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    And...... just like that, I'm horny for some ice fishin'!
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    looking out over black bay this morning there is ice all the way to granite heres hoping we get more cold weather with no wind to thicken it up
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    With enough ice to walk on after this last cold spell, me and the dog ventured on the ice to do a little hard water fishing. It was unexpected but the walleye bite was on. After 8 hours of effort landed five walleyes between 22-27". All but the 22 incher was released (gut hooked).
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    This guy. .. "it was unexpected" . Every outing you slay em .. it's you . Just expect it. Quit being so nice !!. Side note ..See any moose I have some tags left to fill out there.? Thanks.
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    we are open 7 days a week
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    I can’t wait to be able to ice fish!!!
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    Can you provide a link to the article? I as well as other members would be interested in reading it. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act prohibits the wastage of fish flesh which is suitable for human consumption (by the person who has taken the fish). So, in general terms, a person may use the “parts” of fish (tails, fins, skin, eyes, etc.) as bait, but anglers should not use entire fish they have harvested, other than baitfish, as bait. One alternative to using angler-caught fish is to buy fish from a commercial fisher or someone else who can legally sell yellow perch; the “flesh wastage” provision does not apply to fish that have been purchased. Mark Robbins Provincial Enforcement Specialist Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry This would also apply to Walleye Cheeks as bait because the cheeks are a well known edible part of the fish. You are legally only allowed 4 or 8 cheeks depending on your possession limit. "Parts of a fish constitute “a fish” therefore, you must consume all of the edible flesh in order to take it out of your possession limit. An individual would not be able to save up more cheeks than what would correspond with the total possession limit."
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    So yesterday was our last day on the water for this year. We put the KaraLeeSmiles into hibernation mode. What a great year we had! Lots of Walleye. Lots of Bass. Huge Salmon. Trophy Pike. Man we had a great time on the Kam. I put a somewhat similar video on the club page so feel free to check that one out as well. The link is below the video. Will be working on a 2017 in review production in the near future so watch for that. Thanks for watching and tight lines. http://fishingboard.thunderbayfishing.com/index.php?/topic/18691-the-final-countdown-2017/&tab=comments#comment-117211
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    Anyone catch a decent eating sized Perch in the Kam this year. They have eluded me thus far but that may be due to my style of fishing this river. I will keep trying.
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    Took a pass through the Oxbow yesterday looking for a wandering Walleye. In the spring you could motor right around the island but not now. She is just choked with grass weeds and pads on the west side. Caught this fellow in the 15 to 17ft range along the rocks. It almost jumped into the boat. Didn't spend a lot of time in there so only this one was caught. The only other interesting thing of note which I failed to capture was 7 turtles all sunning themselves on a stump sticking out of the water. Hope you enjoy the video.