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    I never let that stuff slide, say something to them, get a pic of them and their plates when they go to their vehicle and give the MNR the information and follow up with them to make sure they are doing something about it. Give them a witness statement with your complaint ask for an incident number and follow up with them. The MNR can't be everywhere and if we as sportsmen and women are not willing to get involved and be proactive in the protection of the species and adhearance of rules then we can only piss and moan. Just phoning the mnr and telling them someone at the creek was snagging isn't really going to do much, they will need more information. Snagging on purpose really bothers me and my usual fishing partner the trunk monkey really gets pissed. Picture, plates, phone the MNR and provde a witness statement, yes alot of people will say not my job and don't want to get involved. I understand and thats your choice, sometimes these things can esculate and we are not all geared towards confrontation, but you can get a pic of a plate or a person without them noticing, if you have a working phone lol. Or just send your trunk monkey over to talk to them.
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    For all members who have never been to Davis Point this video is for you. Easy access. Bring the kids. Easy place to shore fish for Walleye, Bass, Pike etc. Davis Point is approx. 1 mile downstream of the famous Stanley Hotel. Throw a rap, twitch a jig or pin a worm to the bottom it's all good. Always something biting! Pay attention to your rod and never leave it unattended. A large Walleye or Pike will pull it off the bank and when you turn around it will be GONE
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    Ethics And laws. Foul hooked fish are to be released.
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    1-877-TIPS-MNR (24hrs a day, 365 days a year) -Location -Time -Suspect Info (Description-age, clothes, etc) -Vehicle Description (WITH LICENCE PLATE) -Photos are a bonus but don't risk your safety
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    Put this video together for anyone who has never been to this launch. It's located at the very end of Mountdale Ave. just upstream of the James St. Swing Bridge. Easy access for urban fishing opportunities on the Kam River. I believe city transit also comes very close. Possible to catch Walleye, Bass, Perch, Pike, Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Crappie, Suckers and Ruffe. I think I named em all. Maybe something I missed. Big parking lot with a porta potty for those weak bladders. Bring a lawn chair and sit back and relax. Fish off the platform or along the bank. Never a dull moment at the boat launch.
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    Here I take a last trip into one of my spec holes before the season closed for the year. Come along for a short hike. Maybe you can recognize the water.
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    phone MNRF and report it.
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    They just hammer #7 & 9 Firetiger FlIcker Shads
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    Anyone catch a decent eating sized Perch in the Kam this year. They have eluded me thus far but that may be due to my style of fishing this river. I will keep trying.
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    Oh ya, weather has been stable, fishin has been good...lots of birds out there too. ...gotta love fall!
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    I run Walmart grp 29 batteries.. and use a Genny to charge boat if no power avaible ..I haven't had a day that my 80 terrova let me down with 2 of those. And going on 5 summers on same batteries. I can't see the onboard option being better than a tiny Honda or yammy Genny. I would have to make a long run to put enough amps back in
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    Got one the other day was about 2 pounds
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    THE SALMON WHISPERER! Here is a short video of yesterday's adventure. Hope you like it.
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    The deer are on the move problem is it's in back yard . lol
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    I would be very hesitant on adding to the load on my outboard alternator. Unless you are running for a couple hours to and from your fishing spot, you will not be getting much of a charge. Probably every time you go out, you will be forcing your outboard alternator to work at max capacity. That is a quick way to shorten the life of an alternator. A quick check on EBay used alternators for my Optimax running about $270 us. I keep my boat at my off the grid camp, and use my 1000 w Honda inverter generator to charge the batteries as we are watching tv or just running the generator for any reason. I have an onboard 220 that does just fine and I charge the batteries (2 can tire group 24) every night if I can. No issues. My opti is a 2005 and same alternator.
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    Found a medium jacket ray lake area off 527 ... let me know the name on the jacket and come pick it up
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    Its my brother's, I'll pass along the info. Thanks for posting.
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    My brother in laws father hunts the deer at his property he named them lunch and supper lol
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    CONGRATULATIONS GORD. !!!!!! on your election to the Fishing Hall of Fame. Recognition that is well deserved. Elgin
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    Hats off for Bobber Down !
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    ahhhhh..........so you think lightning does strike twice in the same place
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    Well............ya I am a little bit off. It is just a donation to the site Seppi. Members gotta step up if they can.
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    Congrats to Gord Ellis on making fishing history!
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    Fall is here and boat traffic on the Kaministiquia River has slowed to a trickle. The Walleye bite however is improving daily. Trolling crankbaits like the Berkley #9 Flicker Shads will catch fall trophy size Walleye as they try to fatten up for the long winter ahead. Try trolling in 10 to 12ft of water out of the current. Slow down from summer speeds and let the crank wobble n wiggle in the strike zone a little longer. Here is a short video for you to enjoy.
