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    Another great weekend at lac. Tons of little ones nd a fews hogs back down the hole.
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    No, he didn't. This happened in his imagination. Guys a professional troll.
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    Weather was cold but the bite wasn’t 🙂
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    black bay is now sleds only to much snow for trucks and atv`s now
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    The level of egotism in this statement is more than this whole thread put together. People forget we all aren't good at something when we first start and think that after years of doing something that they were born with that talent. It's lac. So that means I can go anywhere like in two feet of water and 20 inches of ice and catch walleye? It's walleye. That means they are so easy to catch that I should be able to catch them in two feet of water this time of year? And if I can't catch fish then I'm in trouble.
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    No kidding eh. Might as well whip out dinks s have a pissing match. Get off you high horse people lol
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    Talk about ego. Wow. It's lac. It's walleye fishing. If u can't catch fish your in trouble dude.
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    Went out on the weekend I walked across the pressure ridge, got into some good size whitefish 68ft water. 20” ice where I was fishing.
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    U don’t need to tag my sled. Just ask and i’ll Tell you. When the CO’s come to see me they always compliment the catch and i’ve Noticed, a few tend to fish those spots as well. Lol. Don’t bother me what so ever. Like I said, I don’t ever get cheated, I get mine. I took 2 guys out last year for a day and we landed over 70 that day. They both couldn’t believe. I Don’t need a tv show to catch fish. Ask your buddy josh Schill.
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    I headed out this morning in this stupid cold. I think I was more stupider. Anyways I went to Black Bay and tried a few different depths. I caught a few in 15 to 22 feet of water but I had to keep a few of the small ones because they were dying from coming up from to deep. I fished near shore in about 8 feet of water and started getting good ones. Caught three walleye and a nice 25 inch pike. Those were let back go. It was fun other than the cold.
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    I got you fam. Change it to Some OG, I made an improved profile pic.
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    Plowed a few k from 527 east. Then plowed again at about 20k Mark east of 527.