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    Still nothing for me yet. Fished 3 diff time slots today. Missed a couple of bites though. Met a Syrian refugee dad and his son at the docks this afternoon. Set them up with a slip bobber set-up with a leech. I don't think they knew what a leech was. Will have to brush up on my Arabic. The boy seemed to understand English a bit and would translate to the father what I was saying. At least I think that was what was going on. They never caught either but had smiles on their faces nonetheless. Always tomorrow.........I hope.
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    Is that Tailout ?
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    Hey everybody fishing from shore at Balduc Bay. Please do us all a favour and clean up your garbage whe you leave. It's a great place to be, fishing is pretty good, but what a mess! Cans, plastic, paper, fishing line, ect. Don't make your garbage everyone else's problem.
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    This one climbed into the boat near the Mill. Buddy shot it.
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    i do agree with tailout that times have changed, BUT it is not that people expect information for free. It is called evolution. This is how information is now shared. If you are like me, over the 50 yr old crowd, you know when you started fishing all you had was a fishing rod, a 12 ft boat and a 2 wheel drive truck. If you wanted to know what the weather was like, you opened the door and looked outside. Biggest decision was do you bring the rain coat or not. You always had a line up of buddies who would go fishing anytime you called. You purchased a Evans fishing map and went exploring. If never mattered if you caught fish. Time seem liked it stood still. Now, back to the present, if you want a buddy to go fishing, you need to plan it 2 -3 weeks ahead of time. How many of us plan trips a year in advance now. Family and work now consumes a lot of time so every minute counts. Anglers just want to be more efficient in catching fish. The industry provides us all the latest tools and now social media is filling in the information gaps that we never had besides the BS that we got from the bait shops. Asking for fishing information is not about not wanting to get off the couch and do some exploring, or being too lazy and wanting it for free, it is called making the most of your time and getting the most bang for your buck. Who wants to drive 60 kms up the Graham Road to find out the road to the lake you want to access has been washed out when all you need to do is ask on social media. Also, who bedsides fisherman like to talk about fishing as much as they can.
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    Once again the North being punished for the actions and behavior of the masses in Southern Ontario. The initial intent of the changes may not have been intended to make things more complicated but certainly do. How can average consumers purchase bait in larger quantity (eg: lb of leeches or flat of worms) and be expected to use it all in 2 weeks. Not gonna be possible. Not in my world. If my buddy buys a lb of leeches or a flat of worms and gets a receipt how can I split the cost? I don't have a receipt for my share. What do I do? Lie to the mnr and set up some bs story that I trapped them on my own and set up some fictitious log when and where I trapped or picked them. How can bait fridges and bait vending machines operate. Place an "Official Receipt" on each bag or container when they don't actually have a sale and money in the till. Then the next day place another updated "Official Receipt" and then the next. Once this policy/plan becomes law and it will the average person's bait cost will rise, the gov will get more tax dollars and fees from fines from anglers. This is just on the surface and visible. Once this is rammed down our throats what's next. Like tracker suggested a new licence? Most likely. Perhaps a new clean waterways licence for everyone who uses a boat or throws a line in a river. The Ontario gov needs money to pay for all their cuts and promises. No, I would argue that this is making things very complicated and further restrict and burden sport anglers in Northern Ontario and is just the beginning.
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    Well I didn't make it down to current river today because I decided to take my niece to the mountdale boat launch. It was a proud moment when she caught and reeled in her first fish all by herself and yes I got out fished by a 3 year old. She ended up landing 2 perch. The best part was she wanted to let them go to grow bigger. Oh yeah that's my brand new rod and reel for specks. She caught the first fish with it too
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    See Roger.....I told you not to park your Rolls Royce in front of your house.....
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    Hi all, Well....I think my expectations and excitement of walleye opener were too high, caught fish, but its been a cold spring and the fish were all over the place, some big ones deep already, but they had lockjaw, only fish feeding seemed to be in 5' to 3' FOW in the wind....LOTS OF PIKE! There was still ice on some north facing shores and average water temps were sub 50F. Still awesome to get out and fish this lake, its where I feel most at peace. VIDEO
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    What a great idea! A pizza place around here should start doing this. But make sure you take it and put it in the garbage or recycle when you're done!
