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  2. fall gun show

    I do understand the why's and how comes of collecting , I collect fishing tackle and I have a few old guns around . yes supply and demand , availability play a part in pricing , but just because something is old doesn't mean it's expensive. In collecting you have what's known as common , to me a 303 is common and yes there maybe a collector out there that wants one but unless it has something real special about it I can't see it being worth that much , maybe i'm wrong it's just what I think. Like anything it's only worth what somebody will pay.
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  4. fall gun show

    It is tough to get a deal at a gun show. A good portion of the guns there though are unique models or collectibles that do go for a higher price to the right buyer. For the most part the sellers know market retail values and seem to price them accordingly and it is common for used guns to be worth more than similar new ones. There are collectors for everything, including .303's which is driving the price of certain models of those way up. My first job when I was in high school was selling guns at canadian tire when it was on victoria avenue (when they had a large display of them) and we were selling .303 Lee Enfields for about 45 bucks !
  5. Deer hunting 2017

    Nice gun room you have there AA , is that your place in vegas..
  6. Deer hunting 2017

    I had a few regulars hanging around, couple does, fawns and a 4 pt for the last couple months but in the last 2 weeks they have almost disappeared.
  7. Big boy Chinook

    When you catch 20lb plus Salmon on 8lb Walleye line you better bring your A Game.
  8. Deer hunting 2017

    Got the blind out and thought about dropping corn. Didn't take long to have bear swatting at my feeder hanging 15 ft up and 6 feet away from the tree. I have some regular does and a one antlered buck. Anybody else see alot of these "stumpy" bucks? I have 2-3 running around every year.
  9. Chinook Salmon in the Kam

    Nice fish and nice video.
  10. Possible Trophy Smallmouth

    That flicker shad catches everything doesnt it?
  11. Possible Trophy Smallmouth

    Caught this Smallmouth trolling a #9 Flicker Shad. Carefully released this future trophy fish. From big to small the Kam River has them all.
  12. CAMPING spots

    Manchester and Eagle both up 527.. also lac has a few spots. Big Lake though
  13. Moose !!

    Did a bit of scouting last week looking for rifle spots. Saw cow calf and bull. Also cows on camera. Still dunno whether I'll be in the on the water hunting or on foot. Waiting to see weather
  14. What to do when a deer blows at you

    They are mad. You got winded. They usually leave after that. Although I have been busted near end of legal light and had them back on camera shortly after dark so they may return if they are coming in to a feed pile. Mid day I'd say you may be okay. To relocate and wait again.
  15. Bids anyone?

  16. Last week
  17. Timber wolf hunting

    Get a tag and save the deer!
  18. Bids anyone?

    10$ To start it off
  19. Timber wolf hunting

    Had one walk past me siting in my tree stand a week ago .And a friend had a coyote walk by him in a tree stand about three nights ago. All in the same field.
  20. Bids anyone?

    So I want to raise funds for the site. So I made up 30 1/4 ounce tube jigs? Care to bid on them? Just post your bid in a reply here.
  21. Timber wolf hunting

    The wolf at my deck was a one time thing. My dad figured it was a male, who got the boot from home, apparently the female wolves are teaching pups how to hunt...
  22. longnose sucker

    Michigan lists its state record for longnose sucker at 6.88 lbs and Minnesota's record is 3.9 lbs, Since both of those States are near the southern extent of this species' range, I would say that a 4-pounder from Ontario is a big one.
  23. longnose sucker

    Yeah! That's a big one! Roger
  24. longnose sucker

    Was just wondering how big a longnose sucker would have to be for it to be classified as "big". I caught one last spring that was around 4lbs, maybe a tad bigger and was wondering if thats considered a decent sized longnose sucker.
  25. CAMPING spots

    We did Kopka lake and wow beautiful, but yes the road is pure horror. Thanks all
  26. Kam River Northern Pike in the Oxbow

    Haven't fished there for at least 15 years, usually in winter. Can be fun getting one that size and on occasion larger through an ice hole.
  27. Took a pass through the Oxbow yesterday looking for a wandering Walleye. In the spring you could motor right around the island but not now. She is just choked with grass weeds and pads on the west side. Caught this fellow in the 15 to 17ft range along the rocks. It almost jumped into the boat. Didn't spend a lot of time in there so only this one was caught. The only other interesting thing of note which I failed to capture was 7 turtles all sunning themselves on a stump sticking out of the water. Hope you enjoy the video.
  28. Shore fishing for Walleye at Davis Point

    I have been picking up garbage each time I go there... it would be nice if everyone who goes there would pick up a little bit of litter. Or, at the very least, take your litter home with you. How hard is it to carry an empty worm container (or minnow bag) back to your car? The collection of random shoes and sandals is amusing - it had me perplexed for a while until I realized they came from people tubing down the river. If you lost a shoe or sandal tubing, dig through the pile.
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