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    I tried emailing you and sending you a private message the last time you made some posts here so I guess I'll make a post here as you seem to like to pop up once in awhile to make some noise. If you have something personal against me, fine, I can take it. It isn't the first time someone didn't like this site. Always seems to come up from time to time. So what you need to do is grow up a bit and either email me, private message me or hell, even give me a call. I'm in the book. I have no idea what I did to you personally or otherwise. But as of this moment your posts won't show up until I read them first and I will make the decision on whether or not they will be allowed to be posted here. Roger
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    Here is my take on using artificial lures for lake trout. First we have to understand how a lake trout hunts. If you take a look at the placement of a trout's eyes on it's head. They are near the top of it's head much like a walleye. They usually spot their food source above them. Sure they can look down but they love to ambush from below. Now check out a salmon's eye placement. Their eyes are placed way down their heads which is perfect for horizontal hunting, almost like a pike. Adding to this, now, is water temperature. In the summer lake trout are in their preferred temperature zones in the depths of a lake. In the winter this changes and they hunt using the whole water column as the water is basically the same temperature..... COLD! Lake trout can be shallow, mid depth or deep. Now I just want to take a minute to dispel a common myth that lake trout will get the 'bends" when caught out of deep water while ice fishing. They won't if they are allowed to burp. When you catch a lake trout from deep water, when 50they burp, you will sometimes see big bubbles coming up in the hole. That's from the trout. Lure selection, White is a very common and great choice for lake trout. People think the trout can see it better, shows up better, etc. As I mentioned earlier white is a great choice because trout hunt looking up. And now I ask you........ What is the colour of every fishes belly? In my opinion, that is why white is a good choice. Silvers, golds, blues, black, and pink are my other choices. I talk to many people and they like to use a minnow, be it a sucker, cisco and for where allowed, smelts. These are all great choices. Two of these bait choices live and feed quite a bit of the time suspended. Suckers like the bottom. Many anglers like to hover their bait 1-2 feet off bottom. And yes you can catch trout this way. But try bringing that bait up off the bottom. If you are in 50 feet try suspending the bait at around 35-40 feet. I use this analogy, You are standing next to me. I point at a white rabbit in a snow cover field. I have to really point and describe to you where that rabbit is so you can see it. Now I ask you if you can see the plane flying over head. You see it pretty much right away. Same thing happens under the ice. I have caught trout right under the ice over 100 feet of water and they are usually pretty big ones too. Now back to artificial baits. You can use what ever you like it's pretty much all the same concept. Also electronics will enhance your game a 1000 fold as you can see where in the water column the trout are. I like to start jigging at 1/2-2/3 of the water depth I'm fishing. So if I'm in 40 feet I like to start between 20 and 30 feet. and so on. If nothing seems to be attracted I'll use the sit and wait. That means I won't move the lure at all. I can only remember once that a trout came and hit the stationary lure. But when you see one approaching your lure, start reeling the lure up. You can jig while reeling up. The most important thing is to keep moving away from the trout. Watch what happens. You just increased your odds on a hook up. Here's some lure tips. Try inserting a Hopkins spoon into a tube. Spoon action tube style. (I know Gussy wrote about this and it isn't my idea either. It's a bass tactic from back in the 80's!) Try vibrating lures such as a Zonar, Cicada and I can't remember the name of the blade bait but it's my new favourite and it's in the same aisle in DNR as the Swedish pimples. Rattle traps and Rattlin Raps work but I find that the sink to slow.. Anyways there's way more and I'll add a part 2 soon.. Roger
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    Okay, folks....its not this websites fault, its not anybodys fault...in fact there is nothing to blame anybody for. Small town, couple rivers, people talk, people fish, thats what we do. Tailout is wrong...who cares, go fishing, enjoy yourselves...and smile just like this fish and I.
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    Went out to lac on Saturday fishing here and there, trying to find some nice spots. Thanks for everyone's advice about moving around the islands, we caught a nice feed! Rented a cabin at Pine Point resort which was very nice and handy to the lake! The kiddo loved it!!
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    Hey everybody fishing from shore at Balduc Bay. Please do us all a favour and clean up your garbage whe you leave. It's a great place to be, fishing is pretty good, but what a mess! Cans, plastic, paper, fishing line, ect. Don't make your garbage everyone else's problem.
