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    Hey everybody fishing from shore at Balduc Bay. Please do us all a favour and clean up your garbage whe you leave. It's a great place to be, fishing is pretty good, but what a mess! Cans, plastic, paper, fishing line, ect. Don't make your garbage everyone else's problem.
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    Some of the comments made on here at different times sound more like antis than anglers or hunters maybe it's the way i'm reading them. Ontario is different than a lot of provinces in many ways , why shouldn't live bait be any different . When the government shut down the bear hunt did the other provinces , no in fact they made money from stupidity of Ontario. This could put some people out of business , they have no idea how this is going to work or the out come will be. Things like killing your bait or hanging on to a receipt is ludicrous and way past stupidity.
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    Myself and a buddy of mine went to the public meeting and i'm still shaking my head. This live bait thing will not promote fishing at in the least all it does is make it more complicated . You have fishing zones that was suppose to simplify things now you have bait zones and new regs. that are unenforceable . Lets face it the MNR can't enforce a 21 day camping rule let alone something like this. We all know the part about killing your bait after 2 wks . I asked why ? Here's the answer I got , to stop people from using the same receipt , okay, also to stop the black market from transporting bait to different zones. I asked what do you mean ? The answer I got was ridiculous , the MNR. person said they had reports of tanker trucks coming from Southern Ontario to Northern Ontario with bait to sell on the black market . mmm right . You can trap your own and not have to kill it so what's to stop you from buying your bait throw the receipt away and mark down in your log you trapped it. They also are holding a gun to your head as we talked they kept saying look at the red section on the map which is the areas that have no live bait is allowed. In other words it's this or that. It was the same when it came to the 2 wk. thing they kept saying other areas have 5 days or 1 wk. As we talked one of the MNR guys said the other side said we didn't go far enough ,who's the other side . The E.N.G.O. Perfect just like I said antis pushing the government. This is nothing more than a way for antis to control how we live and dictate to us what we should and shouldn't be doing remember antis will stop at nothing to get what they want . They don't care who loses a job or how much money is lost in the economy as long as they prevail. We're going to have this shoved down are throats like it or not.
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    I think you only speak truth in the trumpian sense of truth, lol. I am not offended by you. More sad for you, actually, that you could be so angry and misinformed. I don't think I'm the best commenter on here, I would put Mad Scientist as the top commenter actually, and pastor norm as one of the people in the top 2 or 3. But don't hold anything against them due to your dislike of me. It's true that I don't really know you, I just base my opinion on the way you comment on things on here, and it doesn't paint the picture of a sane, rational individual, at least not to me (especially your completely off topic rant about Quebec, what the hell does that have to do with live bait?). In fact, in the case of both you and Mr. Bobber, I think of you as the caricature of the classic angry old Thunder Bay guy that complains about everything, and exudes attitudes that stand in the way of my home town ever being known for anything but crappy things (I don't live there anymore, and I've stopped defending it as a nice place to people, for a number of reasons that I won't get into. I do love the fishing there, hope it always stays the way it is). But, as you say, you do have the balls to say whatever to who ever. And I congratulate you for it, I'm sure in your own mind it's a great personality characteristic to have, just like Mr Bobber's "never compromise". I'm sure that's been a good financial decision for him, in the cost to maintain ex-wives department. In real life, the classic angry old Thunder Bay guy would now puff up his chest and say "oh yeah, come over here and say that to me, buddy". And I would walk away, thinking this sad old man is not worth the fight. And that is what you and Mr. Bobber are to anyone who is reasonable in this kinds of debates: not worth the fight. To bring this back to the topic of live bait, it's like I've said before: even with these rules fully implemented Ontario will still have the LEAST restriction on the use of live bait of anywhere in Canada. Think about that for a second. I don't think that means there is a victory anywhere for the anti-fishing or anti-hunting crowd. To me, its rather shows the strength of the pro-fishing, pro-hunting lobby, that even when this province changes the rules around this, it's STILL the least restrictive regime anywhere. And anybody who knows anything about ecological risk management knows the regime we have now of basically catch anything anywhere, move it where ever you want, is completely insane given that Ontario probably has the most risk of invasive aquatics anywhere, given the fraction of the province that's connected directly to great lakes watersheds, which are connected to many other watersheds further south in the US that contain innumerable species that none of us want anywhere near our waters. We can use still barbed trebles (many places single barbless only, one hook per lure), lead sinkers and jigs (many places this is banned, have you seen the cost of the tungsten alternatives), other organic bait allowed mostly without restriction (many places no worms, no leeches, nothing), and even after this we can still use live bait, just have to keep a receipt for 2 weeks and keep a log if you trap your own. Oh the horror!
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    Ballast water has long been known to be one of the main sources for the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species in the great lakes and St. lawrence river. in response, canada and the United States have put in place stringent regulations governing ocean-going vessels and their ballast water. the 2006 regulations enacted by transport canada, and the 2008 regulations enacted by the St. lawrence Seaway Development corporation, require ocean-going vessels to flush their tanks with salt water before entering the St. lawrence Seaway and the great lakes. all vessels entering the seaway are checked through a joint U.S./canadian inspection program and compliance rates in 2009 were recorded at 97.9% (great lakes Ballast Water Working group, 2010). any non-compliant vessels are dealt with on a case-by-case basis to ensure that unmanaged foreign ballast water is not released in the great lakes. collectively, the canadian and U.S. St. lawrence Seaway regulations, along with monitoring, have significantly reduced the risk of aquatic invasive species entering via ship ballast tanks. if these regulations had been enacted earlier, they might have prevented many aquatic invasive species from entering the great lakes basin.
