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  2. Kama Bay

    Thanks ! Much appreciated.

    lots of ice, we where out last night and at least 20" of ice out about 1.5 k from landing, we iced 4 nice trout and missed a few more, and had a nice sunset.
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  5. 100 round mag dump


    Any ice left?
  7. Kama Bay

    Park at the train tracks, almost immediately after the first gentle turn you will come to a fork. Its the left trail and there is a sign that says "river". Also you will be able to tell that one road is ploughed and the one to the river is not. I went there pretty blind and found it no problem. Caught lots too
  8. Ice Auger Blades

    Looking for something else and spotted these, for a 6 inch manual auger, if anybody need some. They are on sale. I believe there were 3 sets of blades there.
  9. Changing the colour of your live bait

    I use the Pautzke fire dye. It works very well on live minnows/suckers.I use Firebrine for dead smelts.
  10. What's your opinion on ultralight travel trailers My last truck had air bags with an on board compressor that could be used to adjust the airbags while driving, purchased it at SD truck springs. Another option is Timbren springs, which don't affect your ride quality when unloaded.
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  12. Kama Bay

    Ok. I see one on google earth. Looks like it goes to abunch of camps ? Then dead ends ? Guessing theres a sled trail that carries on towards mouth of jackpine ?
  13. Jiffy Auger Extension

    If it spins the same direction it will work, but most jiffy augers spin the opposite direction to Eskimo
  14. What's your opinion on ultralight travel trailers

    To check your final ratio, you can drive with a hand held gps in your truck. Read your speedo, and gps at 100 km/hr on your truck. Look at the GPS. Take the difference as a percentage and multiply that by your 3.92 ratio. That will be your final ratio.
  15. Kama Bay

    No it is on top of the hill before the JP.
  16. Black Bay pike

    Thanks... I thought I had a hog of a walleye on... it fought like a big walleye. Being a perch tournament, I was hoping it was a record perch. Not disappointed though, I love catching pike. She is swimming somewhere in Black Bay as we speak.
  17. Jiffy Auger Extension

    Actually let me rephrase that. It spins the right way !! I have an old white model 30 its in awesome shape. Came with an 8” i bought a 10” a few years back. Love that auger. It hauls. Never let me down and cuts ice like butter.
  18. Jiffy Auger Extension

    Havent tried that. But im assuming it would work. My jiffy spins wrong way though so it wouldnt work. Not sure if all jiffys do ?
  19. Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail?

    A catfish rod for shore fishing (Berkely Tech Cat Spinning), and a Shimano "Bait Runner" spinning reel to go with it. A new Frabill icefishing set... rod and reel. A hard case for my ice fishing gear... actually, its a hard gun case, so I can double purpose it. A new fender for my old car... I also picked up a new rod (Fenwick Elite Tech, 2 piece) because most of my other rods are one piece... and getting a 2 piece seems like justification enough for the purchase. And a new baitcasting reel for my bottom bouncing set up. I purchased both these locally because the reel was on sale at Canadian Tire (50% off), and DnR matched Cabela's price for the rod. So, not really "whats coming in the mail," but I figure this thread is really about what new 'stuff' we are getting - or recently got. A few spools of fishing line, and some random gear (swivels, sinkers, etc.). Did I mention I got a good chunk of money back from income tax...
  20. Kama Bay

    The road u all are talking about to acces is the one just before jackpine on right hand side ? Like where the guys set up campers and such for spring steel ? But i assume u stay right and not right to where campers usually are
  21. Kama Bay

    Sled it is ! Gettin lazy theese days !
  22. What's your opinion on ultralight travel trailers

    Does your truck have a tow haul mode ? I have a relative with a newer Dodge 1/2 ton with the hemi she towes a 20 ft regular trailer no problem and she uses an equalizer hitch witch really helps . hope this helps.
  23. Jiffy Auger Extension

    Anyone put an Eskimo auger on a jiffy motor? My jiffy motor is great but I’d prefer a double blade cutter.
  24. Kama Bay

    Google maps gives the distance as 1.3 km along the road from the parking spot past the tracks.
  25. What's your opinion on ultralight travel trailers

    it will be my first towable camper and the by far the biggest trailer I've driven with so any food for thought is good. I haven't bought anything yet but I am leaning towards an ultralight. So far I have learned that they are not all equal so saying they are all cheap doesn't make sense, some are well constructed and those ones usually cost more new. Adrian, I didn't realize there was such a variance in towing capacity of a half ton. So I called Lakehead motors with my vin and they told me my axle ratios are 3.92 and my max towing capacity is 8500. They couldn't tell me my tongue weight. So at least I have a lower gear ratio than most. I'm looking for a calculator to tell me my corrected ratio with taller tires but if I can't find one i will have to jack her up, mark the driveshaft and count revolutions while someone else turns the tire and counts the tire revolutions, and then I can know what actual ratio is. As for lift I just have a 2" front level kit with the tallest tires I could squeeze under there. 295/65/20 and they are 10 ply. I think I will go with airbags for the back or possibly shackle extensions or just a 1 or 2" block if I run out of money lol. I don't want to add a leaf because it already rides pretty rough on those 10 ply mud tires. I haven't looked at many campers as there aren't really a lot on the used market right now. I watched a guy blocking 4 lanes of traffic while backing up his 30" or so camper on river st the other day...had me thinking about limiting the length of this puppy lol! Thanks for the input guys I will post updates if I find anything.
  26. Jiffy Auger Extension

    Hahaha. Yup 18” is agressive ! However. Rather get there then come up short !! I suppose if i move to nunavut i will be good for first ice. 🤣
  27. Jiffy Auger Extension

    18" Holy Jeez... That should definitely do it. I didn't know how long, or what make (Jiffy vs Eskimo), when I heard they had some. Glad it worked out for you though!
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