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    For all members who have never been to Davis Point this video is for you. Easy access. Bring the kids. Easy place to shore fish for Walleye, Bass, Pike etc. Davis Point is approx. 1 mile downstream of the famous Stanley Hotel. Throw a rap, twitch a jig or pin a worm to the bottom it's all good. Always something biting! Pay attention to your rod and never leave it unattended. A large Walleye or Pike will pull it off the bank and when you turn around it will be GONE
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    I put together a short video of the event for you to enjoy. At first glimpse I thought it was a huge Walleye. This video might not play on iphones or similar devices. You might have to watch it on a laptop or a desktop. We had a radio playing and a song in the background caused some copyright issues with YouTube.
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    We/wife caught this King today trolling the Kam. She hit a #7 Firetiger Flicker Shad. Pulled the boat around for a few. Weighed in at 20 pounds. When your using Walleye gear and 8lb test line the game suddenly changes when you encounter these. See video below!
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    Just got back from one of my favorite lakes and I must say that black sturgeon road is much improved due to grading. Thanks to a tip from my father in law, I got home much quicker than taking camp 45 road like I did for the past couple years. A few years ago my boat trailer fell apart on black sturgeon road, and I vowed that I would never go that way again, however, due to grading, I made it home much quicker than if I took camp 45 road. I didn't have my boat this time, but I did have my camper on my truck and it still felt like I was driving in the city for most of the way back, going approximately 50-60 km/hr. Very impressed!!
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    Good news levi64! We will be open this winter! Stay tuned for our hours..... Wiggley
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    They just hammer #7 & 9 Firetiger FlIcker Shads
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    The pinks were so thick in the pockets of the falls in the mackenzie mouth yesterday you could walk across them. I swear there was more of them then sucker in the spring. Took some videos/pics and just fished the deeper water at the mouth to see if any Cohos were around. However just like every year, watched two idiots throw 4" spoons into the 14" of water by the falls and snag fish after fish even after i told them not to bother with spoons cause that will happen. Every spring and fall these kind of guys continue to give the Loogan their name.
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    I look at these boards then go to the stores and look at ingredients list then go hmmmmmmmmmm. Lol.
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    Did really good for august on the nip today got 4 kings lost 2, 3 brook trout and a rainbow all fish were released
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    Hunting wolf requires some serious dedication, you need a fast flat round no shotgun and alot of years in hunting experience. In my opinion the hardest thing to hunt and kill is a wolf. Need a great deal of time, know how and experience. People talk about sportsmen hunting moose bear etc, well I think if any hunter really wants to give themselves the ultimate challenge then try hunting down a wolf, even using bait the chance of getting one is very low. If you have one at your deck you have a serious problem, especially if its eating garbage, something may be wrong with him be careful
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    Hunting wolf is not easy they are very crafty , and any kind of human smell and your busted. Years ago I heard of hunters putting bait out on the ice and get back in the bush and wait , so a 410 won't do 223 or 243 would work.
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    THE SALMON WHISPERER! Here is a short video of yesterday's adventure. Hope you like it.
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    Cohos will be around, coaster brook trout, steelhead soon.
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    I was there on Thursday, lost one King, and caught 5 walleye. Not sure what's going on, never seen that many walleye caught with such regularity. Saw one really nice laker caught below the creek. That was the first one I've seen. Not much motion, hopefully it will pickup after labour day.
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    Went on the nip 3 days ago 1 salmonella n lost one and 7 Brookies and tonight I went to the black sturgeon to fish some big bass and ended up with 4 kings and 15 bass
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    Have a safe trip. Good luck on all your fishing adventures.
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    Well just wanted to start by saying that I finished school and now am heading home on Saturday, and I probably won't get to visit Thunder Bay for some time. I will be fishing along the way home (Niagara Region) with my dad. We are hoping to put some time into the Mackenzie, Black Sturgeon, Nipigon, and Whitesand Rivers, as well as any other cool looking ones we come across (probably in the Sudbury area). I don't have any experience around the Black Sturgeon, or Nipigon Rivers but want to get some fishing in before the season closes next Tuesday. I was hoping for some information about where to access these rivers, I know black sturgeon road leads to the provincial park upstream, but was also wondering if the road downstream (evard) was also any good. I'm not looking for any specific locations since we have no problem walking the shoreline and figuring out some spots. I will definitely miss it here in Thunder Bay. I've caught a couple really cool fish thanks to the advice that I got from you people on this forum, and for that I am very grateful. I will post pictures of the trip!
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    Picked up 2 of these , you may not believe it but there's a real minnow in this . It's not home made but manufactured . It has a clear plastic coating over it you can't see in pic. but up close you can see the scales.
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    Just razzin ya... I know you are a good river guy. Pull out a blow horn on a north shore stream and ya gotta expect a jab! tight lines kbrest
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    Lol leave it to me to be a crap disturber I guess. Its going to be busy anyway though, I go mid week and mornings and its not too bad.