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    Not to mention the fact that today's trash is tomorrow's treasure...less than a hundred years ago no self-respecting sportsman would waste his time with walleye - and when they did catch them, they killed them, figuring that they ate brook trout. Once upon a time the government had a targeted culling program for walleye, with the logic that they ate young whitefish, which was the backbone of the commercial fishery. Walleye were nothing more than a coarse fish.
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    Some of the comments made on here at different times sound more like antis than anglers or hunters maybe it's the way i'm reading them. Ontario is different than a lot of provinces in many ways , why shouldn't live bait be any different . When the government shut down the bear hunt did the other provinces , no in fact they made money from stupidity of Ontario. This could put some people out of business , they have no idea how this is going to work or the out come will be. Things like killing your bait or hanging on to a receipt is ludicrous and way past stupidity.
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    Not with that many. Usually only one or two. A 19 incher we caught on the Kam (same watershed) Thursday had one. Give that one to the Mother In Law
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    Here's a nice 19" bass my four year old daughter caught on Shebandowan Lake!
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    Thought I would make a little video of some steelhead fishing from this year..
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    Another reason the fishing and hunting community and the general public as well should be aware that conservation and environmental groups or organizations should not be trusted completely without data driven facts is this sham on CO2, Acid Rain and Global Warming. Pure scientific and political data and facts, right. Not so fast. It's a good read and will open many eye's on the subject. Remember the big “acid rain” scare during the 1970s and 1980s attributing damage to lakes and forests to emissions from Midwestern utilities? If so, did you ever hear the results of a more than half-billion-dollar, 10-year-long national Acid Precipitation Assessment Program study that was initiated in 1980 to research the matter? Probably not. As it turned out, those widespread fears proved to be largely unfounded, since only one species of tree at a high elevation suffered any notable effect, and acidity in lakes was traced to natural causes. The investigating scientists reported that they had Robert Bruck, a North Carolina State University plant pathologist who worked on the project, observed: “if you're environmentally oriented, you going to find things to be concerned about; if you're one who finds no reason to get excited, you'll find much to support that too.” Although the Reagan-Bush administration refused to sponsor any acid rain legislation before the results were in, the regulatory groundwork had already been established through the EPA to avoid letting a perfectly good crisis go to waste. Senator John Heinz (R–PA) and Timothy Wirth (D-CO) had previously cosponsored a “Project 88” to provide a pathway for converting environmental issues into business opportunities. That media-fueled alarm about acid rain provided a great basis for new “allowance trading” legislation to create markets for buying and selling excess sulfur dioxide (SO2) credits. Project 88 became the Clean Air Act of 1990. “ Carbon-Capping Cronies: Enron, Al Gore and Friends One of the big traders in the SO2 allowance market was Enron. Back at that time in the 1990s the company was diversifying its energy business, and already owned the largest natural gas pipeline that existed outside of Russia, a colossal interstate network. However natural was having difficulties competing with coal. The hype about global warming which had been ginned up by then-Senator Al Gore’s famous 1988 congressional hearings on the matter provided what Enron recognized as a dream opportunity. After all, since a cap-and-trade market had been established for SO2, why not do the same for CO2 which was already being blamed for a climate crisis? Natural gas was a lower CO2-emitter than coal. Besides, they knew exactly where to go in Washington to get some help. Enron’s CEO Ken Lay had met with President Clinton and Vice President Gore in the White House on August 4, 1997 to prepare a strategy for the upcoming Kyoto conference in December. Kyoto was the first step toward creating a carbon market that Enron desperately wanted Congress to support. But there was one very pesky problem. Unlike SO2 which really does produce unhealthy smog, CO2 wasn’t a pollutant…at least not yet…and therefore EPA had no authority to regulate it. So after Al Gore’s Senate pal Timothy Wirth was appointed to become undersecretary of state for global affairs in the Clinton-Gore administration, Enron’s boss Lay began working closely with him to lobby Congress to grant EPA necessary CO2 regulatory authority plus also gain public support for the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol initiative. And lobby they did. Between 1994 and 1996 the Enron Foundation contributed nearly $1 million to the Nature Conservancy, and together with the Pew Center and the Heinz Foundation they engaged in an energetic and successful global warming fear campaign which included attacks on scientific dissenters. Incidentally, the Heinz Foundation, headed by Teresa Heinz Kerry, generously provided a $250,000 award to