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Non-Resident, Relative Moose Hunting in WMU 13

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I hunt in WMU 13 and I have been applying for a Bull Moose tag as part of a group for 3 years now. If everything works out, this upcoming season (2014) should see me getting the Bull Moose tag. I have been speaking with my family that lives in BC and if I indeed get the tag they would be interested in coming out and hunting with me (I grew up hunting with my family out in BC but obviously since moving to ON, this becomes much more difficult coordinating hunting trips and much more costly. With me having the Bull tag, it will allow for more opportunity in planning a trip that works for everyone vs coordinating with the tag holder). I have reviewed the regulations and I am certain that my father would be allowed to hunt with me; however, would my brother-in-laws be allowed to hunt with me as a family member falling under the sibling definition?

The regulations read:

Exceptions to the requirement to hunt through an outfitter

are outlined below:

• Non-residents may hunt with an immediate relative who

is an Ontario resident licensed to hunt moose in a WMU

that has an open season for non-residents. An immediate

relative is a person’s grandparent, parent, spouse, child,

sibling or grandchild. If you qualify under this exception,

you may apply in the resident moose draw for an adult

validation tag.

If they are not considered an immediate relative, what options do we have in attempting to share and hunt as a family? I see that it says non-residents in WMU 13 must hunt through a tourist outfitter. Would this be the case? and what is the definition of a tourist outfitter? Obviously, the tradition of hunting is one surrounded by family and friends and I would really love to have father and 2 brother-in-laws from BC, along with my wife, brother-in-law and local fellow friends/hunting party from ON to partake in next years hunt.

Furthermore, the online information states:

An affidavit verifying your relationship to your immediate relative must be received at a participating ServiceOntario centre (visitontario.ca/outdoorscard for a list of participating

locations) by May 31, 2013 within regular business hours. Draw applications where an affidavit has not been received by the draw deadline will be rejected from the draw.

For someone like my father, will he have to be a part of my Hunting group's Adult Moose draw application in May? Or can he just purchase a Calf Moose tag upon arrival in OCT along with an affidavit from me and then hunt as a part of my moose group like any resident could? From my understanding, the Adult Moose draw only allows you the opportunity to obtain and hunt an Adult Moose (Bull or Cow) but if you decide not to enter the draw you can still purchase an over the counter Moose tag valid for a calf moose at anytime during the open season after the May deadline and then party hunt with a group that has an Adult tag. Can you please clarify what my father would have to do to hunt moose as a part of my hunting party in WMU 13. He would not be pursuing an adult tag, but just a moose tag/calf so he would be able to party hunt.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this entry.

Happy Holidays and I look forward to your reply.



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Guest MNR

Non-residents (persons whose primary residence is outside of Ontario) may hunt moose with an immediate relative who is licensed to hunt moose in a Wildlife Management Unit that has an open season for non-residents. An immediate relative is a persons grandparent; parent, brother, sister, son or daughter or spouse. Cousins and in-laws are not immediate relatives.

In your specific example, your father could arrive in Thunder Bay in the fall and sign an affidavit at an Ontario Service Counter and receive a moose licence valid for calf only and then party hunt with an immediate relative who is a resident moose hunter. It would be to your advantage to have your father enter the draw if he was considering hunting moose in following years. For example, if he applied in the draw in 2014 without having been in the draw in 2013, he would be placed into Pool 2. When he applied again in 2015, he would be a Pool 1 applicant and could assist you in obtaining a tag in a group application or even applying as an individual.

In order for your in-laws to hunt moose in 2014, they must go through a tourist outfitter who can apply for a tag on their behalf. The tourist industry in WMU 13 has been allocated approximately 1% of the total number of available tags. They must be a registered guest and actually accommodated at the tourist establishment. They could then party hunt with anyone who has a valid moose licence and tag for that year and WMU.

Tourist operators who offer moose hunting packages are usually booked a year in advance so you should call as soon as possible. For a complete list of the tourist operators who are able to offer moose hunting packages to non-residents in WMU 13, contact the Thunder Bay District office at 807-475-1472.

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