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    Pass over this spot nearly every weekend on the way to the far side of the lake. It goes from 30 to 10 feet and back to 30 really quick. Last weekend I decided to stop and drop my video camera and a worm down to about 14' to see if I could catch some action. Dropping a hook & worm produced a catch every time. Anywhere from 6" to 16" smallmouth. Sunday evening my grandson ( 7 ) caught and landed his first fish from here. The screams of excitement were priceless!
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    Congrats Zack. Welcome to the club!!
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    First cast this morning (9ish) produced spectacular results. Largest Walleye my guest ever saw caught. Trolled up to the Old Fort without any boat traffic and added several eaters to the stringer. Surprisingly not as many when it was in the 90's a week ago, but the water flow is slower now and the water level is also down a bit. Windy at times but as you can see in the pics the trophy's were both caught on almost glass like water conditions. No Walleye chop there. The second beast was caught a little after 1pm and is the largest he ever caught. A very happy guest in my boat to be sure. Pics were taken and both released to catch another day.
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    These are great little items to keep hooks from tangling and creating a big mess in your plano box or tackle box. No more hook bites when reaching in for your favourite crank. Keeps the hooks out of boat seats, carpet, cloths and "little fingers". When you use these you can pass the box to the kids so they can choose their own colour. You can also place more baits in the same compartment without a big mess or stuff some in your pocket and walk into your fav hole. Again, a great little item for any free swinging treble. I use em, I thought everyone did until I saw someone's huge tackle box mess. Just push em on and pull off. Just that easy. Available online. Not sure if D&R has them. They come in several sizes, small, medium and large. I use the green medium size. I bought them in 100 packs. Covers the hooks on all my cranks save my Pike treasures.
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    There are a select few in this club Zack. Have you ever caught a blue Perch before? Not many have and even fewer have a photo. One in a million! The yearly dinner and awards are held every December at the Prospector. Look for your e-invitation mid November. Please prepare a short speech. I'm sure you will recognize someone at the awards.
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    A 20lb male caught the other day makes for a very nice first salmon caught by my wife.
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    Congrats to Trevor Zimak and Glenn Leroux for winning the Atikokan Bass Classic! Roger
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    Lol think u missed it
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    Some of tonight's
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    Just because the owners of the camps have a few bucks I don't think that they should have sole rights to a lake.
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    Oh very interesting to know those facts thanks guys/gals!
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    Sorry for questioning your handling of this beautiful pike. Once out of water fish are rather fragile ( they do not have the support of surrounding water) . They should be fully supported with both hands one under belly the other holding the tail....never place your hand in the gill area. Hanging a fish (especially a large one) vertically ( even for a short time) will stretch back muscles and even separate vertebrae in the back bone plus damage gill arches and the connective tissue. The other mistake many anglers make is keeping fish out of water to long......a good idea is keeping the fish in the water while removing the hooks .....If a picture is taken a quick lift while supporting the fish fully....then back in the water.
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    Ryan! I am very particular about my live bait. Roger
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    I was checking out Ontario Tackle Man. and found this , some of you may already know but for those who don't.
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    I collect old tackle and stuff , a lot of the time I see stuff that resembles something we use today. here's one that maybe could be an early version of an umbrella rig.
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    I catch walleye all day long. And have actually found that as the sun sets the bite dies in 3 bodies of water I fish.
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    You boys need to quit the day jobs and go fish some big tourneys. congrats!
