 66 intersect, Gross Township.
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    Walked out birch island today...very windy no fish 8” ice
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    Was out at pine point today fishing was ok there was about 4” of ice where we were fishing ,right out front of the launch
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    Found my first fresh deer shed today ! Just a small guy. But neat to find !!
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    Keep in mind that while there are trophy walleye there, it is a sanctuary and they are closed all year. If you do hook into one, ensure a timely and safe release!
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    Today was the day ,pretty wild the way it happened.
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    And...... just like that, I'm horny for some ice fishin'!
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    looking out over black bay this morning there is ice all the way to granite heres hoping we get more cold weather with no wind to thicken it up
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    With enough ice to walk on after this last cold spell, me and the dog ventured on the ice to do a little hard water fishing. It was unexpected but the walleye bite was on. After 8 hours of effort landed five walleyes between 22-27". All but the 22 incher was released (gut hooked).
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    I usually use small minnows on a set line. If just a minnow isn't working I tie on a small gold Williams wobbler (no hook) then tie about 8" of line to a hook below it. As the minnow swims it makes the spoon dance acting as a flasher. Jigging I use small panfish style tube jigs or buck shot rattle spoons. If that doesn't work I go home and drink.
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    I tend to agree. However there are anglers who push the limits throughout the season. Those who risk going for a swim when venturing out on thin ice or near open water no matter which species they are targeting. Hopefully this video will help them evaluate ice, the risk involved and return home safe and sound.
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    Breakthrough and minimum. Be safe.
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    An even wiser rule of thumb. If you need an ice ⛏pick to check thickness...stay the hell off 💦🐳
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    Ice consitancy varies among all lakes, we were fishing a lake that had 22 inches of ice where we were fishing all day. When we were leaving the lake and heading to the landing we lost four trucks and i almost lost my father, the god of who taught me fishing. Very important to check ice thicknees every 100 yds or even more when in doubt. If in doubht stay off. We all made it back to shore and are still fishing. Very lucky and trucks can be replaced but a life can`t be. Be careful and fish on.
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    Trucks out at birch right now. Not much snow on the ice.
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    3 early ice essentials 1, safety picks/ice picks don’t go out with out them! 2, chisel to check thickness 3, floater suit/lifejacket so you don’t use all of your energy staying above the water, gotta save the energy to get out.
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    Thanks for the reference. I still like to see this every year. However, its a sad reminder to see I'm included in the last few lines of that Breakthrough chart.......
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    They work but if you use any sort of electronics.......... Roger
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    Only when the wind blows my ground blind away!
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    i will be open all winter
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    I think your right. Here is a teaser.
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    So I was able to get the wife to sign off on it and got a new toy. Only had it a month or so before I packed it up but got it out a few times... Went with a 16' Lund XL SS w/ 60 hp Mercury four stroke
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    This guy. .. "it was unexpected" . Every outing you slay em .. it's you . Just expect it. Quit being so nice !!. Side note ..See any moose I have some tags left to fill out there.? Thanks.
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    we are open 7 days a week
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    I can’t wait to be able to ice fish!!!
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    Can you provide a link to the article? I as well as other members would be interested in reading it. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act prohibits the wastage of fish flesh which is suitable for human consumption (by the person who has taken the fish). So, in general terms, a person may use the “parts” of fish (tails, fins, skin, eyes, etc.) as bait, but anglers should not use entire fish they have harvested, other than baitfish, as bait. One alternative to using angler-caught fish is to buy fish from a commercial fisher or someone else who can legally sell yellow perch; the “flesh wastage” provision does not apply to fish that have been purchased. Mark Robbins Provincial Enforcement Specialist Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry This would also apply to Walleye Cheeks as bait because the cheeks are a well known edible part of the fish. You are legally only allowed 4 or 8 cheeks depending on your possession limit. "Parts of a fish constitute “a fish” therefore, you must consume all of the edible flesh in order to take it out of your possession limit. An individual would not be able to save up more cheeks than what would correspond with the total possession limit."
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    So yesterday was our last day on the water for this year. We put the boat into hibernation mode. What a great year we had! Lots of Walleye. Lots of Bass. Huge Salmon. Trophy Pike. Man we had a great time on the Kam. I put a somewhat similar video on the club page so feel free to check that one out as well. The link is below the video. Will be working on a 2017 in review production in the near future so watch for that. Thanks for watching and tight lines. http://fishingboard.thunderbayfishing.com/index.php?/topic/18691-the-final-countdown-2017/&tab=comments#comment-117211
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    Anyone catch a decent eating sized Perch in the Kam this year. They have eluded me thus far but that may be due to my style of fishing this river. I will keep trying.
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    Took a pass through the Oxbow yesterday looking for a wandering Walleye. In the spring you could motor right around the island but not now. She is just choked with grass weeds and pads on the west side. Caught this fellow in the 15 to 17ft range along the rocks. It almost jumped into the boat. Didn't spend a lot of time in there so only this one was caught. The only other interesting thing of note which I failed to capture was 7 turtles all sunning themselves on a stump sticking out of the water. Hope you enjoy the video.