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    I am an Automotive engineer and also a Certified Marine Technician from Mercury Canada. When we were experiencing a high than normal rate of fuel system problems, I have check over 10 gas stations here in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas, and they all have Ethanol in the fuel. The percentages averages at 8-9%, at that low end they do not by law have to admit to having Ethanol fuel. Most outboards are test and able to accept up15% Ethanol, no more. To combat the Ethanol a good quality fuel stabilizer is just what the Dr. ordered. It will slow the degeneration of the fuel, which happens within 5-10 days, and also prevent water from accumulating in the fuel tank. Since all the fuel come in from the same depot chances of having Ethanol Gasoline is pretty high. If a station is advertising NO Ethanol or Ethanol Free, its because they are less than 10%. For the cost of an ounce of prevention, a shot of Stabilizer every 10l is worth every penny, because the end results can be catastrophic, we have seen a number of power plants severely damaged.
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    Line test, drag, rod and patience =. What do these four things equal? They equal a better chance of not losing or landing that big fish you have at the side of the boat. When you use lighter mono line in the range of 6 or 8 or 10 pound test while "trolling" there are a few requirements that must be considered. If you are interested in trolling please read on. Very important is your reel's drag. Whether it's an entry level or a more expensive reel a smooth drag will take care of that last minute rush for the bottom most fish make when they see the boat. This is the time many anglers will lose that trophy, by not having their drag set properly. All eye's are on the fish at the surface and then disaster hits. The rod doubles over and SNAP. It probably has happened to the best of us at one point in time but you can prevent this from happening by a properly set drag. I tend to have mine set on the lighter side as I'm spooled up with 8 pound test and can quickly increase drag if needed. When you feel the weight of the fish that is when the decision to increase or decrease should be made and quickly. The same goes for snags. If the drag is not set properly and doesn't allow for an easy release of line when you get hooked up on bottom SNAP. Here I can picture someone holding on to the rod for dear life so it doesn't get pulled out of the back of the boat. One thing that is important to note here is to YELL out "snag" so the person operating the boat hears you and can get it into reverse fast enough and reel up his line at the same time before it creates a possible mess. Obviously if there are 3 or 4 people all fishing this becomes a little difficult to achieve especially if there are new anglers in the boat. In this case the most experienced angler should ensure all drags are set properly or just not troll with that many anglers. Another aspect to consider besides a properly set drag is you rod. What power is it? How long is it? A lot of anglers use a medium power rod around the 7 ft mark. An excellent choice. My trolling rod of choice is a medium fast 8ft 6in. I like to get my line out and away from the boat. From my experience though just about any rod will work and catch fish trolling but this will not fit into the "all things being equal" equation. The rod should have a fast or moderate action and the longer rods will bend easier under the fish's weight helping the drag system you reel has when that trophy is beside the boat. So the fish is actually bending the rod and pulling drag at the same time. This is a must and when a lighter set drag is better than being too tight when using light line. Also, when trolling, the longer rod should be at the front and the shorter length rods should be at the back if two lines are on the same side. This set-up will help keep lines from being tangled so position anglers accordingly. One other thing to remember is have "patience". Don't rush the fish. Look at how it's hooked. Is it a good hook-set or barely hooked on the lip. Try not to let it flop around and thrash on the surface. Many will be lost when that happens. Have the net ready. Remember the last minute rush to the bottom. It will happen so be prepared. It could be a fish of a lifetime. Have the camera handy. You can catch just about any weight fish with light line if you are prepared, all things being equal.
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    Sorry, tear from eye..................... This is what I want this site to be, Roger
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    Well I didn't make it down to current river today because I decided to take my niece to the mountdale boat launch. It was a proud moment when she caught and reeled in her first fish all by herself and yes I got out fished by a 3 year old. She ended up landing 2 perch. The best part was she wanted to let them go to grow bigger. Oh yeah that's my brand new rod and reel for specks. She caught the first fish with it too
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    Well I want to catch a longnose because I am trying to catch every species of fish in Ontario, and I haven't caught a longnose yet. (just the ones that can be caught on a rod and reel, I cannot see myself trying to catch any minnows, although there are people who fish for minnows). I do this because I love fish biology and really enjoy researching the different types of fish, their life histories and identifying them. It also provides a fun challenge to try and catch new things and explore new fishing locations. This all started when I destroyed my shoulder and couldn't play sports anymore. So, I needed a new hobby, and I really liked fishing. My dad always told stories about a weird "dogfish" he caught as a kid, and I wanted to see what they look like. So I researched them, found a few spots around my house where they could be found, what people catch them on etc. Then I went to try and catch one and it was a blast! So, I expanded that to other species like carp, catfish, bass. Now the longnose sucker is the fish I haven't caught at this time of year, and they are not anywhere around my house back home, so this is the best shot I have at catching one. As for why would you want to catch suckers in general, they are abundant, easy to catch, put up a decent fight, and taste pretty good (bones are a little annoying). I don't tend to keep many of them. I only end up keeping the smaller ones because I deep fry them to remove the bones, but the bones in larger ones don't crisp up as well. Apparently you can also pickle or can suckers, but I don't have the fancy equipment to try stuff like that. Anyway, hope this is a good response, feel free to think I'm crazy. This is something I find fun, and I will keep doing it so long as it stays fun.
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    Unless ur steelhead fishing 🤣🤣 right tailout.....