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    Aug 16 evening my daughter's was 19. 35 on derby scale
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    Line test, drag, rod and patience =. What do these four things equal? They equal a better chance of not losing or landing that big fish you have at the side of the boat. When you use lighter mono line in the range of 6 or 8 or 10 pound test while "trolling" there are a few requirements that must be considered. If you are interested in trolling please read on. Very important is your reel's drag. Whether it's an entry level or a more expensive reel a smooth drag will take care of that last minute rush for the bottom most fish make when they see the boat. This is the time many anglers will lose that trophy, by not having their drag set properly. All eye's are on the fish at the surface and then disaster hits. The rod doubles over and SNAP. It probably has happened to the best of us at one point in time but you can prevent this from happening by a properly set drag. I tend to have mine set on the lighter side as I'm spooled up with 8 pound test and can quickly increase drag if needed. When you feel the weight of the fish that is when the decision to increase or decrease should be made and quickly. The same goes for snags. If the drag is not set properly and doesn't allow for an easy release of line when you get hooked up on bottom SNAP. Here I can picture someone holding on to the rod for dear life so it doesn't get pulled out of the back of the boat. One thing that is important to note here is to YELL out "snag" so the person operating the boat hears you and can get it into reverse fast enough and reel up his line at the same time before it creates a possible mess. Obviously if there are 3 or 4 people all fishing this becomes a little difficult to achieve especially if there are new anglers in the boat. In this case the most experienced angler should ensure all drags are set properly or just not troll with that many anglers. Another aspect to consider besides a properly set drag is you rod. What power is it? How long is it? A lot of anglers use a medium power rod around the 7 ft mark. An excellent choice. My trolling rod of choice is a medium fast 8ft 6in. I like to get my line out and away from the boat. From my experience though just about any rod will work and catch fish trolling but this will not fit into the "all things being equal" equation. The rod should have a fast or moderate action and the longer rods will bend easier under the fish's weight helping the drag system you reel has when that trophy is beside the boat. So the fish is actually bending the rod and pulling drag at the same time. This is a must and when a lighter set drag is better than being too tight when using light line. Also, when trolling, the longer rod should be at the front and the shorter length rods should be at the back if two lines are on the same side. This set-up will help keep lines from being tangled so position anglers accordingly. One other thing to remember is have "patience". Don't rush the fish. Look at how it's hooked. Is it a good hook-set or barely hooked on the lip. Try not to let it flop around and thrash on the surface. Many will be lost when that happens. Have the net ready. Remember the last minute rush to the bottom. It will happen so be prepared. It could be a fish of a lifetime. Have the camera handy. You can catch just about any weight fish with light line if you are prepared, all things being equal.
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    Setting your drag is something a true fisherman checks frequently. the only time I have seen a line snap from too tight a drag is from a rookie. unless there is a nick, etc in the line , I can never understand how people break lines.
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    All great tips well said. The drag is so important especially if you take different species of fish into account. I troll theNipigon river with flat lines for salmon, and even a 5lb chinook will be keen on testing your equipment and peeling line off at an alarming rate, never mind that 20lb trophy!
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    My biggest to date 22.5 caught this evening.
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    Please be aware these roads are only restricted to motorized access. i have boats in fly in lakes in graham , park my vehicle at the MNR signs and ride a bycycles. nothing they can do.
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    It work great. I found that a shorter distance between the hook and the weight worked better. Only had an 8 inch gap. Used live worms and couldn't keep the perch off the hook. They were all small and I released them all but 23 perch from shore in the middle of town is a good day
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    These are all walleye. Just different colour variations. Roger
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    Remove pike from water, take a quick pic, return pike to brine and set free in smoker. Got it lol
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    No trophy Walleye today but a trophy northern came out to play. 27 pounds. Wife said 48 inches. This one had scars and gashes from an even bigger fish.
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    I heard it was actually loftquist lake. See y'all there
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    The minute you decide to post video to u tube or any other public site things can happen and apparently they did.
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    Ha! What an interesting situation. They are unlikely to give this one specific guys camping permit because it has his name on it which I believe would be protected under privacy legislation. However, I don't believe there is anything to protect asking for an anonymized list of number of camping permits issued per lake in Algonquin Park in April or May 2017, for example. With that info it wouldnt be too hard to find the ones with fewest permits issued. In fact that has a totally legitimate purpose like trying to find the least busy lakes for planning a canoe trip.
