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    5 bags of garbage in the park, along the river and docks. More than last year. I'm pooped and need a shower!!
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    How's the ice forming on black bay? Hoping for a shack rental for new years.
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    A little breezy on this stocked lake but managed a limit of Specks. Four from 16 - 19," and one for the wall! A football at 5.25 lbs and just 21 inches.
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    I'm surprised this thread doesn't exist yet. What's the word on the ice conditions? I don't have confirmation of this, but last I heard people were walking on sawmill... With this weather coming up, could it be that shacks will be out before Dec???
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    Arrow, Jesse, superior is good as well, northern lights... No one wants yor coordinates bigfishboy, it's a generalized question, DB. Simple questions brings out sarcasm and the jerk in most fisherman, what I have found that Thunder Bay is famous for. The slogan for this place should be "Thunder Bay, great fishing. Figure it out for yourself and don't talk to us because we're all too good for you"
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    So has everyone read this one? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2675807/Animal-lover-outrage-blonde-Texas-cheerleader-smiles-dozens-photos-alongside-rare-big-game-hunts-African-safaris.html I did a fair share of reading about the topic of African game hunting a few years back and it seems there are a few species that exist only on game preserves with breeding/hunting programs. Its controlled, its legal, why not? Not to mention she's smokin' hot hugging that cheetah. Now there's talk about a TV show for her!
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    I tried emailing you and sending you a private message the last time you made some posts here so I guess I'll make a post here as you seem to like to pop up once in awhile to make some noise. If you have something personal against me, fine, I can take it. It isn't the first time someone didn't like this site. Always seems to come up from time to time. So what you need to do is grow up a bit and either email me, private message me or hell, even give me a call. I'm in the book. I have no idea what I did to you personally or otherwise. But as of this moment your posts won't show up until I read them first and I will make the decision on whether or not they will be allowed to be posted here. Roger
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    Here is my take on using artificial lures for lake trout. First we have to understand how a lake trout hunts. If you take a look at the placement of a trout's eyes on it's head. They are near the top of it's head much like a walleye. They usually spot their food source above them. Sure they can look down but they love to ambush from below. Now check out a salmon's eye placement. Their eyes are placed way down their heads which is perfect for horizontal hunting, almost like a pike. Adding to this, now, is water temperature. In the summer lake trout are in their preferred temperature zones in the depths of a lake. In the winter this changes and they hunt using the whole water column as the water is basically the same temperature..... COLD! Lake trout can be shallow, mid depth or deep. Now I just want to take a minute to dispel a common myth that lake trout will get the 'bends" when caught out of deep water while ice fishing. They won't if they are allowed to burp. When you catch a lake trout from deep water, when 50they burp, you will sometimes see big bubbles coming up in the hole. That's from the trout. Lure selection, White is a very common and great choice for lake trout. People think the trout can see it better, shows up better, etc. As I mentioned earlier white is a great choice because trout hunt looking up. And now I ask you........ What is the colour of every fishes belly? In my opinion, that is why white is a good choice. Silvers, golds, blues, black, and pink are my other choices. I talk to many people and they like to use a minnow, be it a sucker, cisco and for where allowed, smelts. These are all great choices. Two of these bait choices live and feed quite a bit of the time suspended. Suckers like the bottom. Many anglers like to hover their bait 1-2 feet off bottom. And yes you can catch trout this way. But try bringing that bait up off the bottom. If you are in 50 feet try suspending the bait at around 35-40 feet. I use this analogy, You are standing next to me. I point at a white rabbit in a snow cover field. I have to really point and describe to you where that rabbit is so you can see it. Now I ask you if you can see the plane flying over head. You see it pretty much right away. Same thing happens under the ice. I have caught trout right under the ice over 100 feet of water and they are usually pretty big