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    Another great weekend at lac. Tons of little ones nd a fews hogs back down the hole.
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    I'll learn to like it!! Roger
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    No, he didn't. This happened in his imagination. Guys a professional troll.
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    My rod was doubled over. The tip lunging and pulsating towards the smooth surface of the river as the headshakes from the beast below increased with intensity. My line strained from the pressure as I quickly loosened the drag. The hidden treasure below fought to remain unseen and in control. But wait............(insert your best sound of tires screeching to a stop here) lets back up a bit and get the rest of the story from the beginning. Lets back up a bit and discover where the ending and the beginning collide. We slipped our sturdy craft into the mighty grip of the Kaministiquia River that first day not knowing what to expect. Most of our Walleye fishing over the last 25 years had been done at Lac Des Mille Lac but with wanting something different with almost zero travel time the choice was clear. This year turned out to be the beginning of what I called a fantastic 5 month long fishing trip, one which my wife and I were able to experience World Class Fishing minutes from our back door. As we both like to cover water and find the aggressive fish trolling is our preferred style. Initially the bait of choice was the tried and true Little Joe type spinner tipped with a juicy minnow or worm. We also offered an assortment of Rapala's, Cordel divers, jigs and plain worms by the bubbler which you may have heard about. By the end of the season though our top producing bait and tactical crank of choice was the Berkley Flicker Shad. It was impossible to ignore the success we had trolling with the 2 tigers. Firetiger and Redtiger. When the river was not looking like chocolate milk from heavy rains and area runoff and the treacherous mistress stopped sending logs, trees, parts of docks and other obstacle to avoid the fish seemed to be everywhere in the stretch from the Neste Launch up to the Old Fort. Whether it was the corners, straight stretches, weeds, transitions, drop offs, tucked in tight, shallow, even that 20' deep hole under the Hwy 61 bridge it didn't matter. It almost seemed like the fish were following us everywhere we went some days. There were spots/locations we found where we knew we could catch two or three before the school spooked out. A few days we had to look for em but those days were far and few and in-between. There were locations, like the invisible island, that always seemed to hold trophies. See some nice Walleye and the Walleye Treasure Map in the video below. Anywhere in the world this would be World Class Fishing. One trick we used with the Flicker Shad's was to let the bait drop back for a second then rip it forward. That seemed to get em excited and the strikes were hard and fast on many occasions. A guest I invited for a day was also a happy camper catching his personal best. We never felt the need to rush to get to the river. We usually launched between 10am-11am and had enough fun for one day by 3pm-4pm. Most days there was no problem catching fresh Walleye for a family fish fry. Many times we were doubled up. I can't even remember how many went back to grow bigger. Lots that's for sure. Your experience may vary. The real surprise was when the Chinook Salmon appeared on September 9th sharing the space with trophy size Walleye. We weren't geared up for that exciting experience, that's for sure. We had a lot of bent and straightened out hooks as they took off like missiles when they saw the boat. The Salmon bite lasted 10 days and my wife who named herself the "Salmon Whisperer" was fed up catching them. They interfered in her Walleye quest apparently and fighting them took too long and was hard on her wrists :). I still feel proud on the way she fought and handled them. After all was said and done we landed 7 of these behemoths and lost several more. The angling symphony we experienced in 2017 on the Kam River never really stopped for us and as I sit here in front of the fireplace and think back over our many years of great fishing I can only hope 2027 treats us equally as well. October 20 was the last trip of the season for us on this fish highway and my wife asked the voice of knowledge "Where are the fish today? Where should I cast papa?" I smiled and said "just keep it between the banks my baby, just keep it between the banks..................... I hope you enjoy the video. All the best to everyone in 2018.
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    Made another trip to the lake on Sunday with a group of buddies. Lake is in great shape, mostly trucks and quads and side by sides out there. Seemed like moving day as many huts were making their way out. We caught many fish and lost a lot of fish at the hole. Every year I see the same fishing reports. Fishing was slow, not many fish. Don’t fish the crowds, find different spots. Fish uncharted waters. Believe me your success rates will increase dramatically. I am looking forward to testing out some new water soon.
