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Discharging restricted firearms

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Am I allowed to discharge a restricted firearm on private property outside city limits? I can't find anything that says I can't yet, just wondering if anyone else has something concrete. Thanks!

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I did see this article, and it sounds like I'd be in the clear, as long as I didn't target practice on a regular basis. I found it interesting that it also applied to nonrestricted firearms. I had always thought I was free to target practice with my rifles as long as it was safe to do so, and I am, as long as it isn't on a set basis. It was a good article, I enjoyed it. 

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Ya, You would think that this Regulation would have more clarity but alas I understand the goverment language as much as I understand a Japanese Haiku.


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So first off, I'm not a lawyer!

I've done a lot of research around that Plourde paper.   The problem I see comes down to his interpretation of "At the dwelling-house".  I read various cases on, most not related to firearms, where "AT" the dwelling-house effectively means "INSIDE".


In addition, in Canadian law it is common practice to look at the French version of an act to help understand what it is supposed to mean.  In French the firearm act states "DAN la maison" or in other words IN the house. 

Based on this, I believe it is unlawful to possess a restricted firearm on your front/back porch or anywhere else outside your home unless transporting it to a range and that Mr Plourde is incorrect in his interpretation of this.  

I do however not see any specific law that would allow you to stand INSIDE your house and shoot at a target in your backyard through a window or door.  The problem with this is there could be a charge of "Careless Use" because it could be argued that doing this constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise in the situation.   IF you were to setup some signage, range flags and post people at the side of the house to make sure no one walked into your field of fire, then perhaps you could escape conviction.


All this comes with the serious risk that you could become a TEST CASE.  Ultimately the question comes down to this;  Are you willing to spend your life savings and go through this grief to prove you are right?

As law abiding gun owners we must follow the law, regardless of how stupid or illogical it is.   The idea that me shooting my 308 rifle on my property is OK but my 9 mm handgun is somehow a danger to public safety is absolutely RIDICULOUS, but that's the law. 

Join the conservative party like I did and vote for Maxime.  Then get out and help in the next election and maybe we can get our dignity back as gun owners and stop being treated like second class citizens.  

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