ones too. Now back to artificial baits. You can use what ever you like it's pretty much all the same concept. Also electronics will enhance your game a 1000 fold as you can see where in the water column the trout are. I like to start jigging at 1/2-2/3 of the water depth I'm fishing. So if I'm in 40 feet I like to start between 20 and 30 feet. and so on. If nothing seems to be attracted I'll use the sit and wait. That means I won't move the lure at all. I can only remember once that a trout came and hit the stationary lure. But when you see one approaching your lure, start reeling the lure up. You can jig while reeling up. The most important thing is to keep moving away from the trout. Watch what happens. You just increased your odds on a hook up. Here's some lure tips. Try inserting a Hopkins spoon into a tube. Spoon action tube style. (I know Gussy wrote about this and it isn't my idea either. It's a bass tactic from back in the 80's!) Try vibrating lures such as a Zonar, Cicada and I can't remember the name of the blade bait but it's my new favourite and it's in the same aisle in DNR as the Swedish pimples. Rattle traps and Rattlin Raps work but I find that the sink to slow.. Anyways there's way more and I'll add a part 2 soon.. Roger
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    Any update on amount of snow in Upsala? Thx in advance Jay
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    Okay, folks....its not this websites fault, its not anybodys fault...in fact there is nothing to blame anybody for. Small town, couple rivers, people talk, people fish, thats what we do. Tailout is wrong...who cares, go fishing, enjoy yourselves...and smile just like this fish and I.
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    It's from Manitoba but thought people might enjoy the picture. First and only one I've ever caught! Hopefully be able to show some Kokanee photos from BC soon. Good luck back home during the summer!
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    Many many thanks for the condolences and support from all on here thunder bay fishing. Spend some time with those loved ones you have, make some memories.
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    Roger, how much is needed to save this site? I've only been a member for a short while but I already find myself on here 5or 10 times a day. Roughly what is the yearly cost to run this site? What about charging a small yearly membership fee. There must be a few hundred active member and if you charged 10 or 15 bucks a year I'm sure that most of the guys would stick around. It might also help keep punk kids off of here which in turn could cause less problems for you. Let's all keep this site going together!
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    I am looking to build a small dock for a place where I camp is this legal to do or ileagal?
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    Didn't make out to Whitefish this weekend but did a Saturday and Sunday trip the previous weekend. Spent about 4 hours fishing each day and iced 5 walleyes both times along with a couple small pike. The walleyes averaged 13-17" with the biggest going 18.5".
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    Wow. Thanks for the compliments. I have put in my time, and prefer the simpler methods. Normally just small or mediums minnows and always bring the worms. I'm not much for using artificials, unless its just for vibration or flash, and rarely use a rod, unless I have to jig a spoon or soemthing. The set-line on a willow stick is still my favorite. I prefer shallower water when there is a foot or less of ice, and as the ice grows I move a little deeper. I prefer to stay away from water in the "teens" no matter the thickness of the ice. And picking some good structure to start the day helps too. If nothing biting, I'm not afraid to pack up all my gear and head across the lake to another spot. I figure, I can't do any worse in a different area. And the rest is just luck....
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    Hey everybody fishing from shore at Balduc Bay. Please do us all a favour and clean up your garbage whe you leave. It's a great place to be, fishing is pretty good, but what a mess! Cans, plastic, paper, fishing line, ect. Don't make your garbage everyone else's problem.
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    Still nothing for me yet. Fished 3 diff time slots today. Missed a couple of bites though. Met a Syrian refugee dad and his son at the docks this afternoon. Set them up with a slip bobber set-up with a leech. I don't think they knew what a leech was. Will have to brush up on my Arabic. The boy seemed to understand English a bit and would translate to the father what I was saying. At least I think that was what was going on. They never caught either but had smiles on their faces nonetheless. Always tomorrow.........I hope.
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    Is that Tailout ?