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    Weather was cold but the bite wasn’t 🙂
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    Because it's been so cold I have been making some hand painted 1/4oz ice fishing jigs. The top row rattle. The white coloured ones are glow. Should be good for walleyes, perch and trout maybe even whitefish. Can't wait to try them out! Anybody else out there doing tackle and would like to share.
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    I got you fam. Change it to Some OG, I made an improved profile pic.
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    black bay is now sleds only to much snow for trucks and atv`s now
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    The weather finally made it possible for the team to make an appearance today on Lac. The fresh snow only meant milder temps. We drove out today with the truck and headed down the lake. After crossing the ice ridge at sand point, we were all surprised at the road block down the lake. I took a pic but it doesn’t do it justice. The lake at what people call the old derby site is home to I would say 50-75 shacks. What I find interesting is that people stop there because they see all the shacks and probably figure this is where the fish are. Oh well, they’ll never experience great fishing while fishing in crowds. We decided to head down to Hash brown island and put a shift in. First fish was iced within 5 minutes and the rest of the day just flew by while putting on a show with all the beautiful big fish caught and released. Biggest I believe was 27 and a couple 25’s and 2-24’s and 4 that were 20-23. We also released quite a few under 13. Nothing beats the laughs, the food and catching fish. Our team will be moving to next spot on our next trip and the talk at lunch was trying a new spot. Sounds good to me. Here are some picks of today’s adventure. No fish were harmed today as all fish were kept in the water before the pictures. Sausages and potatoes were on the menu today, plus salami, capicolo cheese bread. Our barista served a nice espresso coffee after lunch ( Thanks Roccu). The only thing missing is a cameraman to capture the laughs and good times we have when we get out.
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    I follow solar lunar but not so much for its predictions as to what times be best. But I like to watch moon rise set and phase. Moon rise and set differs from sun. Some nights moon is out all night , others not at all.. and everything in between. On a fuller ish moon and clear sky . You can expect most targetted game fish had a farily successful night time hunt . So will be less apt to eating and a slower bite. Cloudy or moonless nights tougher eats due to less light , following those I tend to observe more active daytime munch. Obviously not an exact science beacuse weather wind , water temp .blah blah play a part too. But I usually won't head out early or at all for a morning fish if the moon was out on a clear night. I can sleep in spend the day on the beach getting vitamin B. So 1/4 waning to 1/4 waxing are darkest nights and potentially better days I use same mentality with hunting. And use an android app called " time.to hunt " Here is a screen shot.
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    No. Anyone who would blame a website for a poor day of fishing at Lac is a little out of touch with reality. All fishy waters with easy access from Thunder Bay are going to be hit hard. Why would anyone at all be surprised or disappointed with this fact? In fact, I think tips from this website have encouraged anglers to try new spots besides the tried and true ones. No one should have the right to secrecy over certain shared resources. If your "secret" spot isn't so secret anymore, stop lamenting and try new waters. We have so many fishing opportunities here its ridiculous. Chances are your "secret spot" will restock itself in a few years. This website can also be used to shame people who are involved in unethical or illegal fishing practices.. ie. snagging, poaching, poor release practices, trashing or hogging shorelines, etc. Send in your pictures... it's easy to do.
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    I headed out this morning in this stupid cold. I think I was more stupider. Anyways I went to Black Bay and tried a few different depths. I caught a few in 15 to 22 feet of water but I had to keep a few of the small ones because they were dying from coming up from to deep. I fished near shore in about 8 feet of water and started getting good ones. Caught three walleye and a nice 25 inch pike. Those were let back go. It was fun other than the cold.
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    Nice new name.....at least its not Dirty Old Man....... BB
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    Plowed a few k from 527 east. Then plowed again at about 20k Mark east of 527.
