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Draft Strategic Policy for Bait Management - Meeting in June

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Bobber, I see you are capable of using the copy and paste functionality on your computer.  That's great for an old guy!  

Let that be a lesson to all you other old guys:  don't let anyone tell you that you can't stop learning new things as you age, even bobber is capable of it!


Since as I mentioned earlier that I like to debate in good faith, let me see if I can summarize what I think your argument is on this topic.


(1) Everyone who expresses any kind of agreement with, or even suggest they understand the reasoning behind, the currently proposed very slight and probably reasonable curbing of the use of live bait in Ontario is a greenpeace/PETA eco crazy who also wants to ban all fishing and hunting and take away all your guns.  Not only that, they are also an internet troll who's voices need to be suppressed and silenced.


This is a pretty big leap of logic here, and even your best buddy Arvey doesn't like it when someone tries to shut down people with different opinion, he even said so himself, see below:


On 6/23/2017 at 5:38 AM, arvey said:

.....who figures the only opinion  that matters is that of his or people like him and everybody else should stay quiet.....


Come on Arvey, show again how you have the balls to say anything to anybody at anytime and tell Bobber to stop from infringing on my freedom of speech just because I disagree with him! 


(2) The same people who express even a very small agreement with this very small curbing of live bait use are part of  a vast eco-facist (or is it eco-communist, I'm not sure anymore) conspiracy to fake all the science about acid rain, climate change, habitat destruction, etc., etc., for the purposes of enriching themselves and destroying all of western civilization.


Am I understanding your argument correctly?



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Lol. The troll came back!! - no one cares what you summarize and think. You just try to egg on members into an argument.  "even your best buddy Arvey" - the last time I met arvey was in 1969 when his fist landed on my chin. Go away troll. Go bother another forum.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed to anyone

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