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    Well I want to catch a longnose because I am trying to catch every species of fish in Ontario, and I haven't caught a longnose yet. (just the ones that can be caught on a rod and reel, I cannot see myself trying to catch any minnows, although there are people who fish for minnows). I do this because I love fish biology and really enjoy researching the different types of fish, their life histories and identifying them. It also provides a fun challenge to try and catch new things and explore new fishing locations. This all started when I destroyed my shoulder and couldn't play sports anymore. So, I needed a new hobby, and I really liked fishing. My dad always told stories about a weird "dogfish" he caught as a kid, and I wanted to see what they look like. So I researched them, found a few spots around my house where they could be found, what people catch them on etc. Then I went to try and catch one and it was a blast! So, I expanded that to other species like carp, catfish, bass. Now the longnose sucker is the fish I haven't caught at this time of year, and they are not anywhere around my house back home, so this is the best shot I have at catching one. As for why would you want to catch suckers in general, they are abundant, easy to catch, put up a decent fight, and taste pretty good (bones are a little annoying). I don't tend to keep many of them. I only end up keeping the smaller ones because I deep fry them to remove the bones, but the bones in larger ones don't crisp up as well. Apparently you can also pickle or can suckers, but I don't have the fancy equipment to try stuff like that. Anyway, hope this is a good response, feel free to think I'm crazy. This is something I find fun, and I will keep doing it so long as it stays fun.
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    About the money???? Roger
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    Just wanted to throw a thanks out to Roger. I deleted my Facebook account a number of months ago and as embarrassing as it might be to say I found myself missing the social media. I don't spend a lot of time on the interweb but there are times when I found myself bored and looking for something to fill the void. I now fill those minutes everyday with this website. I love the content. It's not always informative but I still can't help but checking it out a few times a day so thank you Roger for what you have created and a thank you to all the members who post and share. I will do my part to answer questions that I can just like you all of you do. Jeff
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    Monday afternoon while sitting at the landing at White Lake waiting for others and their boat. A gentlemen and his family showed up as they were out for a ride. The gentlemen works with my wife so his son asked to go for a boat ride as he is 10 and has never been in a boat so I threw a life jacket on him and said let's go! As we where out he mentioned he has never caught a fish so when went back after a 10 min boat ride my friends were ready with there boat so I offered the young guy to come his parents said ok as my buddy's wife works him too and she was there in the boat I was waiting for so off we went with the young guy. Well for never catching a fish on his life he caught one yesterday and this is the result!! Boy was he one happy guy!!
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    Went to the Rainy River last weekend for some pre-sapwn walleye fishing with about 1,000 other boats....of which 95% had to be Amrican boats. The walleye and sturgeon were chomping both live and artificial presentations dragged along the bottom....
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    Just a note of support from an old retired business owner .......the world would be a much better place if all of the people with all of the opinions ran it, wouldn't it? I'm hoping that a few friends got together and bought a beautiful recreation property. I'm hoping that they view it as a camp purchase and not a business entity! I'm hoping that they have a ton of fun with it and if the business side of it helps pay the mortgage then more power to them!! I'm hoping that those who are using their property go out of their way to help them succeed because if they succeed then in turn the customers will have fun! The fun starts when all of the people who threaten to make it fail by leaving, leave ! I assume they will have fun somewhere else! If it is, indeed fun, then many more like minded fun customers will want to join........" business plan 101 " Best wishes to the new owners and all the happy customers!
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    Heard on the radio they are pushing to close Savanne River until June. Although I don't fish it, I definitely support it. If people want to cry about slot sizes and regulations, look at rainy lake. It is an amazing fishery and the regulations are very stiff. Food for thought anyway. Discuss! *****WARNING***** If this thread gets name call-y, rude, "holier then thou" I will delete the post immediately. This is for a good hearted discussion on the merits of regulations to protect our beloved walleye. /rant
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    Well folks, it's getting to that time of year again. I can't wait for steelhead to start running, me and my old knees can't go to where I used to be able to go... So does anyone have a couple secret honey holes or techniques that you would care to share with an old timer like myself? You can pm if you would rather not let anyone else know.