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    Domer People like to party there and not fish much nd people are scared to venture off the ice road. I have no problem catching wer my hut isss
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    Hi folks, the NWFTA will be putting on a Fur Harvest, Fur Management and Conservation (Trapping) Course on January 28th & 29th and Febuary 11th & 12th. Contact by email at piketree@hotmail.com
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    Open Feb 1 because it limits the amount of pressure on the Lake Trout. They are easy to target winter fishing hence the short winter angling season.
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    Saw a couple "adventurous" anglers out there yesterday afternoon. Wasn't dressed to venture out there to find out how thick the ice was but may check it out in the morning.
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    This is a great collection of funny clips from Fishing For the Rest of Us. It's great to see the behind the scenes of a fishing show.
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    Gary has one day hut out at Planet Granite. He will likely move a few more over the next few days if the weather allows. A scouting trip today paid off, but conditions were pretty brutal. With extreme cold weather headed our way until the weekend, its tough on men and equipment to make the haul out of Hurkett Cove. There is enough snow to run sleds, just have to weave through the glare ice to get to it. Ice thickness was about 18 inches out by the island. There are several ridges to get by on the trek to the island areas. Fishing is decent all over the bay. I'm going to enjoy a nice feed from Tuesday. stay warm! AB
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    Woke up at 4:30 this morning to find it a little chilly in my house. Furnace kicked out. So it seems the exhaust and intake pipes are too close together. So the warm exhaust condensate turns to fine ice as soon as it comes out and the intake sucks it in and clogs the intake pipe. Then that trips a safety switch at the furnace. (Propane Heat) So I have to go outside and clean out the intake pipe and kick away the ice build up. Then to the basement to take off the doors to expose the guts of the furnace. Then I have to hold the switch where the door is and hit the reset for the safety thing. When the house was built I guess codes weren't in place on how far apart these two pipes had to be from each other. So I was thinking of adding extension pieces to the pipes to separate the distance. Anyone know if this will affect the furnace? On a side note, it was so cold that I burnt my hand on my door handle!!!! And I guess this is good weather to make ice! Roger
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    Happy 2018 everyone! Roger
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    its best to have an accelerator on the exhaust. To minimize pipe outside. But. Many of installations exhaust is snorkeled for clearence. And is fine. This stuff was designed in southern ontario or somewhere warmer. They dont realise the temps we get. So sometimes stuff like this happens. But not often !
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    we always terminate exhaust and intake about 5” horizontally apart, then snorkel exhaust . In that instance i would leave the intake and snorkel up exhaust. I mean the way u did it sounds like it will be fine and get u by. But to be proper exhaust is the only one to be extended on the outside of the building.
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    Make sure also. If u snorkel up your exhaust it isnt to close to a window that opens. Its 1ft for under 90,000 btu for natural gas. Cant remeber propane. But can check if needed. 3ft for over 90,000
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    Your exhaust should have a 1/4” per foot slope back to the furnace. Thus the condensate that is produced should run back to your secondary heat exchanger. Intake does not have to be sloped back to furnace so condensate will just lay in there and could cause ice up and blockage.
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    Best practice is to put an accelerator on the exhaust and just 45 the intak downwards. . Then your clearence is closer and u have less exposed pipe. But. In order to get proper clearences when installing furnaces the intake is just terminated right away with a 90 or 45 once it exits house and the exhaust is snorkeled up and then pointed outwards with a 90 on the end. Extending an intake is not the way
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    Intake to exhaust is to be 18” apart to code. Will not hurt to extended it. But it is to be primed and glued with 636 pvc primer and cement. I would say dont do it if it was inside. But outside is fine. Just cause to do it properly the ends of pipe are supposed to be bevelled. Its better to snorkel your exhaust up and then have your intake just straight out with a 45 or 90. To snorkel up exhaust have a 90 right off the piece that comes through the house pointing up. Then one more 90 at the top of the extension and your good to go. Exhaust wont ice up, or shouldnt. Dont extend intake though. Any issues just pm me !