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    This does seem like an extreme way to get at the information, but the angler is the one who decided to publicly post video of his success and I'm not sure that the requested information should be kept secret if it really did involve obtaining Provincial or Federal access permits. I realize the Ontario's Freedom of Information Act may be different, but under the USA's Freedom of Information Act, federal agencies are required to release information unless its release qualifies for withholding based on several possible exemptions. If a FOIA request comes in that is overly broad (e.g., all camping permits issued in Algonquin Park in 2015), agencies often ask the requestor to narrow the scope of their request. They often do this to deter "fishing expeditions" (sorry but I couldn't resist) that might prove costly to the agency or the requestor (under the USA's FOIA, agencies can charge the requestor for copying costs unless a fee waiver is sought and granted). I can't think of any USA FOIA exemptions that would apply to this situation unless there is specific language in the permitting law that prohibits the release of information contained in the permits. In the USA, if the permit(s) were released they would black-out any personally identifiable information such as address or birthdate of the permittee. When I worked for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, we used to have a somewhat similar issue/concern about site-specific information on endangered species. Many of the State fish and wildlife agencies were reluctant to share information about species with us over fear that we would not be able to withhold that information if someone submitted a FOIA request to us. In some situations we were able to work around the issue if the State agency that had the information sold it to us; then we could then say that release of the information was exempt because the information was confidential commercial information that the requestor could seek to purchase from the State.
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    Bobber Down


    Two trophy's today. One for me and one for my guest.
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    Bobber Down


    Biggest I got today
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    Wiggley Baits is seeking casual/part-time staff to start ASAP. Must possess excellent math skills and be able to work independently, including early mornings and weekends. Must be able to handle live bait and lift weight loads up to 30 pounds. Candidate will have excellent customer service skills with the ability to multitask. In addition to selling and caring for live bait, other duties include selling tackle, light cleaning, and inventory. Fishing experience/knowledge an asset but not necessary. Hours varied. Please forward your cover letter and resume to Pia Sharpe via email at the following address: pial@shaw.ca
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    Bobber Down


    Cooler today. Gonna give er a go. Bringing a fly swatter just in case.
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    The site looks great.
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    Right now the last 2 weeks these have been the better spoons
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    Was the upgrade that fast?????
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    Just hit permission to post my buddies from last night 17.1
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    Went out last night couldn't get a salmon. My buddy went earlier then I could get out. He got a 17.1 pound. I went out this am at 0 dark 30 set up got first salmon at 7am. Was small three pounder. By 7:30 am got 2 more a 8.1 and a 16.2 then that was it. I'll post mine and when I get permission I'll post my buddy's.
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    Beautiful day on the Kam. Again, on at 10am off at 2pm. Just right for ol folk. Low to no current, calm still water, scarce boat traffic save the OPP and fire dept cruising up to the fort. A few people anchored in familiar spots. Perfect time to search for aggressive Walleye. Didn't take long! Must be those #7 Flicker Shads. Oh, and maybe the worm dangling from the Red Tiger's treble helped, I don't know for sure. The beasts are there. Just gotta force feed em I guess. Nice to be so close to outstanding Walleye fishing in the middle of town. Eaters and trophy's willing to play. Life is good! Here's a tip. Pinch the barbs on the trebles, remove one or replace one with a single hook. They cause no end to tangles when you use a net and the Walleye hit like freight trains anyway so you don't lose them. Good luck out there.
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    baloney... the Kam is nobody's "secret". And the whole world is not interested in fishing it.
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    Finally...first salmon. My wife did a great job reeling the frisky thing in. 6 lbs 6 oz. 58-60 degree surface temp. 8:30 PM calm conditions. 40 feet down in 100 fow. ProKing black and orange herringbone spoon. Pine Bay area. Whew! I thought I was jinxed for the summer.
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    Post away, good to see some fish!
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    Went trolling out this morning past the break wall. No salmon but picked up this nice rainbow on a long line while the downriggers didn't get hit at all. Cleaned it and interestingly enough found lots of flys in it's stomach.