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    Still nothing for me yet. Fished 3 diff time slots today. Missed a couple of bites though. Met a Syrian refugee dad and his son at the docks this afternoon. Set them up with a slip bobber set-up with a leech. I don't think they knew what a leech was. Will have to brush up on my Arabic. The boy seemed to understand English a bit and would translate to the father what I was saying. At least I think that was what was going on. They never caught either but had smiles on their faces nonetheless. Always tomorrow.........I hope.
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    Is that Tailout ?
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    Well I want to catch a longnose because I am trying to catch every species of fish in Ontario, and I haven't caught a longnose yet. (just the ones that can be caught on a rod and reel, I cannot see myself trying to catch any minnows, although there are people who fish for minnows). I do this because I love fish biology and really enjoy researching the different types of fish, their life histories and identifying them. It also provides a fun challenge to try and catch new things and explore new fishing locations. This all started when I destroyed my shoulder and couldn't play sports anymore. So, I needed a new hobby, and I really liked fishing. My dad always told stories about a weird "dogfish" he caught as a kid, and I wanted to see what they look like. So I researched them, found a few spots around my house where they could be found, what people catch them on etc. Then I went to try and catch one and it was a blast! So, I expanded that to other species like carp, catfish, bass. Now the longnose sucker is the fish I haven't caught at this time of year, and they are not anywhere around my house back home, so this is the best shot I have at catching one. As for why would you want to catch suckers in general, they are abundant, easy to catch, put up a decent fight, and taste pretty good (bones are a little annoying). I don't tend to keep many of them. I only end up keeping the smaller ones because I deep fry them to remove the bones, but the bones in larger ones don't crisp up as well. Apparently you can also pickle or can suckers, but I don't have the fancy equipment to try stuff like that. Anyway, hope this is a good response, feel free to think I'm crazy. This is something I find fun, and I will keep doing it so long as it stays fun.
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    About the money???? Roger
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    I am putting together an article/video of some of the things that I do for walleye, perch and lake trout ice fishing. I am going to try an online video sort of seminar thing. I'm just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. If there is, I'll do it. Let me know. Roger
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    My rod was doubled over. The tip lunging and pulsating towards the smooth surface of the river as the headshakes from the beast below increased with intensity. My line strained from the pressure as I quickly loosened the drag. The hidden treasure below fought to remain unseen and in control. But wait............(insert your best sound of tires screeching to a stop here) lets back up a bit and get the rest of the story from the beginning. Lets back up a bit and discover where the ending and the beginning collide. We slipped our sturdy craft into the mighty grip of the Kaministiquia River that first day not knowing what to expect. Most of our Walleye fishing over the last 25 years had been done at Lac Des Mille Lac but with wanting something different with almost zero travel time the choice was clear. This year turned out to be the beginning of what I called a fantastic 5 month long fishing trip, one which my wife and I were able to experience World Class Fishing minutes from our back door. As we both like to cover water and find the aggressive fish trolling is our preferred style. Initially the bait of choice was the tried and true Little Joe type spinner tipped with a juicy minnow or worm. We also offered an assortment of Rapala's, Cordel divers, jigs and plain worms by the bubbler which you may have heard about. By the end of the season though our top producing bait and tactical crank of choice was the Berkley Flicker Shad. It was impossible to ignore the success we had trolling with the 2 tigers. Firetiger and Redtiger. When the river was not looking like chocolate milk from heavy rains and area runoff and the treacherous mistress stopped sending logs, trees, parts of docks and other obstacle to avoid the fish seemed to be everywhere in the stretch from the Neste Launch up to the Old Fort. Whether it was the corners, straight stretches, weeds, transitions, drop offs, tucked in tight, shallow, even that 20' deep hole under the Hwy 61 bridge it didn't matter. It almost seemed like the fish were following us everywhere we went some days. There were spots/locations we found where we knew we could catch two or three before the school spooked out. A few days we had to look for em but those days were far and few and in-between. There were locations, like the invisible island, that always seemed to hold trophies. See some nice Walleye and the Walleye Treasure Map in the video below. Anywhere in the world this would be World Class Fishing. One trick we used with the Flicker Shad's was to let the bait drop back for a second then rip it forward. That seemed to get em excited and the strikes were hard and fast on many occasions. A guest I invited for a day was also a happy camper catching his personal best. We never felt the need to rush to get to the river. We usually launched between 10am-11am and had enough fun for one day by 3pm-4pm. Most days there was no problem catching fresh Walleye for a family fish fry. Many times we were doubled up. I can't even remember how many went back to grow bigger. Lots that's for sure. Your experience may vary. The real surprise was when the Chinook Salmon appeared on September 9th sharing the space with trophy size Walleye. We weren't geared up for that exciting experience, that's for sure. We had a lot of bent and straightened out hooks as they took off like missiles when they saw the boat. The Salmon bite lasted 10 days and my wife who named herself the "Salmon Whisperer" was fed up catching them. They interfered in her Walleye quest apparently and fighting them took too long and was hard on her wrists :). I still feel proud on the way she fought and handled them. After all was said and done we landed 7 of these behemoths and lost several more. The angling symphony we experienced in 2017 on the Kam River never really stopped for us and as I sit here in front of the fireplace and think back over our many years of great fishing I can only hope 2027 treats us equally as well. October 20 was the last trip of the season for us on this fish highway and my wife asked the voice of knowledge "Where are the fish today? Where should I cast papa?" I smiled and said "just keep it between the banks my baby, just keep it between the banks..................... I hope you enjoy the video. All the best to everyone in 2018.
