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Solunar Tables

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What app or website do you use to access solunar table information? I've been playing around with a few, but they are never the same.

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I use ISolunar on my iphone. Havent compared it to others though. I have heard from many of succesfull hunters though that they live by solunar times. If you find one that seems most accurate. Feel free to share :) 

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Pro fisherman-Stud Muffin


I follow solar lunar but not so much for its predictions as to what times be best.  But I like to watch moon rise set and phase. 


Moon rise and set differs from sun.  Some nights moon is out all night , others not at all.. and everything in between.


On a fuller ish moon and clear sky . You can expect most targetted game fish had a farily successful night time hunt . So will be less apt to eating and a slower bite. Cloudy or moonless nights tougher eats due to less light , following those I tend to observe more active daytime munch.

Obviously not an  exact science beacuse weather wind , water temp .blah blah play a part too. 


But I usually won't head out early or at all for a morning fish if the moon was out on a clear night.  I can sleep in spend the day on the beach getting vitamin B.


So 1/4 waning  to 1/4 waxing  are darkest nights and potentially better days


I use same mentality with hunting. And use an android app called " time.to hunt "

Here is a screen shot.






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2016 Dog Lake Open Champion.

Thunder Bay BASSmasters Vice-President 

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