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    Bobber Down... so BC anglers and Alberta anglers just caved in to anti despite what science was telling them? Imagine for a moment that all the bait was banned in Ontario. Worms would be okay. Pickled minnows or dehydrated baits would be okay. Artificial bait would be okay. In many places in Canada they have enjoyed sport fishing without having to use live minnows. Their ban laws doesn't reflect the "win" of the anti crowd. It reflects a compromise between the rights of Canadians to fish in their native waters and the rights of other Canadian (including anglers) who think it's important to keep the environment as pristine and healthy as possible for generations to come. Why does this threaten you? I know some people believe in conspiracies in everything, but it simply polarizes people and creates the public perception that anglers are incredibly uncooperative and selfish. I guess this is Trudeau's fault. Dang commie.
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    What about a ships ballast? What about mandatory washing of boats when changing water bodies? There seems to be opinions of other provinces banning live bait. Well I live and fish here. I don't care about other provinces and what they have done. Look ok I get the spread of invasive species. It has to stop. I get it. But the major players and money makers get to keep doing it while the small guy has to start proving where he bought bait from. I get the water shed stuff but this two week thing is over the top. Roger
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    Paranoia is always a good way to increase donations. ~s You do realize that live bait bans are in effect in BC and Alberta. Anglers in these two provinces are doing pretty good and seem to understand the reason for the laws that forbid live bait. They are not just duped stooges who are blind to the political tactics of rabid conservationists. Bobber Down.. I appreciate your candor and your concern for the whole angler culture. But when we attribute evil motives to people with a different agenda than ours and publicly smear them accusations of conspiracies and collusion with authorities, we have already lost the war. I suggest you sit down and befriend an "anti" and try to understand why they are entitled to have the opinions they do as fellow Canadians. Try to find some common ground. The world is not just black and white.
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    and the bait issue is not the only threat to our sport. This agenda from conservation groups/anti's is looming on the horizon. "Body of evidence strongly suggests that fish are sentient and the evidence that they are capable of feeling pain in a manner similar to humans is gradually mounting."
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    "ignore the opinion of anyone" - Not anyone, just conservation groups/anti's. "the opinion of bait harvesters and retailers on the question of bait management" - Their opinions don't matter. The decision has already be made. The hoops just have to be jumped though. "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" - When I get mounted I expect to get a spoonful of sugar. It helps make the medicine go down. WCS Ultimate Mandate/Objective: Ban all live bait in Ontario. They also want to take demerit points off your license for infractions: Implement a provincial demerit point system for infractions. Why should we listen to anything this group/anti has to say. They are not our friends.
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    Failed due to answering the phone lol
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    It's sad, they spend money to maintain and replace the bridges but can't find money to grade the road even once a year. I remember when the road was once shown on the Ontario highway map and you could easily drive through to Kab Lake!
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    never fished there , but this goes for all areas . I'd like to see what the out come would be if you dumped a bag of garbage on the guilty parties front lawn. then they'd be screaming.
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    How do we know it isn't ? It's not like the MNR is properly doing their survey counts anyways to truely know the decline and incline numbers year to year in each unit !
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    Haven't been there in a week but up to the mawn was fantastic then after that slow down
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    Yes it is awful ,terrible shape for a Provincial Park road !!!!!! I know the MNR has passed the buck on road repair to the forestry companies , my question is who polices them on road upkeep ,at least the main roads !! Seppi
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    Here's an interesting report on smelt in Lake Superior from the May 1949 Thunder Bay Field Naturalists newsletter, which I stumbled across when looking for something completely unrelated. Provides an interesting perspective from a time when smelt were newly arrived in Lake Superior, but does make note of mass die-offs. see pages 2-3
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    Hey guys, great thread, nice fish. New to Thunder Bay from southern Ontario and would like to try some Salmon fishing on the big lake. I don't have downriggers but do have dipsy's that I used for trolling Walleye on Lake Erie. Just wondering what you are using for lures and where's a good place to buy them.
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    Everything has it's place. This is a pretty cool video about the unexpected benefits a species might have. Yellowstone park reintroduced wolves and it completely changed the entire ecosystem. The environment is extremely complex and it's very hard to predict what type of impact seemingly small things can have. I tend to only kill stuff I plan on eating, or I eat stuff I inadvertently kill. I didn't even kill ruffe unless I gut hooked them. Now you are supposed to kill them. As of November 2016, Ruffe got added to the "destroy upon capture" part of the regs. I am tempted to find out if they are any decent eating... but I think that could be a very bad idea
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    2 ways Cube up the bass fillets into 1 inch pieces, Wrap with bacon, Toss onto BBQ until bacon is almost crispy, Add BBQ sauce and get it crispy. Enjoy Toss whole un cleaned bass into one of them fish holders and cook over open fire, Peel skin off and eat. My 2 most Fav ways of enjoying them