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    Yes I have. Kinda gross. I don't know what they are but those kinda fish I give to my mother in law. Roger
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    My big fish from the Black Bay perch tourney.
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    Congrats to Peter Lankinen with a 33.5 cm perch! $230.00 2nd went to Pete Makarchuk with a 32 cm perch. $138.00 3rd went to Andrew Bennett with a 31.6 cm perch $92.00 We had 23 people show up to fish the event and we are going to make this an annual event. I would like to thank Gary Hamilton and Andrew Bennett for their support and making sure we had a home base and shuttling people. I hope everybody had a good time and it was great to meet some members of the site! Roger
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    It is an awesome show but Aaron Wiebe better win a tournament this year because he is starting to get that homeless look. Man that beard has gone wild haha
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    I've heard the Shell station in KB had a couple. Not sure if they have any left though.
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    Glad everyone who made it out yesterday had fun and congrats to the winners hopefully the word gets out sooner next year so more people can make it out and thank you roger you did a really good job organizing the event
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    oh I am glad you asked. write this down. 4 is def several.. for example "hey Trevor catch any nice ones" . " a couple " =2 "a few " = 3 nice ones "several" = 4 ish " a bunch" = 5 -7 " a ton " = im over 20lbs " a sh1t ton " = only happens during pre fish
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    I’ll be attending next year for sure had to work Sunday or else I️ would have came out
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    Thanks to all who helped put on the derby, we had a great time, definitely will be going next year.
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    Too bad I am working. This would be a lot of fun. I will be out next year for sure if it's an annual deal.
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    The 2018 DLO Entry Form is now available at silverminnowbait.com Three ways to get your Entry forms and payments in: 1) Mail to Silver Minnow Bait Shop at 270 Mitchell Rd., Shuniah, ON, P7A0V9 2) Email Forms and E Transfer Entry Fees 3) In person by contacting Josh at 632-6572 or Ryan at 621-2652 Stay Tuned! We have some exciting announcements coming in the next day or so!!
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    Bear .... got me one of those coming too. Couple new 15' talons, a bunch of helix mega 12's and Lot's of other neat goodies!
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    So I forgot to bring plates. So I split some cedar and ate off of that. The more I look at this the more I think the presentation ain't that bad!! Wood od you eat it? Roger
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    Just received my prize......great assortment of tackle. Thumbs up Bobber Down. Thanks
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    Roger, I will be seeing you at the Hurkett Launch at 9:00 am... I am a little excited for this tournament. Gary, I will be needing your shuttle services yet again (me and at least two others). Good luck to everyone who enters. J.
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    Taking my dad out tomorrow to try for some Specks, but heading to Black Bay with my daughter on Saturday, on my new ride. Maybe we'll see you out there!
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    Went to the gun show and it was busy , nice to see . It would also be nice to have a tackle swap gun show combined , you'd need a bigger venue than the Slovak . Or maybe a stand alone event of tackle, sonar trolling motors whatever they want to sell .
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    Agreed ! The fishing geeks are pretty deadly to ! I wish i lived near diefenbaker ! What are the odds that a trout farm breaks and they all escape into the lake and they then catch the world record there !! Come on now. Wheres our trout farm bust !!
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    When pulling a trailer, you may want to make sure of a couple things. Check the owners manual for your truck to see the max towing weight, and tongue weight. The towing capacity is greatly affected by axle ratio (and changing to larger tires really reduces your towing capacity because it makes your overall gearing equate to a lower gear ratio thus less pulling power). A common differential ratio is 3.55:1, but for pulling trailers, a 3.73:1 or a 4.11:1 are much better choices, and some trucks have a 3.43 or a 3.23 which gives you greater fuel mileage but end up with poor pulling capacity. When you are pulling a trailer, a rule of thumb is tongue weight is about 10% of total trailer weight. So if your trailer is 5000 lbs, you should have 500 lbs on the hitch. Make sure your truck can handle this. You can buy a 1/2 ton with towing capacity of 10,000 lbs and one that looks exactly the same that can only pull 5000 lbs. This is set by GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). I have a 1/2 ton dodge with a 5.7 and a GVWR of 7700 lbs. My buddies looks exactly the same as mine, same tires, same engine, different trans. and his GVWR is only 6900 lbs. It is worth doing a little research into your truck (your dealer can help a lot if you are not sure) before you buy a trailer. Once you know your limits, you can comfortably buy a trailer that will not tax your truck. it would be a shame to get a nice trailer only to find that your truck will not safely pull it. Just because someone says they pull their 28 ft trailer with a 1/2 ton, that means nothing....what is the GVWR and what is the towing capacity. Also you may want to consider extra transmission cooling.