Al Gore's star congressional hearing witness, NASA’s James Hansen, who subsequently went on public record supporting her new husband John Kerry’s failed presidential bid. An internal Enron memorandum stated that Kyoto would “do more to promote Enron's business than almost any other regulatory initiative outside the restructuring [of] the energy and natural gas industries in Europe and the United States." The rest, as they say, is history. Al Gore and his partner David Blood, the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) took big stakes in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) which was poised to make windfall profits selling CO2 offsets if and when cap-and-trade was passed in Congress. Speaking before a 2007 Joint House Hearing of the Energy Science Committee, Gore told members: “As soon as carbon has a price, you’re going to see a wave [of investment] in it…There will be unchained investment.” Thanks to a 2010 Republican mid-term House cleaning that didn’t occur. Windy Hurricane Sensationalism Poses Extreme Science Threat There’s nothing like terrible and destructive weather events to stir up climate scaremongering. A notable example occurred just prior to the release of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 Summary for Policymaker’s Report following the devastating 2004 summer storm season which witnessed five landfall hurricanes in Florida which captured media attention throughout the world. Opportunities to link this unusual pattern to man-made global warming were not lost on some IPCC officials, particularly Dr. Kevin Trenberth, a scientist in the Climate Analysis Section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in New Zealand. In October of that year he participated in a press conference that announced: “Experts found global warming likely to continue spurring more outbreaks of intense activity.” But there was a serious challenge. The IPCC studies released in 1995 and 2001 had found no evidence of a global warming–hurricane link, and there was no new analysis to suggest otherwise. Dr. Christopher Landsea, an expert on the subject at the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, was astounded and perplexed when he was informed that the press conference was to take place. As a contributing author on both of the IPCC's previous reports and an invited author for the upcoming 2007 report, Landsea believed there must be some huge mistake. He had not done any work to substantiate the claim. Nobody had. There were no studies that revealed an upward trend of hurricane frequency or intensity...not in the Atlantic basin or in any other basin. Landsea wrote to top IPCC officials imploring, “What scientific, refereed publications substantiate these pronouncements? What studies being alluded to have shown a connection between observed warming trends on Earth and long–term trends of tropical cyclone activity?” Having received no replies, he then requested IPCC leadership assurance that the 2007 report would present true science, saying: “[ Dr. Trenberth] seems to have come to a conclusion that global warming has altered hurricane activity, and has already stated so. This does not reflect consensus within the hurricane research community… Thus, I would like assurance that what will be included in the IPCC report will reflect the best available information consensus within the scientific community most expert on this specific topic.” After the assurance didn’t come, Landsea resigned from the 2007 IPCC report activities and issued an open letter presenting his reasons. And while the IPCC press conference proclaiming that global warming causes hurricanes received tumultuous responses in the international press, Mother Nature hasn’t paid much attention. In reality, there has been no increase in the strength or frequency of landfall hurricanes in the world’s five main hurricane basins during the past 50-70 years; there has been no increase in the strength or frequency in tropical Atlantic hurricane development during the past 370 years; and the U.S. is currently enjoying the longest period ever recorded without intense Category 3-5 hurricane landfall. By the way, while there also hasn’t been any increase in mean global temperatures during lifetimes of most of today’s high school students, Kevin Trenberth’s theories still get lots of attention. Searching for answers as to where the “missing heat” that greenhouse gas emissions should have trapped in the Earth’s climate system went, he speculates that the oceans ate them. Unfortunately, the science to support this most recent assertion is once again missing as well. The Big Himalayan Melting Glacier Snow Job Although the IPCC is broadly represented to the public as the top authority on climate matters, the organization doesn’t actually carry out any original climate research at all. Instead, it simply issues assessments based upon supposedly independent surveys of published peer-reviewed research. However, some of the most influential conclusions summarized in its reports have neither been based upon truly independent research, nor properly vetted through accepted peer- review processes. IPCC’“We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policymakers and politicians and encourage them to take action.” Well, they were successful and did get some action. This dire prediction prompted concern that rivers fed by the melting Himalayan glaciers would flood, then dry up once the glaciers retreated, endangering tens of millions of people in lowland Bangladesh. Retired Air Marshal A.K. Singh, a former commander in India’s air force, then foresaw resulting mass