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    Hey guys, I don't want this going into USA vs Can. Lets leave that to hockey!!! Roger
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    I nominate Tailout 😜
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    So I went to the NSSA dinner tonight, was a lot fun, food was great and I won a prize. I had a chance to read the literature they provided and there was a particular article that really popped out as what i think is backwards thinking in terms of conservation. They argue that the steelhead numbers are down in Black Bay and truthfully i have no clue what their stock is actually like. Regardless, steelhead are a pacific salmon that were introduced and would have never naturally made it here with out our help. They argue that predatory fish such as walleye, pike and small mouth bass (native to superior) have bounced back and are killing all the young fish and therefore not returning for multiple spawns. Their solution is to have the 26.5" limit applied to rainbow trout in all the tributaries (i dont know if they also wanted to include superior). Now, in my opinion, this is backwards. Why are an introduced species recieving a special condition? Rainbow trout are delicious, i do not catch them often but if i did your damn right im taking it home. Even a 14 incher. If our native fish are thriving, why would we want another ferocious predator competing with them? Im not saying change the current 1 fish limit or anything, but how often do you really catch a steelhead greater than 26.5? Probably not very often. At least i do not. Essentially they are lobbying for a catch and release rainbow fishery. So, apparently to keep an "elite" style of fishing alive, we will no longer be able to enjoy their tasty flesh. BUT BUT BUT! All this money the NSSA puts in to rehabilition benefits the native fish too! And dont get me wrong, thats awesome. They do a great job, im not here to "bash" these guys, but at the end of the day BUTs are only good for one thing... Pooping Why arent people as enthusiastic about native fish. Nuts to rainbows, what about sturgeon? What about the "collapse" of the walleye in Black Sturgeon (no comment). Why arent we focusing on our native specs! NSSA holds the biggest fundraiser in Thunder Bay for a fish that shouldnt be here. Again... I know it helps.. Blah blah... Thats not the point. Because lord knows Lake Superior is NO where near its original form. Smelt alone drastically changed the food chain forever. My issue is a size restriction. Anyways, this article really popped out at me. Maybe im wrong and eventually an eagle would have crapped an immaculately conceived population of fertalized rainbow eggs. With the coming steelhead season maybe we should instead get pumped about another fish. I for one am pumped about the common shiner for the month of april. Thoughts?
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    Look. I'm sorry for the things I have said here. Thank you to the member of this place for explaining some stuff to me. If fishing wasn't on this site it would be on Facebook and other places. It's just the way of the world now. I'm old school and some of the things I believe in are just not the way it is or is not the way it is now. So I would like to apologize to everyone here. It's me that has to adjust. Happy Easter.
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    Well let's move on then! Roger
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    I stumbled into Trevor at the airport Saturday morning. We chatted a bit and talked fishing. I asked him where he was going and he said he was going to run in the Boston Marathon. This event is huge. I wished him well in the race. Well, I just looked online at the results and his finish blew me away. Trevor ran against some of the best marathoners on the planet. Full fledged Olympians and professional runners. Trevor finished 122 place. I know at first glance that might seem odd that I'm blown away by this but this is how many people he ran against, 25,746!!!! Congrats Trevor!!!!!! Roger
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    Hey, just seen your post. I went in this morning. Whities were non existent where we fished but the herring were in there thick. Decent day except for having to pick up several tims cups and garbage off the ice that were left there by some pieces of sh#$.
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    Here is a picture of 59" of ice that was taken this weekend. With the low temps for day time highs and double digit negative temperatures for the next two weeks. It's safe to say we are on a hope and a prayer to be able to fish in our boats May long....
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    A little over 5 weeks to go and Shebandowan is in mid March conditions with no dramatic heat in the next 2weeks and overnight lows below freezing. Dosn't look promising.................................
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    These are the ice conditions on April 2. Feel free to add your own ice update pics.
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    Thanks all for the awesome year. have a great spring,summer and fall see you all next winter. still have minnows for sale. still lots of ice and no slush as of today Thanks from Hamilton Baits Crew
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    Roger you’re good to keep surplus lakers now
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    I am not loyal to any political party. I vote for who I think represents the best interests of my family, then myself. However, There is NOTHING the Liberal party represents that parallels my family's best interests. From the Liberals denying a bill to regulate gas prices, to their rejection of the bill for transparency on the spending of the MNRF account, to the reintroduction of a gun registry. Piss on the Liberal agenda and I will be first in line when the elections begin to vote them the hell out!
