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    Beautiful day on the Kam. Again, on at 10am off at 2pm. Just right for ol folk. Low to no current, calm still water, scarce boat traffic save the OPP and fire dept cruising up to the fort. A few people anchored in familiar spots. Perfect time to search for aggressive Walleye. Didn't take long! Must be those #7 Flicker Shads. Oh, and maybe the worm dangling from the Red Tiger's treble helped, I don't know for sure. The beasts are there. Just gotta force feed em I guess. Nice to be so close to outstanding Walleye fishing in the middle of town. Eaters and trophy's. Life is good! Here's a tip. Pinch the barbs on the trebles or remove one. They cause no end to tangles when you use a net and the Walleye hit like freight trains anyway so you don't lose them. Good luck out there.