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    Fished sand point Thursday and Friday caught 17 picks all between 13 and 15 inches 3 pike . Lots of ice,bite was slow but did catch jigging with small movements.Most were caught on tip ups.
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    I seem to recall a few posts . Visibility was inches not feet.. the general consensus is it is a waste on that lake. I have never used one but previous reports weren't great. Even if you could achieve 2 ft of visibility that is still well inside the cone of almost any flasher/ sonar setup , a good flasher be the way to go.
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    Buddy and I went for a nice easy run and dragged our ice fishing gear along. Fished for about 2 hours at some unknown lake. Didn't have a clue that it was full of nice size brook trout. We both left with limits. Buddy landed a 3.5lber and the smallest was 14" Here is a picture of our adventure.
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    I have had some spots mentioned and it depends. Some spots are easy to fish and some aren't.
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    I wouldn't say it ruins fishing spots but I do think it makes anglers lazy , instead of jumping in your vehicle and checking things out they just go to the net , even when it comes to smelts you see questions on here all the time. Drive down to the river and see for yourself same with steelhead. Before the net we got in the truck packed our gear and went to whitefish lac or where ever . Although the net is a great learning tool on tackle & tactics again get out and figure it out on your own.
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    I'm thinking that basing an attitude on a single day of fishing is not the best practice....too many variables.....water depth, bait, weather, time of day, location, etc........not very scientific..... so my reply...NO
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    Went out yesterday to check the ice there was 2” along the shore line of the point checked in three places and it was all the same. cheers
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    Main 801 road is plowed you have to snowmobile in from there. The lake does not get much winter pressure. Good Luck!
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    With that new raffle thing you got for the site, can we donate stuff for draws? I have some stuff from the company I work for that I can give. How would I get the stuff to you if we can do this. I was thinking this would be good to do so we can kind of support the site and give away stuff to the members and I'll admit that it would be advertising but we would both win. What do you think? Would other businesses be interested in doing something like this?
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    I have been using braided line for trolling for quite a number of years. We mostly troll using bottom bouncers and when they get snagged up in...... whatever, using the braid usually gets them free. This statement from the article: " Braided line is ideal for heavy cover situations and slices through weed like a hot knife through butter." is mostly true, but some weeds it will not cut through and they just bunch up on the bouncer. From the bouncer to the lure we run mono or fluoro. We have 2 ft. to 4 ft. leaders with a swivel on one end and a snap swivel on the other end made up, and attach worm harnesses or whatever we choose to use onto those leaders so we can lengthen the distance behind the bouncer, or change up our presentations quickly if one of us starts getting fish on a particular color of spinner or lure being used. The worm harnesses we make up ourselves and they are about 2 ft. long.
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    Always fish biting there. Must of been a bad day. Nothing big but lots of action. Small minnows is the key and small jigging spoons.
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    just got in there is 8 inches of ice out to where the shacks started out last year ive got one hut out there today taking more out tomorrow i will be open for business on friday i will have 3 day huts and maybe the 2 two person sleepers out there by then still waiting for stove parts for the other huts as soon as i get the parts ill take the rest out i fished for about 2 hours got 6 nice perch missed a few more was lots of fish showing on the sounder
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    I purchased Striker as well. They fit and feel awesome and seem like they will be very warm. I can't wait to get a chance to get on the ice and try them out. They are also on par for anything you will get from FXR etc. Money well spent I say.
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    Picked up a set from Striker. Very warm and it is a floater suit also. I have the jacket and bib pants. They are a little more expensive but in my mind well worth it. I found them on sale on line. Amazon.ca has them at a resonable price.
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    Im on foot too. Dont mind the exercise lol. 8 inch gas auger gets a little heavy past st marys island tho. Gona try my luck tomorrow mornin if anyones interested. Ill try a further than my normal i guess!
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    Number four williams wobbler silver and gold with a half a smelt tail end works wonders for lakers at silver harbour but you have to go out pretty far try to find 90 to 100 FOW and jig it right off bottom. If dead sticking fish right on the bottom with slack in your line. Was out last week and caught nine.