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    Went out to lac on Saturday fishing here and there, trying to find some nice spots. Thanks for everyone's advice about moving around the islands, we caught a nice feed! Rented a cabin at Pine Point resort which was very nice and handy to the lake! The kiddo loved it!!
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    I am putting together an article/video of some of the things that I do for walleye, perch and lake trout ice fishing. I am going to try an online video sort of seminar thing. I'm just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. If there is, I'll do it. Let me know. Roger
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    Maybe she was worried about a car jacking?
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    I was by myself and had no way to reference the size of this trout other than my snowmobile seat!
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    Nice one caught today
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    I've got some Richard Jigs which are a jamminjigs exclusive from what I can tell, on the way to the house. They come in many colours and the fish seem to love them especially the red tipped or larger dark ones. I try not to use them during the spawn because they tend to attract all the spawners although you sometimes get a surprise male slamming your dick jig.. i mean Richard jig. http://jamminjigs.com/novelty/
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    When I went out I crossed it and it looked good from my side then I went over and it was a little bit of a straight down drop! When I left I followed AB and Gary back and they marked a trail all the way out to Granite and cut through an ice ridge for the trail. Follow the markers and there is a nice little pass through the ice ridge now. Gary and AB work very hard out there to make access as in marking trails and cutting through ice ridges. So give these guys a wave when ya see them! Roger
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    West arrow is plowed right to the campground. Theres a well used sled trail going right to the lake.
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    Doug Smith Outdoors Check it out! Roger
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    First laker of the year!
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    Adaptation, although adaparariom is a pretty cool word.
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    Giving away some jigs!
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    Made it out yesterday for a day of fishing. Me and my brother decided to fish the crowds with fish bum. Lol, no chance. Although all those shacks would’ve made one hell of a wind break. That wind yesterday made for miserable fishing. We toughed it out though and tried a new spot. Depth was 16-25 feet. We caught a lot of quality fish from 15.5 to 19. No biggies yesterday but the fish were a plentiful. Taking your gloves off, cleaning holes every two minutes, and emptying the snow from ur graph makes for a miserable day. The lake also gained an I-phone 8. My bro still not to happy about his one month purchase going down the hole.
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    I was out at Granite Island yester day. Fishing was pretty good. Jig and minnow seemed to be just getting smaller fish, 10 inches and under. Pretty much had to marry the jig and minnow about 1-3 inches off the bottom. I tied on a white jigging rap and started jigging 3-5 feet off the bottom and got some bigger perch. biggest was 14 inches a few 13 inchers and a bunch of 11 and 12 inch perch. Gary also brought one more shack out there. I kinda remember that he might be bringing more shacks there but I'm just some old guy and I might of heard him wrong but he'll confirm or correct me when he sees this. Roger
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    After getting my truck burried to its headlight in the ditch this morning, your help was greatly appreciated. Since you graciously refused to accept any cash, I'll be making a donation to the site instead. Thanks for helping turn the nightmare start to our day into another set of Black Bay limits!
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    I think this one was the most colourful Laker I ever caught!
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    I will be releasing one soon.
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    I’ve been using my regular battery charger. Works well and can’t misplace it!
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    I picked up a Noco Genius 1100 from Canadian Tire. If you can wait they go on sale 20% off every few weeks. Awesome little charger, I also use it to maintain larger batteries. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/noco-genius-g1100-smart-battery-charger-0111926p.html#srp Also a smaller one http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/noco-genius-g750-smart-battery-charger-0111925p.html#srp
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    I agree, those small reels are absolute trash. Starting last year I have begun to use summer fishing reels instead. Bigger, line stays on better, drag works, reel handle can be used with gloves on, they dont seize/freeze up as easy. For this winter I bought 2 cheap quantum reels from canadian tire. They were regular $30 on for $15. Havent had a problem with them.
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    Wife says a bucket, sponge, water, dish soap or vinegar and elbow grease works. I said well best get yer butt out there woman. Spings a comin!
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    Looks like they are $60 USD. They also have a great idea for the bottom covers. Installing strong magnets to avoid using and breaking the plastic strap. I also wonder how they would do in extreme cold with freeze up, etc.
