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    Yes I have. Kinda gross. I don't know what they are but those kinda fish I give to my mother in law. Roger
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    lots of snow no slush yet bite is getting better still slow at times but getting bigger fish
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    Beauty of a day on Black Bay yesterday... perch came in waves, and a few pike to top the day off. I eventually switched to my jaw jacker because I kept missing fish on my 2nd line.The snow is deep enough that it was tough to run in. The pike in the picture was in the slot... meaning it had to be released (after a quick picture). My nephew caught it in the morning, and we released it. I caught it (the same fish) in the afternoon. As always, Hamilton Baits was a pleasure to deal with. The 'shuttle' to and from the fishing spot makes things easy. It is the best $10 you can spend. We rented a shack for the day. They put us on the fish. Bring sun glasses and sunscreen. Snow is too deep for quads. We had an extension on the auger, and needed every bit of it. There is a lot of ice... you will not get through without an extension. I am guessing 4 feet of ice.
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    Holy Moly! I would explain myself but would he understand? I don't know either! Roger (Some Old Guy THE POACHER of eggs)
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    Tailout please careful deal with Roger he is a tough SOB nothing stops him from his fish. here is a link to his Salmon fishing in BC at this time I heard he all ready had 30 or 40 fish, there is just no stopping him. I heard he has friends in high places, one is a roofer!!
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    Lake trout can inflate and deflate there swim bladders to compensate for pressure changes ! But you knew that right ?!?!?
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    Your parents are definitely brother and sister.
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    Congrats to Peter Lankinen with a 33.5 cm perch! $230.00 2nd went to Pete Makarchuk with a 32 cm perch. $138.00 3rd went to Andrew Bennett with a 31.6 cm perch $92.00 We had 23 people show up to fish the event and we are going to make this an annual event. I would like to thank Gary Hamilton and Andrew Bennett for their support and making sure we had a home base and shuttling people. I hope everybody had a good time and it was great to meet some members of the site! Roger
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    It is an awesome show but Aaron Wiebe better win a tournament this year because he is starting to get that homeless look. Man that beard has gone wild haha
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    Uncut angling is the best fishing show/YouTube show out by a mile
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    Quick easy way to make your own sheath using cardboard and duct tape. You have to cover any and all cardboard. I used three and four layers of camo tape to complete the project. Very solid sheath. Hope you enjoy the video.
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    With any species of fish there's a mortality rate when catching and releasing , not all will survive . Now Tailout is a steelhead fisherman and they practice catch and release . Do you not think that some are not going make it especially a female that you've caught struggled down river with dragged it up on the rocky shore had it flop around before you can get a hand on it. Then you unhook it and let it go thinking that your some kind of elite angler .
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    Wouldn't recommend a four wheeler out there at all, unless you have it tracked. Also, access from Sare road is snowmachine/foot access only as per the owners rules. Someone decided they would try a quad and got stuck hard several times and turned around and went home, as they should.
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    Sorry. Im a softie for cookies.......... Roger
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    Watch out for the Bedivere Badger!
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    I'm thoroughly disappointed that this is not a thread about the delicious Polish vodka.
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    Or tell his mother to swallow.
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    I knew there was something about Roger I didn't like the first time I met him. Hiding behind a fishing web site to gather info on all the honey holes. No wonder there are no fish left in the Thunder bay district, and I thought it was because of the natives. Its about time he was caught. The number to call is 1-800-tips, please make this call before he has a chance to empty his freezers. I also heard he rents a locker freezer service. You better act fast as Roger is an wise OLD GUY, he has probably been getting away with this for years, maybe 10 or 12 lake trout frying in the pan as I type. And as a finale note TAILOUT get a Phucking life. but you are amusing!!!
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    I don’t normally feed the trolls...but your an idiot. 1.) How do you know the fish were not caught and released? 2.) How do you know he is not on Lake superior? (Zone 9 regs 3 Lake Trout) 3.) Roger is NOT a poacher 4.) You’re an idiot. Go to bed.
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    Is it april 1st already?
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    I picked up my 1775 impact from discount rv and marine in 2016 as well and saved $10,000 over the local price and they even gave me a gas card to drive back
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    Caught this 11pounder at Oliver over the weekend. Found out for myself there is quite a bit of snow but no slush.
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    Park at the train tracks, almost immediately after the first gentle turn you will come to a fork. Its the left trail and there is a sign that says "river". Also you will be able to tell that one road is ploughed and the one to the river is not. I went there pretty blind and found it no problem. Caught lots too
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    Too bad I am working. This would be a lot of fun. I will be out next year for sure if it's an annual deal.
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    Bear .... got me one of those coming too. Couple new 15' talons, a bunch of helix mega 12's and Lot's of other neat goodies!
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    Went to the gun show and it was busy , nice to see . It would also be nice to have a tackle swap gun show combined , you'd need a bigger venue than the Slovak . Or maybe a stand alone event of tackle, sonar trolling motors whatever they want to sell .