migrations across national borders, with militaries (including ours) becoming involved. Purportedly influenced by this, Senate Armed Services Committee members Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and John Warner (R-VA) snuck some language into the National Defense Authorization Act which required the Department of Defense to consider the threat of climate change effects in its long-range strategic plans. One of those national security threats that DOD planners mentioned in 2009 was that global warming would melt the massive Himalayan ice mass. Political Science: The Winners and Losers s representation in its 2007 report that global warming would likely melt Himalayan glaciers by 2035 prompted great alarm across southern and eastern Asia where glaciers feed major rivers. As it turned out, that prediction was traced to a speculative magazine article authored by an Indian glaciologist, Syed Hasnain, which had absolutely no supporting science behind it. Hasnain worked for a research company headed by the IPCC’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri. IPCC’s report author, Marari Lai, later admitted to London’s Daily “We thought that if we can highlight it, it will impact policymakers and politicians and encourage them to take action.” Well, they were successful and did get some action. This dire prediction prompted concern that rivers fed by the melting Himalayan glaciers would flood, then dry up once the glaciers retreated, endangering tens of millions of people in lowland Bangladesh. Retired Air Marshal A.K. Singh, a former commander in India’s air force, then foresaw resulting mass migrations across national borders, with militaries (including ours) becoming involved. Purportedly influenced by this, Senate Armed Services Committee members Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and John Warner (R-VA) snuck some language into the National Defense Authorization Act which required the Department of Defense to consider the threat of climate change effects in its long-range strategic plans. One of those national security threats that DOD planners mentioned in 2009 was that global warming would melt the massive Himalayan ice mass. Political Science: The Winners and Losers So just how well did this sort of this political science pay off in supporting the various agendas? Well, in the case of Enron…obviously not so great. As for Al Gore, even though his carbon cash-in plans got capped he still harvested lots of the green he was peddling. His pals did okay too. Timothy Worth landed a position as Vice Chair of the United Nations Foundation and the Better World Fund. James Hansen who Al’s congressional hearings catapulted to fame is thankfully no longer at NASA, but is still scoring lucrative talking gigs in between routine arrests at Keystone XL Pipeline protest rallies. EPA’s employment growth and regulatory ambitions have obviously benefited from IPCC’s alarmist agendas. Its 2009 “endangerment finding” decreeing that atmospheric concentrations of six greenhouse gases (including CO2) “threaten the public health and welfare of current and future generations” was based entirely upon IPCC claims which were refuted at the time even by its in-house “Internal Study on Climate” report conclusions. That report, authored by my friend Alan Carlin who was then a senior research analyst at EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics stated: “…given the downward trend in temperatures since 1998 (which some think will continue until at least 2030), there is no particular reason to rush into decisions based upon a scientific hypothesis that does not appear to explain most of the available data.” Yet as IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer admitted in November 2010, “…one has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth…” And who are the real losers of such agenda-driven science? One of the biggest is climate science-related credibility. Fellow Forbes contributor Patrick Michaels recently posted an article quoting Dr. Garth Paltridge, a former chief research scientist with Australia’s prestigious Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Referring to a dilemma in the overselling of global warming, Partridge observes: “The trap was fully sprung when many of the world’s major national academies of science (such as the Royal Society in the U.K., the National Academy of Sciences in the U.S.A and the Australian Academy of Science) persuaded themselves to issue reports giving support to the conclusions of the IPCC. The reports were touted as national assessments that were supposedly independent of the IPCC and of each other, but of necessity were compiled with the assistance of, and in some cases at the behest of, many of the scientists involved in the IPCC international machinations. In effect, the academies, which are the most prestigious of the institutions of science, formally nailed their colours to the mast of the politically correct.” Partridge then predicts some potentially horrific consequences when the day of reckoning finally arrives. Noting that this day is approaching, he states: “…the average man in the street, a sensible chap who by now can smell the signs of an oversold environmental campaign from miles away, is beginning to suspect that it is politics rather than science which is driving the issue.” This, he concludes: “is a particularly nasty trap in the context of science, because it risks destroying, perhaps for centuries to come, the unique and hard-won reputation for honesty which is the basis of society’s respect for scientific endeavour.” When this occurs, we all lose.