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    Going to try and fish whitefish tomorrow for the first time on the ice this year but don't know where to fish and what to use. Can I get some help please
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    people fishing? or junkies injecting? lol
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    lets get this thread back to fishing folks. While the words said aren't the most tasteful, I'm certain Gary didn't mean it the the way it is being taken. It's Frustrations over some people's disrespect for the hard work he puts in to making things better for his clients, himself and others using the resource. Quite frankly there's too many people out there that show no respect for others or the resources themselves. Let this one go and get back out there and catch some fish!
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    I picked up a russian sks this summer and its a pretty good shooter. its as accurate as my .308 with open sights and me doing the shooting. Ive decided its my bushwacking gun since my old model 100 has no finish left on the stock and it gouges easily. Also that gun is usually sporting a scope. im confident for hunting with the stock iron sights out to about 150 yards freehand. It can do more but for hunting that all I would attempt. The 7.62 x39 125gr sp ammo is legal for hunting deer and I read it is about 10% less power than a 30-30. Havent shot anything wih it yet though. Anyways im curious if anyone else owns one, hunts with one or has modifications to theirs etc. Really sweet rifle for the price and rugged.
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    I can't say that iv had a lot of good days on the ice there, but I haven't moved around a lot when I've bin there. Iv got a 4.5 lb bass through the ice though so that was fun. Iv almost always left around dark though and from everything I've bin told, that's when you should be going. I know a lot of people that do amazing after dark though. Keep that in mind.
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    Well it's not a purchase, but the best thing I ever got was a dad who somehow knew how to push all the right buttons to get me to love fishing and appreciate the pure beauty of nature. I have some great fishing buddies now, but none will ever match him. He passed away 4 years ago tomorrow, but left behind about 40 years of amazing fishing and outdoors memories. Nobody could find or catch crappies like him. He seldom outdid me catching walleyes, except the very last time we fished together. Labour Day weekend just a couple months before he died he mopped the floor with me, LOL. He caught about a dozen over twenty ones in what ended up being the last time he wet a line. It was unreal watching it happen. He just couldn't do anything wrong that day. Given the circumstances, maybe that one is my very favourite memory. RIP Papa - tight lines.
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    I would like to take a moment here to publicly (at least on the forum) give a big shout out and THANKS to Bernie Eagan (aka Gone8to1248) for what he has done for me and my son over the last 12 months. I only got seriously interested in bass fishing last fall after participating in the 2012 SFBC. I have a lot to learn and shortly after the tourney Bernie and I began kibitzing about the idiosyncacies of bass fishing in contrast to walleye fishing, of which I primarly did. Throughout the winter Bernie offered many suggestions, ideas, presentations, tackle, gear, etc, etc, etc that could probably help how we target bass fishing. Without getting into much detail, in January 2013 my son incurred a serious brain injury from a MVA in Cuba that landed him in hospital with a very long projected recovery period. Throughout the ordeal Bernie was a confidant for me as I struggled with Brett's accident and recovery process. As Brett's recovery continued to gain positive momentum, Bernie offered Brett a "Recovery Deal" to help bolster his spirits during those long days & nights of lying in a hospital bed, and to encourage him to achieve his goal of walking and subsequently fishing in the 2013 SSS. The incentive offer to Brett was a custom made rod with a bait casting reel. The deal - Brett had to show Bernie he could get in the boat, cast and retrieve the bait caster and then it was his. There were many motivational drivers for Brett to work hard in therapy, but this was one we talked about most nights when I visited him in the hospital. Our summer schedule was to meet Bernie (for the 1st time) on Kashabowie Lake on July 12th and he was going to take us out in his boat for some bass and walleye fishing......and of course to see if Brett had met his recovery goals to date. I'm proud to say Brett had recovered enough to be there and when Bernie unveiled the rod/reel combo, it was like Christmas again for a 12 yr old! We went out and Brett was able to use a bait caster for the first time ever, with some backlash, but he met his part of the deal, and the combo was his. Bernie also showed us some tackle options and gave me a "package" of gear that would give us many more options to consider trying for the SSS, and future bass tourny's. In summary, I knew a bit about Bernie from this site, and knew he had a big heart for helping people out, but I can say he was and continues to be a significant part of our lives in what he has done for me and Brett the last 12 months. THANK-YOU BERNIE!!!