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    Was just wondering how big a longnose sucker would have to be for it to be classified as "big". I caught one last spring that was around 4lbs, maybe a tad bigger and was wondering if thats considered a decent sized longnose sucker.
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    Is it possible some people are just so stupid that they are unaware you can't snag fish on purpose or shouldn't at all? 2 of my recent trips to current river mouth involve watching guys rip a treble and two split shots through the big pool pulling out pink after pink that go straight into a shopping bag. holy crap some people get me mad.. Anyone else seeing this often? my phone was dead but tried to get footage with my gopro and it also died..
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    I couldn't be bothered with pinks either but as leclair says it's about the ethics and law. If if they will do it to pinks they will do it to other species. Roger
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    Too bad your phone/go pro didn't work.....posting that video online is a good way to get it addressed !!! To separate stupid from ignorant ...".ASK" them to pose for a picture of their catch ......
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    It was really bad at Mackenzie when I was there. Constant snagging and guys getting there limits, leaving and coming back later for another..sad to see, especially knowing they're reproducing so we can all catch more. I just carry on and try to think quality over quantity..the proper, tougher way. But being more of a catch and release guy, it's hard not to speak the mind sometimes..
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    lol unicorn meat! good one - show us the BT!
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    Caught this Smallmouth trolling a #9 Flicker Shad. Carefully released this future trophy fish. From big to small the Kam River has them all.
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    When you catch 20lb plus Salmon on 8lb Walleye line you better bring your A Game.
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    Hunting wolf requires some serious dedication, you need a fast flat round no shotgun and alot of years in hunting experience. In my opinion the hardest thing to hunt and kill is a wolf. Need a great deal of time, know how and experience. People talk about sportsmen hunting moose bear etc, well I think if any hunter really wants to give themselves the ultimate challenge then try hunting down a wolf, even using bait the chance of getting one is very low. If you have one at your deck you have a serious problem, especially if its eating garbage, something may be wrong with him be careful
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    Hunting wolf is not easy they are very crafty , and any kind of human smell and your busted. Years ago I heard of hunters putting bait out on the ice and get back in the bush and wait , so a 410 won't do 223 or 243 would work.
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    I would use a rifle.
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    Deer who said deer , i'll be ready.
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    Cohos will be around, coaster brook trout, steelhead soon.
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    I find the smaller the better. The small spoon with a little treble works without snagging. I fly fish primarily there and I basically was using a small egg on a #12 hook and clipped the barb and just slow drifted the pockets and the pool and only the hungry ones grabbed it. No fouls as you didnt set at the end of the drift. I would love to get out there that early though and toss dry flies, salmon on the surface? Yes please!
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    I put together a short video of the event for you to enjoy. At first glimpse I thought it was a huge Walleye. This video might not play on iphones or similar devices. You might have to watch it on a laptop or a desktop. We had a radio playing and a song in the background caused some copyright issues with YouTube.
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    Good news levi64! We will be open this winter! Stay tuned for our hours..... Wiggley
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    Well I didn't make it down to current river today because I decided to take my niece to the mountdale boat launch. It was a proud moment when she caught and reeled in her first fish all by herself and yes I got out fished by a 3 year old. She ended up landing 2 perch. The best part was she wanted to let them go to grow bigger. Oh yeah that's my brand new rod and reel for specks. She caught the first fish with it too
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    Well I want to catch a longnose because I am trying to catch every species of fish in Ontario, and I haven't caught a longnose yet. (just the ones that can be caught on a rod and reel, I cannot see myself trying to catch any minnows, although there are people who fish for minnows). I do this because I love fish biology and really enjoy researching the different types of fish, their life histories and identifying them. It also provides a fun challenge to try and catch new things and explore new fishing locations. This all started when I destroyed my shoulder and couldn't play sports anymore. So, I needed a new hobby, and I really liked fishing. My dad always told stories about a weird "dogfish" he caught as a kid, and I wanted to see what they look like. So I researched them, found a few spots around my house where they could be found, what people catch them on etc. Then I went to try and catch one and it was a blast! So, I expanded that to other species like carp, catfish, bass. Now the longnose sucker is the fish I haven't caught at this time of year, and they are not anywhere around my house back home, so this is the best shot I have at catching one. As for why would you want to catch suckers in general, they are abundant, easy to catch, put up a decent fight, and taste pretty good (bones are a little annoying). I don't tend to keep many of them. I only end up keeping the smaller ones because I deep fry them to remove the bones, but the bones in larger ones don't crisp up as well. Apparently you can also pickle or can suckers, but I don't have the fancy equipment to try stuff like that. Anyway, hope this is a good response, feel free to think I'm crazy. This is something I find fun, and I will keep doing it so long as it stays fun.
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    Unless ur steelhead fishing 🤣🤣 right tailout.....