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    I found myself headed up spruce river road saturday to the dog lake open fishing derby. Me and my buddy seen a beuty looking young bull on the side of the highway. Then today i was headed out spruce river rd for work. And seen what i presume was the same bull as it was within 500 ish yards of where we seen the one on sat. Then. Another 30 km down the road i seen another nice looking cow. So then i really started to scan. Didnt see anymore. But the shoulder of the road is just covered in moose tracks for the 75km that i went up spruce river. So that got me to thinking. Gotta be the bugs that are driving them outta the bush. The one i seen was midday on the side of the rd. Dont see that to often. If we ever had arial surveys done again. I say forget the mid winter surveys and do them now. When the blck flies are terrible and the moose r out in the open trying to get a break. !!! Thats gotta give a somewhat accurate headcount !!
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    Myself and a buddy of mine went to the public meeting and i'm still shaking my head. This live bait thing will not promote fishing at in the least all it does is make it more complicated . You have fishing zones that was suppose to simplify things now you have bait zones and new regs. that are unenforceable . Lets face it the MNR can't enforce a 21 day camping rule let alone something like this. We all know the part about killing your bait after 2 wks . I asked why ? Here's the answer I got , to stop people from using the same receipt , okay, also to stop the black market from transporting bait to different zones. I asked what do you mean ? The answer I got was ridiculous , the MNR. person said they had reports of tanker trucks coming from Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario with bait to sell on the black market . mmm right . You can trap your own and not have to kill it so what's to stop you from buying your bait throw the receipt away and mark down in your log you trapped it. They also are holding a gun to your head as we talked they kept saying look at the red section on the map which is the areas that have no live bait is allowed. In other words it's this or that. It was the same when it came to the 2 wk. thing they kept saying other areas have 5 days or 1 wk. As we talked one of the MNR guys said the other side said we didn't go far enough ,who's the other side . The E.N.G.O. Perfect just like I said antis pushing the government. This is nothing more than a way for antis to control how we live and dictate to us what we should and shouldn't be doing remember antis will stop at nothing to get what they want . They don't care who loses a job or how much money is lost in the economy as long as they prevail. We're going to have this shoved down are throats like it or not.
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    I will just head out and try for them starting at Current river. I will post my results.
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    From Scott & Crossman (1973): Many populations of smelt exhibit a pronounced postspawning mortality, and windrows of dead smelt may be cast up on shore, as occurs in Lake Erie in May or June.
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    Here are a couple of choice quotes about walleye from the sportfishing writers of the 19th Century: It's play is weak and dull, and as it is taken with strong tackle, its capture requires neither the skill nor experience that lend the principal charm to angling; and by comparison with sea-fish, its flavor is coarse. - Roosevelt, 1865 ...and this one, about a fishing trip to St. Ignace Island in Nipigon Bay.... No one bothers catching these (walleye) as the surrounding waters yield an enormous supply of choicer fish among which are said to be ten varieties of the salmon family; besides the whitefish, some of which attain to seventeen pounds in weight! - Thomson, 1877
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    Shhhh, they aren't going to be able to cut more tags with that kind of attitude and those kind of ideas...
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    Hi everyone! Wiggley Baits is bringing back our Father's Day Dream Draw package! Every time you come in to our shop and make a purchase between now and Father's Day (June 18th), you can enter to win our Deluxe package, valued at over $500! Check out some of the items up for grabs!
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    Roger, does ur Ferrari need a car wash or tune up? U must of ran out of fresh lobster this weekend. Are u still flying ur private helicopter to the east coast every third day? I can donate but I want an invite or access to all the secret spots u have acquired through this site that's made u a fishing god in these parts.
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    Went last night. Picked up two. One on nk green monkey puke. One on a proking can't remember what it's called but half one side is green other half is blue. Best I can do for the pic is in the box. I was solo.
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    very nice the water beckoned his line that day..... the cast was made exactly his way..... a twitch a jerk his rod played well..... the great pike challenged and defiantly fell..... so here you have the power, that be..... those internet words and the results, we see.
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    Why bother responding and trying to reason with the idiot. He is just going to come back with some other BS. Just ban him.. Or make an idiot section so he can post all day. I'm sure it won't cost that much to make an idiot section Roger, just don't detail your Hellcat or Rolls this month and use the money on the new section.