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    A quick video of a little bit of the fishing I did this season. Love this time of year.
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    Video of some of my Steelhead fishing the last 2 weeks.
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    ssshhh this is another subject that has to be spoken quietly , say the wrong thing and there's bass guys here that figure your trying to knock the cheese off their cracker and go ballistic. at one time it was 6 of any size and it was not that long ago. then it went to 13.78 inches until july 1st. I think that's when the population around here exploded and then it went to four of any size.
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    I grabbed my old brown coat and went fishing.
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    This was saterday. Really nice day out there
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    I was out yesterday... rented a day hut with a few friends. The weather and fishing was closer to a late season outing than the end of January. The weather was nice. I took my jacket off once I arrived and only put it back on when it was time to board Gary's train - I call it a train because he was pulling three sleds behind his snow machine (as a side note, I am very impressed with Ski-Doo's Skandic). And we caught quite a few fish (50-60), with a good number of jumbos. We kept thirty-five for the frying pan. We had two feet of good clear ice beneath us, but there was a lot of slush on the way out. Again, I was quite impressed with the Skandic, it pulled those sleds full of people and gear through slush, snow drifts, and over the ridge. Gary has his huts near the island (9 miles out). It is quite a ride to get out there. But, I always enjoy the trip, and I have long wanted to fish near the island. In past years it sat there in the distance - on a few occasions I considered hoping on a snow machine (the times I had one out there) and riding out to it... just because. I am content now, having fished beside it. The trip, as usual, was excellent (thanks Gary). The weather was surprising (it actually rained a little), the fishing was good, and despite getting to Gary's way too early, he was his usual pleasant self - where I might not have been had someone come to my door more than an hour early. He was also very helpful - bringing us minnows when we nearly ran out, and being right on time with the ride back home. To paraphrase Arnold, I will definitely be back.
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    Years past, All you ever read about is the on going costs that Gary would charge for using his property to gain access to the lake and maintaining the ice road. Now it's the new owners that are being "Bullied" through this post by some, around their costs for maintaining and offering the same service that Gary did. If Gary never got a buyer for "his" property and closed down, there would be "no access to the lake at all" from this location. Business is Business, like any other. The new owner is not going to invest in something that their not going to get a return on. He/she has to make money over and above all the out going bills that need to be paid and have some left over to live and get by. If they didn't they could try to sell the property again (MAYBE), or they just fold and close up. Again there would be "no access to the lake at all". It's the old adage, some people want something or everything for nothing. Wowwwwwwww! Get a life you free loaders.... Consider the owners putting their life on the line, getting the ice road started, and yes a life could have been lost with the Track Truck going through. Maybe say thank you to them. it just might make you feel better.
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    This is the first issue of the new Northwest Ontario Magazine in downloadable form. Available as an online flash magazine, Downloadable interactive PDF and downloadable small file PDF for FREE! Check it out! Here is the link, http://nwoutdoors.ca...ory/free-stuff/ Please report any issues immediately to ghart@nwoutdoors.ca. Roger
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    Is there a book or something that says what status natives can do and not do? Have talked to many aboriginals and they all seem to say different things. Like how many lines they may use ice fishing or if they can hunt at night or not. Also the big one for me was fishing in a sanctuary or below a weare where its posted. I want to know the truth so I may call them on it if I see it happening. Please post the absolute truth and not what you think or the way you interpret something. Cribby
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    Just got back from a quick scouting mission. approx. 12" of ice, but did not venture across the ridge. Will be heading back there soon with a shelter!
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    Is Black Bay road maintained in the winter? Or is there a better way to access the area by car?