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  2. Climber tree stand -wanted

    Hey just seeing if anybody hand a climber style tree stand they would want to see. Something in good shape. Text or or email me 807 708 7533 or
  3. Yesterday
  4. Deer hunting 2017

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I reviewed the reviews and they are not good I decided I’m going with the Browning Strike Force HD Pro. Meets my needs and reviews are okay
  5. Logging road radios

    What type of radios are these; FRS/GMRS, CB, VHF? Daryl
  6. Deer hunting 2017

    U also have another option just because u don't have cell service or wifi, I use the USB phone adapter plug, just pop ur camera chip in the plug and plug into ur phone and it uploads ur pictures automatically no cell service required, their 17-25$ for any phone at Best Buy super handy little gadget !!!!
  7. Logging road radios

    Most of the roads have a sign stating what channel to monitor
  8. Deer hunting 2017

    I'm not sure how much stock you put in on feedback on Bass pro or Cabelas but that camera is rated low . I never use to look that stuff up bought a Leupold trail cam and it was junk had to send it back with the message don't send me another. Looked up the feedback rated a 1 with lots of neg. reviews . The m30i has a good rating with 12 reviews . hope this helps.
  9. Deer hunting 2017

    Buying one, the reason for this particular one is for the viewing at the camera is we only hunt moose up north for a week and than Stratton for a week of deer. No cell service or Wfi
  10. Deer hunting 2017

    Are thinking of buying one or having trouble with one?
  11. Last week
  12. Silver harbour whities

    I’ve only seen them just before dark or in the dark
  13. Speck Lakes

    Whitefish area had 4” when I was out on thursday
  14. Deer hunting 2017

    Looking for info Does anyone use the Moultrie S-50i 20 Megapixel Infrared game Camera with the viewing display. Good or Bad. Batteries might be an issue Thanks for ur feedback
  15. Big Thank You! Two Donations!

    I got two donations to the site and I thank the two that donated! Going to get a couple things for the site right now!!!! Thank You!!!! Roger
  16. Deer hunting 2017

    Goes to show you that you never know. good stuff.
  17. Logging road radios

    Digging this topic back up cause nobody actually posted which channels are used around T. Bay area? Commonly, 5,6,7 I think but it would be nice to know for sure so I'm not running blind up the hauling roads. It's nice when an operation posts which channel to monitor at the start of a road but doesn't always happen. Safe driving still has to trump everything but does anyone have a definite guide to hauling channels or at least where to find out? I know drivers don't want to meet me on a hill or corner just as much as I don't want to meet them. Thanks for posting if you know.
  18. Speck Lakes

    Was out on Monday and there was 5 inches on a smaller lake in the dorion area
  19. Speck Lakes

    Walked in to a Dorian area stocked lake last Monday. Lots of snow 6” of good ice. Got 4 in a couple of hours, nice day overall.
  20. Speck Lakes

    Anyone been out to check out any of the speck lakes and ice conditions. I would have been out myself by now, but to busy working would like to head out really soon for first ice brookies.
  21. Deer hunting 2017

    I put a 10 pointer that had been playing hide and seek with me into the freezer with a doe in estrus scent stick November 23rd last year. First time I used one I ran out quickly after work to drop feed and was planning on hunting the next day. Usually I try and make sure my gear is scent free etc etc etc but since it was just a half hour of sunlight I figured i'd sit in the blind with my gas covered pants and a sweater that had been sitting in the closet for a year. Couldn't have been longer than a 10 minute sit before he walked out at 75 yards with his nose to the air.
  22. Black Bay Ice Conditions, 2017/18

    And...... just like that, I'm horny for some ice fishin'!
  23. Deer hunting 2017

    When it gets close to the end of the rut or if it's just over and you haven't got your buck, here's something you can try. I've tried this and it worked for me, use your can call but sparingly maybe every 1/2 hr. You could trigger a buck into thinking there's one more that hasn't been bread and like a true horny male he could come a lookin , especially if it's a young buck that hasn't had his chance. This could put some meat on the table.
  24. Black Bay Ice Conditions, 2017/18

    looking out over black bay this morning there is ice all the way to granite heres hoping we get more cold weather with no wind to thicken it up
  25. Silver harbour whities

    Do the whitefish come in at night or are they there all day?
  26. When are ice fishing?

    I already got out on the ice November 13th
  27. Deer hunting 2017

    Sweet to hear movement is happening. I will be trying to make time for my KB location this weekend
  28. Congrats to mattandkevsmom!! Can you pm me please? Roger
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