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    Another great weekend at lac. Tons of little ones nd a fews hogs back down the hole.
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    I put together a short video of the event for you to enjoy. At first glimpse I thought it was a huge Walleye. This video might not play on iphones or similar devices. You might have to watch it on a laptop or a desktop. We had a radio playing and a song in the background caused some copyright issues with YouTube.
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    This one climbed into the boat near the Mill. Buddy shot it.
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    i do agree with tailout that times have changed, BUT it is not that people expect information for free. It is called evolution. This is how information is now shared. If you are like me, over the 50 yr old crowd, you know when you started fishing all you had was a fishing rod, a 12 ft boat and a 2 wheel drive truck. If you wanted to know what the weather was like, you opened the door and looked outside. Biggest decision was do you bring the rain coat or not. You always had a line up of buddies who would go fishing anytime you called. You purchased a Evans fishing map and went exploring. If never mattered if you caught fish. Time seem liked it stood still. Now, back to the present, if you want a buddy to go fishing, you need to plan it 2 -3 weeks ahead of time. How many of us plan trips a year in advance now. Family and work now consumes a lot of time so every minute counts. Anglers just want to be more efficient in catching fish. The industry provides us all the latest tools and now social media is filling in the information gaps that we never had besides the BS that we got from the bait shops. Asking for fishing information is not about not wanting to get off the couch and do some exploring, or being too lazy and wanting it for free, it is called making the most of your time and getting the most bang for your buck. Who wants to drive 60 kms up the Graham Road to find out the road to the lake you want to access has been washed out when all you need to do is ask on social media. Also, who bedsides fisherman like to talk about fishing as much as they can.
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    The pig must of Squealed
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    A quick video of a little bit of the fishing I did this season. Love this time of year.
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    Stop putting pressure on mah trails. Before this website, nobody used to ATV or side by side, thats the problem with this site, people learn that the snow is gone and they can atv. Shame. Conserve our gravel and dirt logging roads, you should bring a pail of gravel to replace any stones you bounce off the road. I know some high up people in the ATV community. Vrrroooom.
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    Well I joined. I think I met this guy 2 nites ago. I was talking to a buddy on the Mac and we were talking about Thunder Bay Fishing. We were talking about how great an information source this site is. I am originally from s.ont. You think this area is bad, go fish down south. Now back to my point of tail out. He came up to us and asked if we were talking about this site and if that is how we found out if the steel head were running. We said yes. He then goes on a rant. Unbelievable. I just want to say that I have met 4 best friends because of this site. That was the best thing for me about this web site. And by the way tailout. Are you a dentist? Just asking because you do an amazing amount of flossing on the river.
