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Bobber Down

Mooseback ride costs man $2,500

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Bobber Down


A man who jumped out of a boat and onto the back of a swimming moose has been fined $2,500.

Matthew Weiers of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and Andrew Weiers of Dryden pleaded guilty to harassing a cow moose and fined $2,500 each. The boat, owned and operated by Andrew Weiers was seized until the fines are paid.

The Ontario Court of Justice heard that conservation officers with the Dryden District Ministry of Natural Resources responded to complaints of people harassing a moose with their boat in Outlet Bay on July 29.

Witnesses, supported by a video, said the boat circled repeatedly around the moose.

The boat returned to shore, picked up several more people, and then returned to circle the moose again, preventing it from swimming to shore.

Matthew Weiers then jumped out of the boat and onto the back of the swimming moose.

In a media release. the MNR states that preventing a moose from escape when it feels threatened can lead to extreme physical exhaustion, stress and even death.

To report violations call 1-877-847-7667

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

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I saw this to. Absolutely rediculous. Glad they got caught but youv gotta wonder how many more morons are out there doing this kind of stuff. I dont think the fines heavy enough imo.

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