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dogs running loose

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I live in Oliver Paipoonge and have a problem with dogs running onto my lot just about every day. They seem to be chasing rabbits, as well as deer.Talked to one neighbor about his two dogs, he says they have been running the area before I got here so that's the way it is. What can I do about this?

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Guest MNR

This is wrong on many levels but breaks both municipal and provincial law. Under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, the owner of a dog or a person responsible for a dog cannot permit it to run at large. The reason for the law under this act should be obvious, we dont' want dogs chasing, harrassing and killing wildlife. A Conservation Officer may kill dog without incurring any liability if the dog is chasing a species of big game during the closed season. Rarely is this action ever taken. We would prefer to get compliance without doing harm to the dog. It's not the dog's fault.

If you have witnessed your neighbour's dog chasing deer or just runing at large, it can be dealt with in a number of different ways.

If this was the first time the MNR had been called to investigate this neighbour with this type of compaint, a Conservation Officer would typically have a talk with the owner and explain thier responsibilities and the consequences of not controlling the dog. (a documented warning) Sometimes we go straight to laying charges on the first occurrence.

If this was not the first time,the person could be charged under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and either served a ticket or given a summons to appear in court. The set fine here for a ticekt is around $200.00. If they are summoned to court, the fines can be much higher. If a ticket was issued and the person wanted to contest the charge in court, you, being the witness would have to come to court and give evidence stating when it happened, what you saw, how you know that particular dog is owned by the neighbour and who had control over the dog on that particular day. If we get to see the dog at large, we are the witness and wound't need you in court.

The municipality has bylaws against allowing dogs to run at large also. In Oliver Paipoonge, the city police or a bylaw enforcement officer can enforce them. Dogs must be registered in Oliver Paipoonge. The following was copied from the municipal website:

If you find a dog running loose with a dog tag, and it is safe to do so, approach the dog and record the license number. Then call the Municipal Office at 935-2613, during regular business hours to report the dog and leave a detailed message. Further instructions will be given to you then.

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