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    I would like to make a Donation to Brian and Sam's Shag Party at this time. A fishing combo. St. Croix Tournament Elite 7' ML/F Rod Pflueger Patriarch Reel Browning Rod Travel Case to hold 6 rod and reel combos Tackle Bag.......Full of Tackle--Lures,Hooks,Baits,and many other surprises Plus a $250 Gift Certificate for D&R Sporting Goods Bernie
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    Hey guys, I don't want this going into USA vs Can. Lets leave that to hockey!!! Roger
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    I'll learn to like it!! Roger
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    just got in there is 8 inches of ice out to where the shacks started out last year ive got one hut out there today taking more out tomorrow i will be open for business on friday i will have 3 day huts and maybe the 2 two person sleepers out there by then still waiting for stove parts for the other huts as soon as i get the parts ill take the rest out i fished for about 2 hours got 6 nice perch missed a few more was lots of fish showing on the sounder
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    I never let that stuff slide, say something to them, get a pic of them and their plates when they go to their vehicle and give the MNR the information and follow up with them to make sure they are doing something about it. Give them a witness statement with your complaint ask for an incident number and follow up with them. The MNR can't be everywhere and if we as sportsmen and women are not willing to get involved and be proactive in the protection of the species and adhearance of rules then we can only piss and moan. Just phoning the mnr and telling them someone at the creek was snagging isn't really going to do much, they will need more information. Snagging on purpose really bothers me and my usual fishing partner the trunk monkey really gets pissed. Picture, plates, phone the MNR and provde a witness statement, yes alot of people will say not my job and don't want to get involved. I understand and thats your choice, sometimes these things can esculate and we are not all geared towards confrontation, but you can get a pic of a plate or a person without them noticing, if you have a working phone lol. Or just send your trunk monkey over to talk to them.
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    For all members who have never been to Davis Point this video is for you. Easy access. Bring the kids. Easy place to shore fish for Walleye, Bass, Pike etc. Davis Point is approx. 1 mile downstream of the famous Stanley Hotel. Throw a rap, twitch a jig or pin a worm to the bottom it's all good. Always something biting! Pay attention to your rod and never leave it unattended. A large Walleye or Pike will pull it off the bank and when you turn around it will be GONE
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    Went out to test repairs made to my motor. Marked a fish and dropped a tube. Awesome seeing that come up!
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    Well I didn't make it down to current river today because I decided to take my niece to the mountdale boat launch. It was a proud moment when she caught and reeled in her first fish all by herself and yes I got out fished by a 3 year old. She ended up landing 2 perch. The best part was she wanted to let them go to grow bigger. Oh yeah that's my brand new rod and reel for specks. She caught the first fish with it too
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    Once again the North being punished for the actions and behavior of the masses in Southern Ontario. The initial intent of the changes may not have been intended to make things more complicated but certainly do. How can average consumers purchase bait in larger quantity (eg: lb of leeches or flat of worms) and be expected to use it all in 2 weeks. Not gonna be possible. Not in my world. If my buddy buys a lb of leeches or a flat of worms and gets a receipt how can I split the cost? I don't have a receipt for my share. What do I do? Lie to the mnr and set up some bs story that I trapped them on my own and set up some fictitious log when and where I trapped or picked them. How can bait fridges and bait vending machines operate. Place an "Official Receipt" on each bag or container when they don't actually have a sale and money in the till. Then the next day place another updated "Official Receipt" and then the next. Once this policy/plan becomes law and it will the average person's bait cost will rise, the gov will get more tax dollars and fees from fines from anglers. This is just on the surface and visible. Once this is rammed down our throats what's next. Like tracker suggested a new licence? Most likely. Perhaps a new clean waterways licence for everyone who uses a boat or throws a line in a river. The Ontario gov needs money to pay for all their cuts and promises. No, I would argue that this is making things very complicated and further restrict and burden sport anglers in Northern Ontario and is just the beginning.
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    I nominate the late Sandro Fragale. A true sportsman and an all around great person. He's got my vote.
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    what about Roger? he had a big involvement with the sss. put his own time in money into running this site which has brought a lot of people together in the fishing community. if it wasn't for him we wouldn't have the opportunity to be members on a great forum and be able to learn and teach from each other. so i nominate Roger Mayer.
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    You haven't been listening at all have you, tailout? We knew from your first post that the owner of the site was the target of your beef. You are pretending you have adjusted your thinking but in fact you only made it more personal. Have you understood that YOU and others like you are "THE PROBLEM"? Once you figure that out, maybe we can get somewhere. Like helping with stream rehabilitation, science and conservation efforts, angler education, and (heaven forbid) limiting your days fishing for steelies on the river so others can have a chance. Your attitude can be found everywhere where there is a fishery. Most commercial fishermen I have talked to on the Left Coast blame the government, the Indians, the recreational angler, the forestry industry, pollution -- any one but themselves -- for declining stocks. If you listened carefully to them, they are saying that the fishery would prosper endlessly as long as it was (secretly) managed by a chosen few who "know what they are doing." It's nonsense, of course. They want as much profit from the fishery as they can be lawfully permitted and stock conservation is only a secondary concern. There's a similar history in the East Coast. Substitute angling pleasure for profit, and it's the same thing. Fisheries around the world are under pressure because of better communication, better methods, better technology, declining habitat, and a burgeoning human population. Did you buy a nice centerpin reel and high end steelie rod? Congratulations. You just invested in a growing industry catering to people like you. The steelies feel the effects of your purchase even before you put a line in the water. Admit you are part of The Problem and start doing something positive about it. L/P
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    If I was a little quicker it would have been better. The trees were lit up!