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    I have just finished some new ice jigs using solder and spinner blades. My finger tips are only a little burnt. The large ones with the willow leaf blades and beads are modelled after slab grabbers or kens lures you can look them up on internet. I can't wait to try them out on black bay. The smaller ones are with Colorado blades I have two styles made and I want too make a third. i have also made some perch/walleye talkers I bought the chains but if I can find some chains in Michaels I will make them too. Its been a long cold winter LoL😀
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    Has anyone been out on superior for lakers lately haven't been out in a few weeks and was wondering on ice conditions in bays end and towards the border catching anything ?
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    Wow......thanks for the plug n page. I'm just a rookie. Still learning to do new things.
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    A single humpback struggling to survive in the small creek entering the Kam at Davis Point. When I positioned the camera after the school spooked out I didn't quite get the angle right. Only one humpie came back into view. I'll know better next time.
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    Roger thanks for that write up on lake trout. Got some nice ones.
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    We use a drum out of an old washing machine, mounted on skis. It is portable and keeps all the mess in the drum, you can also use it with an old fridge grate on top to cook your lunch. We usually pack it with wood for the trip out and dispose of the ashes when we are done for the day, burying them on shore in the snow. Bear
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    Not illegal but use common sense. Don't burn any foreign objects (ie. chairs, etc) and clean up after yourself.
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    Take the 2nd of Marks north of Hwy 590 all the way to the end. Park at turn around and follow the trail to the y left is echo, right is float, both lakes are heavily fished but both produce fish echo can produce real trophies but be prepared to put in some serious effort to get them. Float is usually better for numbers.
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    Nice fish Roger! ya I went out yesterday as well fished the east side of the lake and me and a buddy caught 4 and lost a decent fish at the hole all fish caught on 3” tubes cheer adam_k
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    I was there today. I only got 2 fish but one was freekin' huge!
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    So me and a buddy tried to get into little morraine and only made it to about 100 yards to the lake and were just exhausted from cutting and breaking the trail in almost at morraine lakr if anyone goes there not much left to do st all bring a little brush axe and your good to go
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    When was the fish hatchery side opened up? I had a buddy head that way last week (Wednesday) and he had to park at start of hatchery road and sled in because it wasn't plowed.
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    Now that's freekin cool!!! Roger
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    I made my take on "Ant Jigs" I dressed the larger series with hackle and tinsel on the tail. They were made with jig hooks, 3 different split shot sizes, powder painted, then painted highlights with nail polish great that I have 2 daughters so great selection, then clear coated. The white and pink are glow paint. The smaller jigs were made the same way I decided I am not going to dress and just use plastics or bait with them. my next set I am doing jigs with spinner blades, jig hooks and solder I'll post when finished a set.
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    I bought an Lowrance Elite 5 a few years ago. Works great with the ice transducer and the down scan for the summer. I bought the portable one. I have bought the ram mount so I use it as an GPS for my side X side in the summer and a fishing finder. Nicer to have the larger screen than my Garmin GPS.
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    This is pretty cool. Count me in for 20 bucks. Thanks!
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    I see Thompson on a map,,, Where is Chub. I am new to speck fishing and been going through the list on the MNR site. Trying some place new every trip out. Thanks
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    Yes sir good meeting you on chub lake yesterday Roger ! So found out on the crown land site.. the first part of the trail is private and rest is crown land, talked with a few people and apparently it's alright to pass through the guy doesn't mind. All hear say tho .. here's the site to see, helped me out lots over the years hunting and fishing.. https://www.ontario.ca/page/crown-land-use-policy-atlas
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    LOL. Be careful though-- if you p*ss Trump off we might invade. Then you guys would be the "non-residents". JUST KIDDING!
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    Did you notice the guy at the back didn't ever let go of his rod? True fisherman!!!
