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Guide Licensing Continued...

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A friend of mine who is a resident of Wisconsin/American citizen as expressed interest in moose hunting in the future. If i were to purchase the guide license (as mentioned in the previous post), does that entitle me to be able to take him out on a guided hunt, providing I hold a valid moose tag as well? He will have to apply for his own moose tag, correct??

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Guest MNR

Moose and bear hunting requirements for non residents are a bit different that deer. The majority of hunters will have to go through a registered tourist outfitter who has been allocated outfitter moose tags or is the operator of bear management area.

Non residents who wish to hunt either moose or bear in Ontario must purchase a non resident hunting licence and either:

(a) hunt with a person who is an immediate relative and who holds a resident licence to hunt moose or bear;

(B) at the time of the hunt, be a registered guest at a tourist outfitter who has moose tags or operates a bear management area; or

© at the time of the hunt, be the owner of land in the wildlife management unit that has an open season for moose or bear for non-residents.

A non-resident who owns land in wildlife management units 7B, 9B, 11A, 11B, 12B, 13 or 14 can only hunt moose by going through a registered tourist outfitter.

In the district of Rainy River, non-residents must employ a guide to hunt moose or deer.

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