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    Just letting everyone know that last night was my last shift at D&R Sporting Goods. I would like like to thank everyone at D&R. Adrian, you're one hell of a great guy to work for. The staff there were all great people to work with. I I had a great time working there. I met many members of T. B. F. there too. So thank you to everyone that I have met over the 13 + years that I was there!! Roger
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    Replacing Roger so ya.. you should be 12 years old at least
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    hard to believe,,totally out of character, it was basically a tournament for me..i spent a lot of money, went home empty handed and woke up hungover.
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    Posting for a friend that is being a good Samaritan: β€œFound – ice fishing shelter up the Dorion Cutoff. If you lost a shelter while ice fishing this winter, text 620-7958 with a description and arrangements will be made to get it back to you.”
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    I have a couple of choices for you lyle. Cleaning out the closet. Which do you prefer? Soft n cushy or narrow n firm. Both free.
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    Mabey try hittn the search button and looking thro the treads over years and what has been discussed on hear and read a little before being so quick to jump the gun about a public site that isn't hurting anyone except YOU it seems ! Rather then go out their and educate the the newer fisherman of their practices and ways ur just another TROLL on the site looking to cause problems, ur not helping the stealhead by coming on hear and blaming a website! I'm die hard steelheader at heart and everything I learned was from being on the rivers, asking questions or watching the guys do it, and I was approached by avid steelheaders on my practices and techniques to properly handle or care for the trout, that's how I learned and most others do as well, so instead of being a TROLL why don't u go out their and be a teacher to those inexperienced anglers and not worry so much about a public forum that isn't the case of anything here!
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    People need to stop complaining. Thats some nerve tailout. U think its this sites fault. Give your head a shake. What about facebook , instagram , twitter , snap chat , i could go on and on. To blame the owner of this site you are absolutely in the wrong. Its the 21st century. May as well go ahead and yell at the chronicle journal to for posting a picture of anglers trying there luck at the neebing. Anyways. Thats enough. Apparently fish are in the rivers so i heard. 🎣
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    Weather made things wet and sloppy today. Trail was soft and Gary asked that we cruise just off it to prevent it from completely rotting away. One pressure ridge not far from dock was a couple feet high on our way out but crossing was ok. On the way out it had dropped to a mild hump. We brought home limits. Took about 4.5 hours. Nothing over 13", 17 fish from 10-12", and only 6 under 8". The remaining 27 were between 8 and 10". What can I say? I like to count things.
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    I nominate Tailout 😜
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    Just got boat back from Wawa yesterday. If weather holds true I'll be going out. I would like to wish everyone good luck fishing salmon this year. Hope there is some nice catches. In fact I wish all success no matter what fish you all choose to go after. Please post any pic of salmon catches. Love to see them. Good luck all. Terry
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    The Bait Shack Located at Shabaqua Corner. Second driveway on the right. (Formerly Frostys Baits) 807 627 8167 Sells medium, large minnows , suckers, worms and leeches. My wife and I recently purchased Frostys Baits in Shabaqua. We renamed the business, The Bait Shack as the family name stays with the trapping business. Would like to welcome the fishing community members and their families to stop by and visit us, the new owners Rick and Brenda. We will have the same great bait as Jim Frost is still trapping for us and supplying the minnows. The driveway has been made a little more accessible so don't be afraid to pull in with your boat or trailer! Hope to see you this season!
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    Good day all, if anyone is heading east east of tbay for the long weekend (and beyond) I recommend you to stop at Anita's bait on Hwy 11-17 (just before Hurkett loop) and grab some bait, ice and a bite to eat! There's a new grill shack opening up today at Anita's. Poutine, burgers and more! Help support the local community and get that extra energy to get ya out on the water! hope everyone has a safe and happy May long! cheers
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    Superstore has a deal on steelhead. Go buy one and I'll take ur picture so u can pretend u caught one.