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    My rod was doubled over. The tip lunging and pulsating towards the smooth surface of the river as the headshakes from the beast below increased with intensity. My line strained from the pressure as I quickly loosened the drag. The hidden treasure below fought to remain unseen and in control. But wait............(insert your best sound of tires screeching to a stop here) lets back up a bit and get the rest of the story from the beginning. Lets back up a bit and discover where the ending and the beginning collide. We slipped our sturdy craft into the mighty grip of the Kaministiquia River that first day not knowing what to expect. Most of our Walleye fishing over the last 25 years had been done at Lac Des Mille Lac but with wanting something different with almost zero travel time the choice was clear. This year turned out to be the beginning of what I called a fantastic 5 month long fishing trip, one which my wife and I were able to experience World Class Fishing minutes from our back door. As we both like to cover water and find the aggressive fish trolling is our preferred style. Initially the bait of choice was the tried and true Little Joe type spinner tipped with a juicy minnow or worm. We also offered an assortment of Rapala's, Cordel divers, jigs and plain worms by the bubbler which you may have heard about. By the end of the season though our top producing bait and tactical crank of choice was the Berkley Flicker Shad. It was impossible to ignore the success we had trolling with the 2 tigers. Firetiger and Redtiger. When the river was not looking like chocolate milk from heavy rains and area runoff and the treacherous mistress stopped sending logs, trees, parts of docks and other obstacle to avoid the fish seemed to be everywhere in the stretch from the Neste Launch up to the Old Fort. Whether it was the corners, straight stretches, weeds, transitions, drop offs, tucked in tight, shallow, even that 20' deep hole under the Hwy 61 bridge it didn't matter. It almost seemed like the fish were following us everywhere we went some days. There were spots/locations we found where we knew we could catch two or three before the school spooked out. A few days we had to look for em but those days were far and few and in-between. There were locations, like the invisible island, that always seemed to hold trophies. See some nice Walleye and the Walleye Treasure Map in the video below. Anywhere in the world this would be World Class Fishing. One trick we used with the Flicker Shad's was to let the bait drop back for a second then rip it forward. That seemed to get em excited and the strikes were hard and fast on many occasions. A guest I invited for a day was also a happy camper catching his personal best. We never felt the need to rush to get to the river. We usually launched between 10am-11am and had enough fun for one day by 3pm-4pm. Most days there was no problem catching fresh Walleye for a family fish fry. Many times we were doubled up. I can't even remember how many went back to grow bigger. Lots that's for sure. Your experience may vary. The real surprise was when the Chinook Salmon appeared on September 9th sharing the space with trophy size Walleye. We weren't geared up for that exciting experience, that's for sure. We had a lot of bent and straightened out hooks as they took off like missiles when they saw the boat. The Salmon bite lasted 10 days and my wife who named herself the "Salmon Whisperer" was fed up catching them. They interfered in her Walleye quest apparently and fighting them took too long and was hard on her wrists :). I still feel proud on the way she fought and handled them. After all was said and done we landed 7 of these behemoths and lost several more. The angling symphony we experienced in 2017 on the Kam River never really stopped for us and as I sit here in front of the fireplace and think back over our many years of great fishing I can only hope 2027 treats us equally as well. October 20 was the last trip of the season for us on this fish highway and my wife asked the voice of knowledge "Where are the fish today? Where should I cast papa?" I smiled and said "just keep it between the banks my baby, just keep it between the banks..................... I hope you enjoy the video. All the best to everyone in 2018.
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    I have family members who live and fish there according to them the trail is the border of the pp and there is a land use agreement in place to use the trail. the maple syrup person has a land use for what they do on the crown land . I have never fished there i'm only relating what I was told.
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    I met Foozer and his dad today. Nice guys. But I had to yank his chain this morning! 😜 Roger
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    Hey I passed you guys in the morning as the trucks were hooking up to pull. I was going to stop but saw the ditched truck had help already. I should have stopped and said Hi at least. Damn that would have been cool to meet other members of this site. Hats off to ya Roger for stopping to help someone stuck. Hell count me in for a donation here to. How do I get it to you?
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    Chub lake is such easy access that it gets hit very hard from the very start of ice fishing. Thompson lake is accessed at the end of Hunter Lane. But you have to sled through private property. And it can become very confusing in there because of the maple tapping that goes on and the amount of switch back and turn arounds of the snow machine trails can sometimes leave you going around it circles if it's your first time there. There is/was another way years ago but it has been logged over and I couldn't even begin to remember that trail! Roger
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    Thanks for sharing this Fish!