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    WTF!!!!! I thought zimmer's were afraid of ice!!!
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    Ha! Maybe I should make a wall of shame, too? Roger
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    My big fish from the Black Bay perch tourney.
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    It is an awesome show but Aaron Wiebe better win a tournament this year because he is starting to get that homeless look. Man that beard has gone wild haha
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    This is going to be a great tournament with some big bags coming to the scales. I wish it was on a weekend I could fish. It would be the lake to get me into a walleye tourney for sure.
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    Ok thanks. That means I get one more trip out till August when the ice melts
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    I bought a few rapala delta line counter/downrigger rod combos at d&r last year for around 100 bucks, 9 ft long med/heavy, seem decent for the price
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    It depends on what you consider "hunting and fishing programs". Part of the special purpose account goes back into running the outdoors card/licensing program; part of it goes into enforcement; about 25% of it runs the provincial hatchery program; part of it pays the wages for biologists and other fish & wildlife staff; part of it goes towards writing management plans; part of it goes towards monitoring programs....all of these things are part of managing the fish and wildlife resources in the province; people have varying degrees of how much they agree that all those individual components should or should not be funded through the SPA. The full breakdown is in the report I linked earlier - I don't know the specifics of the items the MPP criticized in the news, so I can't comment on that. All that said, I'm not aware of any use of SPA money that can't be tied to fish and wildlife management in some way. It's not being directed into general revenue....it isn't being used to pave roads or run hospitals or pay teachers.
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    Wait until they start using drones , if they aren't already.
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    Still iced up solid. No sign of moving water.
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    2112, Please don't misunderstand me, I eat Steelhead to! In your post above, you wrote "What about the "collapse" of the walleye in Black Sturgeon (no comment). " MNRF employees have gotten into trouble voicing their position on this one and others in the past, hence the silence. The Black Bay walleye fishery has re-bounded incredibly over the last few years. The black bay walleye are colonizing new rivers in the Black Bay area where they haven't been seen in many many years. Ask the folks ice fishing for perch about the number of walleye encountered over the last few years and what the trend is - we are getting more and more all over the bay, in numbers and sizes we haven't seen before. These Black Bay fish are spreading out of Black Bay over into Thunder Bay and Nipigon Bay. They have been tracked from the lower basin of Black Bay into Thunder Bay - swimming the distance in one day. When angling for Bass in the lower basin it is not uncommon to hook up with walleyes where we never used to . Why - harvest restrictions! Harvest restrictions exist for walleye in the Black Bay Basin below Bent Island. Licensed anglers can't even fish for them in the Black Sturgeon River below the first dam. The number of walleyes is having an impact on a number of species in Black Bay, especially their prey species. Perch, and juvenile Steelhead being a couple of them. The concept of placing a minimum harvest size on Steelhead is based on a proven management model for Lake Superior where harvest of maiden spawners (1st timers) is reduced. These fish are the ones that are less than 27 inches. They are also the ones most likely caught by anglers. The idea of putting harvest restrictions on Black Bay tributaries is to try and let the reduced numbers of fish recover. Its worked on walleyes and should be supported for steelhead. Now I would also like to point out that there have been Steelhead in Lake Superior for over 100yrs. With an average age at maturity being 5 yrs, that's 20 generations.....They aren't exotic species anymore.....That would be like saying none of us are Canadians because our families have only been in this country for the last 200 yrs, roughly 8 generations. The management principle is simple, if you want to catch some fish - don't eat them all! Especially the last breeding pairs. With that said, I'm going to go put the vexilar on the charger for one more ice expedition and hopefully a fish fry on Monday! Tight lines! AB
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    Wouldn’t it make more sense to close the streams when rainbow are spawning? Years ago the MNR proposed that. me—I’m a big believer in catch and keep
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    Headin out tomorrow morning, will update after!
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    Ice guardians. Any hockey fans must watch it. Your welcome.
