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    I think you only speak truth in the trumpian sense of truth, lol. I am not offended by you. More sad for you, actually, that you could be so angry and misinformed. I don't think I'm the best commenter on here, I would put Mad Scientist as the top commenter actually, and pastor norm as one of the people in the top 2 or 3. But don't hold anything against them due to your dislike of me. It's true that I don't really know you, I just base my opinion on the way you comment on things on here, and it doesn't paint the picture of a sane, rational individual, at least not to me (especially your completely off topic rant about Quebec, what the hell does that have to do with live bait?). In fact, in the case of both you and Mr. Bobber, I think of you as the caricature of the classic angry old Thunder Bay guy that complains about everything, and exudes attitudes that stand in the way of my home town ever being known for anything but crappy things (I don't live there anymore, and I've stopped defending it as a nice place to people, for a number of reasons that I won't get into. I do love the fishing there, hope it always stays the way it is). But, as you say, you do have the balls to say whatever to who ever. And I congratulate you for it, I'm sure in your own mind it's a great personality characteristic to have, just like Mr Bobber's "never compromise". I'm sure that's been a good financial decision for him, in the cost to maintain ex-wives department. In real life, the classic angry old Thunder Bay guy would now puff up his chest and say "oh yeah, come over here and say that to me, buddy". And I would walk away, thinking this sad old man is not worth the fight. And that is what you and Mr. Bobber are to anyone who is reasonable in this kinds of debates: not worth the fight. To bring this back to the topic of live bait, it's like I've said before: even with these rules fully implemented Ontario will still have the LEAST restriction on the use of live bait of anywhere in Canada. Think about that for a second. I don't think that means there is a victory anywhere for the anti-fishing or anti-hunting crowd. To me, its rather shows the strength of the pro-fishing, pro-hunting lobby, that even when this province changes the rules around this, it's STILL the least restrictive regime anywhere. And anybody who knows anything about ecological risk management knows the regime we have now of basically catch anything anywhere, move it where ever you want, is completely insane given that Ontario probably has the most risk of invasive aquatics anywhere, given the fraction of the province that's connected directly to great lakes watersheds, which are connected to many other watersheds further south in the US that contain innumerable species that none of us want anywhere near our waters. We can use still barbed trebles (many places single barbless only, one hook per lure), lead sinkers and jigs (many places this is banned, have you seen the cost of the tungsten alternatives), other organic bait allowed mostly without restriction (many places no worms, no leeches, nothing), and even after this we can still use live bait, just have to keep a receipt for 2 weeks and keep a log if you trap your own. Oh the horror!