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    I used everything Uncut angling used in these videos. This is the 2nd of 3 videos but it shows you a great laker. Watch the 1st of the 3 videos & you'll be good 👌
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    I personally use 8 to 10inch herring I buy from the superstore using a pike rig ( 2 trebles through the back ). Make sure to stab the herring a few times to bust the air bag & get it juicy lol. I caught this 15pounder & a few others the around the same weight last week using this technique
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    hi roger i went out scouting today and found the area we will hold the derby in i fished from 4 pm to 7 pm got my limit and as you can see in the picture there are some real nice perch in this spot so that everyone will have fun
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    I found it for $69.95. The 2 wheel model has course and medium stones for standard sharpening for a knife that is dull and/or may have small chips. The 3 wheel has the fine wheel for refining and polishing the edge. If you are just touching up a sharp edge the 3 wheel model is nice to have.
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    Thanks Red_Nuck and Mrs Red_Nuck for the hospitality at your mansion on Lac on Sunday. A fine time was had by all!!
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    Hahaha I just realized that after digging a path through the drift for my machine that I left my shovel on the side of the road. A big shout out to Thomas who pulled me out on his sled. He didn't have to give up his fishing time but did to make sure a fellow angler was ok. Its good to see there are still good people out there. Im not sure if hes's a member but cheers anyway!
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    When pulling a trailer, you may want to make sure of a couple things. Check the owners manual for your truck to see the max towing weight, and tongue weight. The towing capacity is greatly affected by axle ratio (and changing to larger tires really reduces your towing capacity because it makes your overall gearing equate to a lower gear ratio thus less pulling power). A common differential ratio is 3.55:1, but for pulling trailers, a 3.73:1 or a 4.11:1 are much better choices, and some trucks have a 3.43 or a 3.23 which gives you greater fuel mileage but end up with poor pulling capacity. When you are pulling a trailer, a rule of thumb is tongue weight is about 10% of total trailer weight. So if your trailer is 5000 lbs, you should have 500 lbs on the hitch. Make sure your truck can handle this. You can buy a 1/2 ton with towing capacity of 10,000 lbs and one that looks exactly the same that can only pull 5000 lbs. This is set by GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). I have a 1/2 ton dodge with a 5.7 and a GVWR of 7700 lbs. My buddies looks exactly the same as mine, same tires, same engine, different trans. and his GVWR is only 6900 lbs. It is worth doing a little research into your truck (your dealer can help a lot if you are not sure) before you buy a trailer. Once you know your limits, you can comfortably buy a trailer that will not tax your truck. it would be a shame to get a nice trailer only to find that your truck will not safely pull it. Just because someone says they pull their 28 ft trailer with a 1/2 ton, that means nothing....what is the GVWR and what is the towing capacity. Also you may want to consider extra transmission cooling.
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    I once had a CO get mad at me for continuing to fish after I had my limit of lake trout. Concerned that any more trout I caught would die bringing them up from deep water and wouldn't release. He never even asked me what depth I was in. I was in 17 feet.
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    I was out on Thursday and the bite was a little slow where we fished but the fish were big. The ice was thick enough to need an extension even if you dig through the snow with a shovel. There was plenty of snow on top of the ice to run sleds with no slush.
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    Gotta love when someone uses ‘idiot’ in the same sentence they have a spelling mistake in.
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    I wanna ban this guy but man he stirs the pot. But anyways I'm gonna quote a saying, "Don't argue with a stupid person. They drag you down to their level then kick the crap out of you with their experience!!!!" Roger (Some Old Guy THE POACHER of eggs)
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    in my opinion the eskimo barracuda has to be the gold standard for augers. its always worked no problem, had it for over 10+ years! im pretty hard on my gear too, i dont even detach the head from the drilling part during travel anymore. works like a charm. and the sparkplug has only been replaced once in its lifetime. i really like the metal throttle it has compared to the plastic ones on other models.
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    Every Steelhead I've ever kept and ate out of Lake Superior was ruby colored flesh and mighty tasty!!!!
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    I'm planning on venturing out onto Oliver west. Is there any slush from shore to midway down the lake?
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    I used to jig for lakers on both Jessie lake and at Rossport. 2 things I learned 1) a dead smelt always worked better than a live minnow and 2) lay a dead smelt right on the bottom. i missed a lot of hits dead sticking and I didn’t realize why until I watched that video on you-tube—the guy with the 12 inch Ciscoe (tulibee). The fish seems to pick up the dead bait and then drop it to get it into position to swallow it. It’s real easy to pull the bait away from the fish by being too anxious and trying to set the hook too soon.
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    I've been to a few in Duluth and the outdoors shows here, always hoping for a deal. But it's a boat "show." Not a "sale." And if you can afford something from there you can afford an upgrade.
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    targeting whitefish isn't difficult if you know what they like to eat in any given body of water, and finding that corresponding water. I have had great success catching whitefish in the 20-40 FOW range and as a general rule, catch them on the bottom five to ten feet. When they are aggressive, there's not much that they won't inhale. When they are finicky, well that's a whole different ball game. As it was mentioned previously, try doing a forum search on whitefish tips and tricks and you'll find a wealth of knowledge. The internet also holds a plethora of great articles and videos on targeting whitefish. As for table fare, they are amongst the best out there IMHO. I personally, love the cucumber smell of a freshly caught whitie! Scaling them isn't that bad as they have large scales and if you ask nicely, I'll let you in on a sweet little trick for scaling a fish in record time with not much effort.