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    Also going to disagree with Tailout, although I see what he is trying to say. Considering that steelhead are stocked (purely for recreational angling) and the only reason stocking has decreased is because the reproduction in the wild is so successful reproducing that most stocked trout can't compete with the established population. So no, anglers are not destroying the fish stocks, at least not locally. Biggest threat to fish is habitat destruction, pollution and climate change. Which makes groups like this very important. If things change and the fishing gets rough, we can be organized and work together to fix it. Anyways, Tailout your concern for the fish is great, but I think you are aiming at the wrong people.
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    It's like a give a penny take a penny tray. We all give pennies when we have them and take pennies when we need them. It's pretty simple to me. If you think your too good for the whole penny tray then go on with your own business.
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    K figured it out. Pic was to much mb. Made it smaller.
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    Tip up right now in front of white river temp is holding 50 mark at mouth. Surface that is. Getting away from mouth temp drops fast. Went out tonight picked 2 up. One on nk green monkey puke 30 feet deep in 60 feet water. Second one was on a green 8 inch proking flasher with a smelt in a green anchovy head 25 feet deep in 45 feet water. We always run at least one smelt. Can't upload the pic. Maybe Roger can pm me a email address and he can slide it in.
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    That's awesome! I got one of those too.....
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    Caught lots in Mcintyre this year fishing for steelies. Current river is usally good.
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    This is a place to enjoy fishing. If I'm raping the resource and that's your opinion, then my opinion is every article ever written and everybody who casts a line with the hopes of catching a fish is now raping the resource. As for the money part, thanks to the two people who just donated to the site. This money is used strictly for the site. I have to use my own cash to keep this site going. Server fees, programming fees and upgrades aren't free. So yes I do try to sell advertising. It helps. Roger p. s. I was shaking my head and wondering why I'm even answering this but I couldn't stop. Haha
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    I've never tried myself but I've herd the McIntyre has specks to e caught. I'm also looking for a town spot. If I find anything decent I will let you know
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    Went out tonight. 2 hits and a small salmon caught. Went back in 2 grow.
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    Caught lots there. It is not a place for numbers or eaters. If you catch one under 25 inches that's a small one. From what I have caught most range 28 to 31 inches. They only come in to feed so if your timing is right..........It is a trophy size Walleye location. Put the time in and you will eventually catch. Most people I see there get frustrated after an hour or so and after being snagged on bottom every third cast they leave. I am usually there 7 days a week so if you see me on the dock come say hi
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    Had a few nice bites. Maze bay end of lac. Didn't run into piles of them though. Only managed a couple hours on the water each day.
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    Annual meeting July 1st
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    Lol...I was waiting for someone to say something! what kind of trivia is that anyways! Ill be very surprised if anyone gets 100%!
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    I mostly try to keep my posts to sharing information, pointing people to resources, and clarifying misinformation. I do my best to keep my opinions out of my posts (not always successful, but, hey...I'm human).
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    Fished Arrow Friday, didn't see any beds.
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    wellp tomorrow I m headed north to my favorite lake for a week. hope to do ok , wanting to try some whitefish fishn just for some thing different,but I don't really care its just nice to get back to the country where I was born,. maybe I ll even run into t.bay to look over the old folino store an some of the town where I grew up.Hows boulivaerd lake these days?anyways its good to be going thnx for some tips on the whitefish !
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    #5 Indiana , hammered silver with solid chartreuse beads and a silver one in the middle , hammered gold with Salmon coloured beads and a silver one in the centre. Seems to work for most applications although the last batch I made were Colorado blades from Northland Tackle. Same colours. Colorado has a little more lift at slower speeds but if I'm going that slow to make a difference then I would change my whole presentation. I just happened to like the quality and Finnish on the Northland blades. Super shiny/reflective.
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    That should work just fine at any speed.
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    WHO NEEDS SOME BEAUTIFUL DACE MINNOWS!?!?🐟🐟🐟. Fresh from the lake...come get em before they're gone! And dont forget to check out our 24 hr bait fridge at 418 Piccadilly Ave!
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    Went out tonight. 6 hits. One salmon. Had to keep it as it sewed it's lips shut. Buddy hasn't sent the pic yet. Was maybe 3 pounder. Seemed to want green northern king monkey puke.