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    August is excellent fishing there. Spend most of my time there in August. Best thing I can tell ya as i fish here in June and not there is to start in the 20 feet water and work you way around and deeper from there. Find the warmest water you can and keep you hear high 15 to 25 feet down. Even pull a flatline. If the salmon are there they'll be high. Play around spoons and raps. Also go into marina and ask for buck. Don't attempt and I'm very serious about this don't go out to lake in till you ask him how the river changed as it's not a nice mouth opening. I'll say once more do not go out till you have talked to him. I've been fishing there along time and it's the first thing I do every year.if I can help you more send me a pm.
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    April foooooooo.......nah
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    I think you will like the hybrid trailer. They are for sure light for the living space they offer. Friends had one, and a really nice thing about them is the sleeping area has very large screened windows that you can open on those hot nights and get a lot of cooler fresh air into the sleeping area compared to a hard wall trailer with smaller windows. The down side is it takes a lot more heat on cold nights, but I will pay for a little more propane to stay warm on a cool night if I can get a breeze on a hot night. The down side of hybrid trailers (like a tent trailer) is that if you are packing up to leave in the rain, you are putting wet canvas in the trailer, and when you get home you have to open the trailer up to be sure it dries out. Nothing impossible.
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    So the bigger tires brings me to 3.68 Gear ratio. Still not bad. Anyways after looking at a lot of models and their features/space vs. length and weight factors... I think what I 'm looking for is about a 21'-23' ultralight with a rear pop out queen bed. I had never seen this setup before and it seems to be the best of both worlds. Queen bed on one end and bunk beds for the kids on the other along with a couch and kitchen table that we won't have to collapse every night for sleeping. Without a rear pop out you are looking at a longer trailer if you want the "bunkhouse" set up. These trailers have dry weights around 3500lbs. I figure if I get something like that a long road trip will be a lot more doable.
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    I sure hope the bite is on for Friday. Wifey thinks I'm out with the mistress on weekends when I tell her I'm fishing. Now she wants to come with to make sure I'm on the ice.... Please, please, let the bite be on!
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    Wishful thinking doesn't melt ice 7 weeks till May long and the next 2 won't be loosing any ice if the forecast holds true. We will need a massive, lasting temperature rise in that last 5 weeks. just my opinion
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    I nominate Debbie Rivard,she has worked endlessly for fishing hunting and trapping issues for years for the OFAH,and will be the first woman president for this coming term, Rick
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    Welcome to Thunder bay fellow outdoor enthusiasts. Tons of great fishing around. You will learn plenty off this site and for the most part fellow anglers on the river bank or at a boat launch are more than happy to swap info. Tight lines folks. If having trouble or want to target a specific species pm me and ill wet a line with ya.
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    From southern Ontario a hum DON'T let me catch you in my secret steelhead spot, DON'T let me catch you at my secret lake and DON'T let me catch you in may secret hunting spot. LOL just kidding , keep an eye on this site lots of chatter about what your after . welcome.
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    Definitly keep an eye on the forum. Lots of good info. Tons and tons of great fishing and hunting within an hour anyway u can go in this town !
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    According to the ON Government, the 2018 Hunting Regulations Summary will be released in April. Daryl
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    Welcome to Thunder Bay, Best place to be if you enjoy the outdoors! You could look threw the forum here to get much of the info you seek, As for smelts they will be late this spring I bet and I hope so! I am always away at work during it!
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    I know a place that sells beer on the way
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    https://youtu.be/kAXXc1HPUZk I thought this was a cool idea... and a cheap and easy way to have an ice shelter. A friend of mine has been talking about building one for next year, and I am going to recommend this to him.
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    Park at the train tracks, almost immediately after the first gentle turn you will come to a fork. Its the left trail and there is a sign that says "river". Also you will be able to tell that one road is ploughed and the one to the river is not. I went there pretty blind and found it no problem. Caught lots too
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    To check your final ratio, you can drive with a hand held gps in your truck. Read your speedo, and gps at 100 km/hr on your truck. Look at the GPS. Take the difference as a percentage and multiply that by your 3.92 ratio. That will be your final ratio.
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    I've heard the Shell station in KB had a couple. Not sure if they have any left though.
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